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Scream Queens 2×06 ‘Blood Drive’: Villains Unite

Last week I was worried that by introducing several tertiary characters as cannon fodder, Scream Queens would slow the plot down. But this week’s episode was hilarious and informative, allowing the plot to advance several steps ahead by revealing who was the Green Meanie. Or at least who was one of the Green Meanies. The […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×07 ‘Mama’s Hideaway’: Weirdo Family

For the past couple of episodes, we’ve watched as Melissa began to spiral out of control, undone by the fact that she killed a person. The buildup finally paid off as Melissa, unable to cope with herself, decides to leave the group. It’s a good way to bring her whole plot to a head, and […]

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The Mindy Project 5×07 ‘Revenge of the Nurse’: Happy hundredth

The hundredth episode is a major milestone for any television show. It proves they’ve been successful enough to make it to such a huge number of episodes. Normally shows go all out to celebrate and display all the talent that got them to one hundred episodes. While The Mindy Project does celebrate in a way […]


Scream Queens 2×05 ‘Chanel Pour Homme-icide’: The cannon fodder has arrived

When we last left the C.U.R.E. Institute several weeks ago, the doctors/nurses/assorted personnel had just suffered a huge shock. Poor Special Agent Denise Hemphill had been murdered, with Chanel #5 critically hurt. The show had been building up steam with deaths of important characters like Chad Radwell, Denise Hemphill and the plot was moving along […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×06 ‘The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths’: A little hope goes a long way

When I first starting reviewing The Last Man on Earth, I did not count on it making me cry so much. This week’s episode was a tearjerker, with the characters attempting to come to terms with the death all around them. Lewis was mourning Mark, his presumed dead partner; Tandy was still dealing with the […]

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The Mindy Project 5×06 ‘Concord’: Moving on

It’s finally here – the weekend of Danny’s clearly doomed wedding, and it should be no surprise to anyone that Mindy is clearly upset. She has a successful business, a caring boyfriend, and a sweet child, but she’s still shaken. Danny, who she previously thought was the great love of her life, is getting married […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×05 ‘The Power of Power’: A new home

Two weeks ago, TLMOE’s episode ended with the Tucson Crew heading towards a light on the horizon – literally. The light turned out to belong to a building that still, somehow, had electricity. From the moment they saw it, it was clear that property was going to be their new home. Their new home is […]

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The Mindy Project 5×05 ‘Leland Breakfast is the Miracle Worker’: Love and the universe

For the past few weeks, these reviews have questioned the seriousness of Mindy’s and Ben’s relationship. The show seemed to build them up to as eventually become more than a casual relationship, but after similar instances in the show’s past where relationships ended relatively quickly, it was a toss-up if Mindy and Ben would actually […]


The Mindy Project 5×04 ‘Mindy Lahiri Is a Misogynist: Welcome Dr. Ziev

The past few years have seen doctors come and go in the Shulman and Associates office. There was Dr. Shulman himself, Danny, Peter, and Adrian. But for the first time, Shulman and Associates has hired another female doctor to fill out their ranks. It’s an interesting and welcome choice, especially since Anna Ziev and Mindy […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×04 ‘Five Hoda Kotbs’: Everyone’s falling apart

As anyone who’s ever been on a road trip can testify, the hardest part of the trip is getting through it without getting completely sick of the other people with you. No matter how much you care about someone, being in cramped corridors makes people irritated and grumpy. A road trip is the perfect way […]


Scream Queens 3×04 ‘Halloween Blues’: The holiday of death

It’s no surprise that Scream Queens makes a big deal out of Halloween episodes. Of course a murder mystery show would enjoy a holiday that celebrates things going bump in the night and terrifying people. The fact that the Halloween episode comes right after the first major murder of the season is just icing on […]


The Mindy Project 5×03 ‘Margaret Thatcher’: An attack of the heart

The strike between nurses and doctors is one of The Mindy Project’s more compelling storylines. The strike is an interesting problem to give the Shulman staff. For once, it’s not just a problem that the Shulman staff brought on themselves through some misunderstanding. Granted, Mindy did play a huge part in it, but the strike […]


The Last Man on Earth ‘You’re All Going to Diet’: On the road again

Well, it looks like we really are getting that road trip I hoped for. The Tucson Crew has finally thrown the towel in and decided to find a new home. This decision, of course, comes on the heels of the realization that Pat is actually still alive and probably still vengeful. Tandy and Lewis make […]


The Mindy Project 5×02 ‘Nurses’ Strike’: Romance strikes

Well that was fast. Last week I predicted that despite turning down Jody and Danny, Mindy would find love again. It seems that I was right as a new love interest, in the form of a pediatrician nurse named Ben, has popped up. He’s one of the nurses who looks after Leo, but he’s also […]


Scream Queens 2×03 ‘Handidate’: A wedding and a funeral

Even on shows that aren’t in the horror genre, weddings can become a huge issue. People object at the last moment, family members cause problems, you say the wrong person’s name at the alter… The list could go on and on. But in a show called Scream Queens, having a wedding is just asking for […]


The Mindy Project 5×01 ‘Decision 2016’: Goodbye, love triangle

When we last left Mindy Lahiri, the romantic drama of the past year had finally come to a head. Mindy was left reeling from the bombshell that Jody had fallen in love with her, while another bombshell was waiting in her mail pile: an invitation to Danny’s wedding. The premiere picks up right where the […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×02 ‘The Wild Guess Express’: R.I.P.?

One of the main jokes in The Last Man on Earth is that absolutely no one in the Tucson Crew knows how to survive. Any jobs they had before aren’t relevant to their current circumstances, and any person who does have survival skills is killed off or made into an enemy. When it comes to […]


Scream Queens 2×02 ‘Warts and All’: Let’s go crazy

Last week I raised the question of how to review a show that doesn’t stick to any sense of reality. I decided to just go along with the madness and see how much fun the show could have poking fun at horror tropes. The success of the show hinges on how willing it is to […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×01 ‘General Breast Theme with Cobras’: Road trip!

Let’s face it: the Tucson Crew has never been great in a crisis. Even though they’re managed to survive a planet-wide virus, at the end of the day they’re just a bunch of regular people trying to deal with a destroyed civilization. So to put them in a situation where they need to defend themselves […]


Scream Queens 2×01 ‘Scream Again’: Welcome back Chanels

How do you review a show like Scream Queens? When reviewing a show, I like to go over the plot, the characterization, the direction the show could go in the future. But Scream Queens isn’t like any of the shows on TV this fall – plot and characterization are secondary to the utter madness happening […]