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Extant 1×01 ‘Re-Entry’: Pro-tip: don’t let in the alien space monster ghosts

It’s not every day that you see one of the biggest names in Hollywood making the move to TV drama, let alone in the sci-fi genre, but that’s the case with Halle Berry and the new CBS series Extant. J.P. Laub is a pop culture connoisseur, politics wonk, sometimes gamer and consummate nerd. To give […]


Archer 5×13 ‘Arrivals / Departures’: Vice No More

As a CIA-ordered airstrike of San Marcos looms, Lana prepares to deliver her baby, and all is revealed regarding the father of little Aubergine (Spelling? “Abbiejean”? “Abigene”? It’s not made clear.) and the origin of the metric ton of cocaine. It’s last call on this brave but unusual season of Archer, after the jump. J.P. […]

Archer 5x12-1

Archer 5×12 ‘Filibuster’: Paging Dr. Black, Dr. Man in Black

  Archer, Cherlene and Gustavo escape imprisonment by El President Cyril Figgis to team up with the rebels, only to get…sidetracked….while Krieger battles to keep Gustavo’s secret weapon from launching. We’ll discuss an exciting, sometimes shocking and as-always inappropes episode of Archer, the penultimate of the season, after the jump. J.P. Laub is a pop culture […]


Archer 5×11 ‘Palace Intrigue: Part 2′: If I had to do it over, I’d be a dictator

Faced with oncoming rebel forces and Archer’s liaison with Gustavo’s wife, the ISIS gang decides to cut their losses and return to New York. Before they can depart, however, all hell breaks loose, and Pam gets shot! Meanwhile, Malory sends Cyril out to find transportation, and boy does he ever. It’s the antepenultimate episode of […]


Archer 5×10 ‘Palace Intrigue: Part 1’: The Boys from San Marcos

The former ISIS crew travels to San Marcos to deliver the weapons to President Gustavo Calderon and arrange an ongoing partnership. This quickly devolves into running through palace hallways and debating ice machines and towels. Oh, and Krieger gets kidnapped (Kriegernapped?) by a group of his clones. Let’s discuss another Archer, after the jump. J.P. […]


Archer 5×09 ‘On the Carpet’: Moving briskly along to the next vice

The cocaine stash comes to a spectacular end, as Archer, Ray and Cyril have no choice but to hand over the plane full of coke to a CIA-run drugs-for-arms operation and Krieger obliterates almost all the remainder in true Krieger fashion. Malory believes they can use the CIA operation to their advantage, and it looks […]


Archer 5×08 ‘The Rules of Extraction’: They eat everything, and fear is their bacon bits

Archer, Ray and Cyril go from the frying pan of a Colombian police car into the fire of a dense jungle, and they must find a way to escape unscathed. Meanwhile, in New York, not much happens. We’ll discuss the latest episode of Archer’s fifth season after the jump. J.P. Laub is a pop culture […]


Archer 5×07 ‘Smugglers Blues’: The more things change…

Without warning, Archer forces Gillette and Cyril to accompany him to Colombia to seek out drug lord La Madrina (The Godmother) in order to form a business partnership. Things go about as well as any Archer fan would expect. The rest of the ISIS crew…worries about them. It’s a return to the old-school Archer format […]


Archer 5×06 ‘Baby Shower’: Highway to the Danger Zone

The ISIS crew decides to throw a stressed-out Lana a baby shower, and Archer and Pam track down Kenny Loggins for his shower gift. Meanwhile, Krieger implements a “plan” to sell the cocaine online. Let’s discuss one of this season’s better episodes after the jump. J.P. Laub is a pop culture connoisseur, politics wonk, sometimes […]


Archer 5×05 ‘Southbound and Down’: Why does anyone trust Pam?

The ISIS crew heads to Texas by bus to pursue a golden opportunity for Cherlene’s singing career, but Archer’s plan to sell some of the cocaine mixed with the presence of Pam throws a wrench in the works. It’s a funny but nitpick-worthy return to Archer after an Olympic hiatus, that we’ll discuss after the […]


Archer 5×04 ‘House Call’: Who are you, Thomas Corwin Mendenhall?

FBI Agent Holly pays a visit to the ISIS gang and snoops around Tunt Manor. Our heroes must keep him away from the pantry, which is holding their stash of coke, while trying to catch a drug-fueled Pam, who is carrying Carol around “Queen Kong”-style. In the end, Archer shares a very human moment with […]


Archer 5×03 ‘A Debt of Honor’: A Scrooge McDuckian Vault

Following directly on last week’s events, Pam uses the million dollars in counterfeit money to buy amphetamines from the Yakuza, and the ISIS gang must deal with the fallout. This is not a super-strong episode of the series, though there’s still plenty of good gags and lines to make it an entertaining 22 minutes. As […]

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Archer 5×02 ‘A Kiss While Dying’: Ba diddy ba bow bow b-cocainnneee

Archer, Lana and Pam travel to Miami to sell the first 20 kilos of cocaine, and run into some old acquaintances of Archer. As the courier, Pam quickly develops a taste for the white stuff. Meanwhile, Carol undertakes voice lessons with Gillette with predictable results. We’ll discuss another excellent episode of Archer, after the jump. […]


Archer 5×01 ‘White Elephant’: Archer Vice!

Quick: name a long-running series that completely blew up its central premise in one of its later seasons and did it without damaging the integrity of the entire show. It’s tough to do. Most TV series have broad enough premises to stay mostly the same throughout (family comedies, crime dramas), or work along a very […]


Hostages 1×14 ‘Suspicious Minds’ and 1×15 ‘Endgame’: Where was this show all along?

In “Suspicious Minds,” as Brian and Morgan try to make good their escape, Duncan and Kramer try to track down and rescue Nina and Sawyer from Colonel Blair’s men. Meanwhile, Ellen must convince the First Lady to smuggle the president’s bone marrow out of the hospital. In “Endgame,” Duncan and Ellen’s plans come to fruition […]


Hostages 1×13 ‘Fight or Flight’: It’s a Christmas miracle…

While Duncan, Ellen and Brian set an alternative plan into motion seeking to misdirect the leaders of the conspiracy, Nina, disgusted with Duncan’s work to save her, tries to escape from the Delaney household. It’s an actually fairly taut and well-paced episode of Hostages, praise the lord, that we’ll discuss after the jump. J.P. Laub […]


Hostages 1×12 ‘The Cost of Living’: The Cost of Watching…

Ellen gets a heaping helping of moral quandary pie during an emergency surgery, and changes her mind about the assassination, again. Duncan takes care of the latest hiccup in what continues to be the most thoroughly planned and elegantly executed presidential assassination plot ever conceived. Meanwhile, Brian takes saving the Sanders family into his own […]


Hostages 1×11 ‘Off the Record’: Process of elimination

Duncan and his team lock Brian and the Sanders children in a room for the day while they rush to New York City, and enlist Ellen’s help to eliminate the sniper team targeting President Kincaid. Brian tries to strengthen Jake and Morgan’s resolve against their captors. Meanwhile, lead conspirator Vanessa visits the vice president to […]


Hostages 1×10 ‘Burden of Truth’: With allies like these…

Duncan shares the terrible truth about the president with Ellen, who seeks out an alternative plan to save his wife Nina. Meanwhile, the leaders of the conspiracy take the assassination plot back to basics while Duncan and Burton scramble to discern their plans. Oh, also, Morgan and Sandrine string along Boyd’s poor father. Let’s discuss […]


Hostages 1×09 ‘Loose Ends’: Everything’s temporary

Agent Hoffman’s investigation threatens to unravel the assassination plot, and the conspirators enlist Duncan to take care of the problem. Meanwhile, Ellen stumbles upon a major clue to why Duncan is involved. And everyone’s favorite character Quentin Creasy has a change of heart, but is it too late? Let’s find out after the jump. J.P. […]