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H50 5x18.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×18 ‘Pono Kaulike’: “You’re welcome.”

Last week’s “Kuka’awale” was one of the funniest episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and “Pono Kaulike” does the exact opposite giving us the most tension-filled episode of this season, and potentially one of the best of the entire series. The team faces a barrage of problems when their past actions creep up on them. Danny and […]

Scandal 04x14.1

Scandal 4×14 ‘The Lawn Chair’: All lives matter

I know I said that “No More Blood” was the best hour of Scandal this season, but this episode surpasses that by leaps and bounds. As much as I want to stay consistent with my regular format of dishing out all the juicy details of each Scandal episode, I feel like that would not do justice […]

POI 4x16.1

Person of Interest 4×16 ‘Blunt’: Recruitment

After focusing on Samaritan for a while, Person of Interest is back to the grittier, darker side of New York in the battle of the mafias. However, this time the story follows only one side of the rivalry. Reese and Finch attempt to protect this week’s number after she steals money from one of Dominic’s operations. These back to […]

H50 5x17.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×17 ‘Kuka awale’: I support gay marriage

This has got to be one of the funniest episodes of Hawaii Five-0 to date. I guess it is what you can expect when an actor from the show directs an episode. For his directorial debut Daniel Dae Kim did a phenomenal job (and he had a lot of help from some guest star power), but […]

Scandal 04x13.1

Scandal 4×13 ‘No More Blood’: A most unexpected saviour

That was the best hour of Scandal we have had this season, maybe even since season two. Am I a little biased based on who showed up? Most definitely. That does not detract from the fact that this episode was finally something less formulaic than the entirety of the Olivia Pope kidnapping storyline. Finally, we […]

H50 5x16.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×16 ‘Nanahu’: Don’t look back whatever you do

What is with Hawaii Five-0 and all of its guest stars this season? They are really going all out, not that I am complaining. Apologies for both the late review and the lack of Five-0 recapping last week, life got a bit hectic. Don’t fret because this weekend will be filled with back-to-back Five-0 goodness! […]

HtGAwM 1x15.1

How to Get Away with Murder 1×14-1×15 ‘The Night Lila Died’ & ‘It’s All My Fault’: Some friggin’ hitman

The only word I can use other than random keyboard mashing is: Wow. Initially I was wondering how this show could possibly go into a second season without the characters making it the How to Dwell on Murder show. I thought what if they get rid of the students and make Annalise teach new students using […]

HtGAwM 1x13.1

How to Get Away with Murder 1×13 ‘Mamas Here Now’: A look into Anna Mae’s past

What a turn of events to lead us into the season finale of How to Get Away with Murder. We got to see why Annalise has Bonnie on her team because she can certainly hold her own in a courtroom. Everything we knew about Annalise was thrown out the window as she comes from a past […]

POI 4x15.1

Person of Interest 4×15 ‘Q & A’: Meet the Root of Samaritan

With this episode we see a lot of parallels between Team Machine and Samaritan. It was obvious that there were distinct similarities, but with the emergence of a familiar face we are brought the Root of Samaritan. Both AI aid humanity in their own ways and both dispose of people they deem a threat to […]

Scandal 04x12.1

Scandal 4×12 ‘Gladiators Dont Run’: Who bought Olivia Pope?

Now I’m not sure about the other ShondaLand viewers, but I was not the most comfortable watching an episode dedicated to selling Olivia Pope, an African-American, in an auction. As the auction for Olivia begins, Fitz and the White House and Jake and OPA try to find ways to bid on her including getting in […]

HtGAwM 1x12.1

How to Get Away with Murder 1×12 ‘She’s a Murderer’: The Fifth Amendment

Well if one thing is for certain, Shonda Rhimes is queen of the cliffhanger. In every one of her shows she manages to turn out jaw-dropping twists within seconds of the credits, even if the first forty minutes or so aren’t all that invigorating. With the discovery of Sam’s body Hannah is hell bent on […]

POI 4x14.1

Person of Interest 4×14 ‘Guilty’: Back to basics

It was back to basics on Person of Interest as Finch and Reese decided to take on the world by themselves. This was the first real filler episode of season 4. Nothing to do with Samaritan and almost nothing to do with the Elias and Dominic battle. Instead, Finch’s cover identity is stuck on jury […]

H50 5x13.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×14 ‘Powehiwehi’: Head out on the highway

Okay again with the lack of Danny? This is becoming a recurring theme and I do not like it one bit. The McDanno dynamic is what makes this show and yet there has been less and less of it. Come on already! Give us what we want to see. Anyway, on Hawaii Five-0 the team […]

Blacklist 2x10.1

The Blacklist 2×10 ‘Luther Braxton: Conclusion’: Call my bluff, please call my bluff

The conclusion to the two-part post-Super Bowl The Blacklist guest starring Ron Perlman. With The Factory in ruins Harold Cooper tries to rescue his team. Meanwhile Braxton has taken Lizzie in the hope of obtaining information about the elusive Fulcrum. Again this episode fails on delivery of an action-intensive story, but it makes up for it between […]

HtGAwM 1x11.1

How to Get Away with Murder 1×11 ‘Best Christmas Ever’: Not so smooth criminals

Only three episodes to go after this and yet another bomb drops in the last seconds of an episode. Just when it seems like a typical run of the mill, case of the week story everything gets turned on its head. For a class dedicated on How to Get Away with Murder, these students don’t really […]

Scandal 04x11.1

Scandal 4×11 ‘Where’s the Black Lady?’: The face that launched a thousand ships

Last week the focus was on Olivia Pope’s situation through her eyes, but now the focus turns to everyone else who must come together to do whatever it takes to find her. Scandal is certainly not as intense this week, but it leaves us with a lot of fist-clenching, anger-inducing scenes as the story plays out. […]

POI 4x13.1

Person of Interest 4×13 ‘M.I.A.’: Samaritan’s ant farm

Again the focus is on Samaritan rather than the criminal underworld of New York. Oh how we miss those days where things were simple. Instead, Team Machine has to deal with international conspiracies and A.I. world domination. How times have changed. The ongoing hunt for Shaw takes Reese and Root to Maple, a small town […]

Blacklist 2x09.1

The Blacklist 2×09 ‘Luther Braxton’: What happened in Belgrade?

First episode of 2015 and my god did it do its job. The task force tries to save Reddington from The Factory, a secret detention facility, but he has a plan of his own to tackle the next number on The Blacklist. Only issue is this number is a thief that shares a complicated history with Reddington. […]

H50 5x13.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×13 ‘La Poino’: Oh, no! Not the bees!

Dam that was unexpected. Such an intense episode. A patient with a volatile illness is brought to the island by Joe, but a team of kidnappers take the virus carrier. Steve and the team must retrieve the patient before the kidnappers can weaponize the virus. Hawaii Five-0 certainly knows how to ramp up the intensity. Five-0 is […]

Scandal 04x10.1

Scandal 4×10 ‘Run’: This is just the beginning

And we’re back Gladiators. After waiting months to see what happened after the abrupt and shocking fall finale cliffhanger, Scandal brings us right back into the action with a story focused around the question everyone is asking: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OLIVIA POPE? No one else really mattered in this episode, and that is […]