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Scandal 5×01 ‘Heavy is the Head’: Princess Diana goes to Washington

Welcome back Gladiators to season five of Scandal! If we remember last season ended with a huge information drop as the lives of many characters were shook up. Essentially the only two characters whose lives were almost unaffected were David and Abby. The White House has a new look and the President’s Bedroom has a […]


How to Get Away with Murder 2×01 ‘It’s Time to Move On’: Onto the next (attempted) murder!

And the final portion of TGIT! Who’s ready for another murder? What else would you expect on a show called HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER? Last we saw Annalise and Frank were pondering who could’ve possibly stashed Rebecca’s limp body under the stairs and suddenly Shondaland went nuts with theories on who, what and how. Lucky […]

POI 4x22.1

Person of Interest 4×22 ‘YHWH’: Thank you for creating me

So much happened in Person of Interest‘s season finale. From shoot-outs to scavenger hunts, Team Machine was all over the place in this one with one storyline ending and two others continuing on to what should hopefully not be a shortened fifth season. Enough talk, let’s jump into “YHWH.” WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS Dylan Phillips is a film […]

H50 5x23.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×23 ‘Moʻo ʻolelo Pu’: Where are you Hawaii?

Before this season’s finale Hawaii Five-0 decides to give us a Kono-centric episode before the hopeful wedding between her and Adam. While Kono is on a traditional boat trip she becomes lost at sea and must survive alone. Meanwhile Five-0 deal with a string of drug store robberies surrounding an old enemy of Chin. There’s trouble […]

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Scandal 4×21 ‘A Few Good Women’: Foxtail is secure

YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Sorry I had to do it. Although this episode seems a bit slow it was the perfect pace to set up the final cliffhanger. It gave us a few questions to ponder before the hopeful last showdown between Popes in Scandal’s season finale. VP Susan Ross continues to bud heads with […]

POI 4x21.1

Person of Interest 4×21 ‘Asylum’: You are not interchangeable

The slow build up to this season’s finale sped up in this week’s Person of Interest when both storylines came out in full force. This episode has no real POI, but instead brings us back into both main conflicts of this season. While Elias and Dominic are fighting for title of King of New York, Root and […]

Scandal 4x20.1

Scandal 4×20 ‘First Lady Sings the Blues’: Is Jake alive?

This will be a short introduction because we need to get right into the cliffhanger from last week: Is Jake alive? Regardless the remaining members of Team Takedown have to go underground because Rowan’s gun is loaded and firing at anything that moves. Meanwhile Mellie’s campaign hits a snag when Sally Langston turns the nation […]

H50 5x22.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×22 ‘Ho’amoano’: The TV version of The Hangover

What is with all these shows recently turning to the soap opera storylines? Estranged family members. Really. Hawaii Five-0 goes away from Grover and Chin’s stories to focus on a reason a lot of people go to Hawaii: Spring Break. Three middle-aged accountants are in Hawaii to get laid, but when they find a dead […]

Scandal 04x19.1

Scandal 4×19 ‘I’m Just a Bill’: Rowan’s return

With the return of Rowan in the final moments of last week’s ‘Honor Thy Father‘ you think that Scandal would be drama-filled and beyond frustrating. Instead, we get glimpses of Rowan at the beginning and end with a few other stories interspersed. The need to take down B613 is at an all-time high as Rowan […]

POI 4x20.1

Person of Interest 4×20 ‘Terra Incognita’: The return of Carter

This episode might be a little slow, but Person of Interest brought us something completely different this week. Instead of the next step against Samaritan or the war between Elias and Dominic, we are brought what was the essence of this show for so long: The relationship between Reese and Joss Carter (guest star Taraji […]

H50 5x21.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×21 ‘Ua helele’i ka hoku’: Blue Hawaii

It was a sad day for rock n roll when the king died and Hawaii Five-0 makes us relive that tragic moment in history as the king dies… again? The poisoning death of an Elvis impersonator leads to a mystery involving smuggled diamonds from a previous case. Meanwhile the team is dealing with repercussions in their own lives. […]

POI 4x19.1

Person of Interest 4×19 ‘Search and Destroy’: KHAAANNNN!

Alright before you say anything, yes I know the title has absolutely nothing to do with the episode, but how could I NOT make the Star Trek reference given this week’s Person of Interest and the fact that this is a show done by Bad Robot? I was pleasantly surprised with this episode as it […]

H50 5x20.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×20 ‘Ike Hanau’: Gut feeling

I have always been curious about Lou Grover’s story. We haven’t seen much of him outside Five-0 so it was only a matter of time before we dove into a case related to his past. Grover looks into the death of his best friend’s wife during a hiking accident which leaves Grover torn between instinct […]

Scandal 04x18.1

Scandal 4×18 ‘Honor Thy Father’: Who’s that knocking at my door?

A ‘previously on’ always means that stuff is about to go down and until the last five minutes of this episode it almost did not, but then those last five minutes… Hopefully it is setting up a great start to a climactic finish for this season of Scandal. The title of this week’s episode seemed a […]

Scandal 04x17.1

Scandal 4×17 ‘Put a Ring on It’: If you liked it then you should have

Well we can check the Gay Republican Shotgun Wedding at the White House off the bucket list of events for Scandal to throw at us. This week it is all about Cyrus Beene as his wedding to gigolo Michael is put on fast-track when his hooker-husband-to-be is caught out on the town. While Cyrus deals with […]

POI 4x18.1

Person of Interest 4×18 ‘Skip’: A team stretched thin

“Skip” is rightly named as that is exactly what you can do with this episode if all you cared for was the main story. I understand that Person of Interest is attempting to keep whatever conclusion they want for the Samaritan story as the season finale, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. They attempted to […]

Scandal 04x16.1

Scandal 4×16 ‘It’s Good to Be Kink’: Memoirs of naughty Girls

I’ll make this quick as this is a tad late and not much really happened. This may not be a popular opinion, but I found this particular episode of Scandal to be far from standard. Yes it went back to the essence of the show, but I just could not stand Lena Dunham. She walked […]

H50 5x19.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×19 ‘Kahania’: Jerry’s doppelganger

With Danny M.I.A. after the events of “Pono Kaulike,” Hawaii Five-0 turns it focus to the other, but not necessarily better, half of McDanno with Steve stuck in the middle of a rather odd situation. After a quick shave, Steve and Odell become trapped at the barbershop when they take in a man being hunted by a […]

POI 4x17.1

Person of Interest 4×17 ‘Karma’: What goes around comes around

Look another filler episode! Now I’m not complaining about these standalone arcs as they tend to be fun and give us that Person of Interest mix of action and dark humour the fans love. However, I do miss seeing one of the better anti-heroes on TV. Can Elias come back soon? I know Enrico Colantoni is […]

Scandal 04x15.1

Scandal 4×15 ‘The Testimony of Diego Munoz’: Big Block of Cheese Day

Don’t get the title reference? Well it refers to the day when government officials open their doors to listen to the public’s concerns (a term from Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing). It is not the Grant administration that opens their doors in this episode of Scandal, but one government official is faced with a hard decision when […]