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Hart of Dixie 3×01 ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’: Everything seems to magically fall into place…

The episode starts with Zoe dreaming about a parade in Bluebell, obviously because she misses it. She wakes up taking a nap in a New York City ER. She has been living in New York City again for 5 months trying to leave her life in Bluebell behind. While working at the hospital, she is […]


Devious Maids 1×03 ‘Wiping Away the Past’: Can we wipe away these storylines?

I wasn’t able to write a review last week for the show so I will give it all to you here. Last week, Valentina continues to pursue Remi and her mother, Zoila is pissed. Still waiting on her back story. Rosie catches Peri in the act of sleeping with another man. Rosie is not happy […]


Devious Maids 1×01 Pilot: Lifetime stepping it’s game up, once again.

Devious Maids premiered last night on the Lifetime Network after ABC chose to pass it up. Honestly, I think it was a bad move on ABC’s part. This show gives a new flavor and a new outlook on what already may seem to be a tired plot. Everyone has seen an episode of Desperate Housewives, […]


Over the Air: Hot in Cleveland 4×13 – It’s Alive / The Exes 3×01 – Toy Story: Pills & Sex Toys…Your typical Wednesday night?

  How about a recap of what’s been happening on Hot in Cleveland and The Exes? We’ll start off with Hot in Cleveland: Where we left off, Victoria’s movie just ended and she wasn’t sure where her relationship with Emmet was going. After talking to each other about it, he asks her to join her […]


Over the Air: True Blood 6×01 ‘Who are you, really?’: Shifter storyline not a priority?

  Hey guys, my name is Angela. I’m new to the watchitrae family. I will be mostly doing video reviews, and if I have no time, articles. My first review was on the Season 6 premiere of True Blood. I hope you enjoy! WARNING: LOTS OF SPOILERS Check out Brock’s review of this episode! Angela […]