Arrow 3×09 ‘The Climb’: Season 3 gains momentum


There are no easy ways to say this but each week I found myself a little less excited for Arrow than Flash. Maybe it’s just because I’ve always been such a big fan of the character (Wally West 4 life) or perhaps because I haven’t been completely on board with the mystery of the season. Looking back, the multiple red herrings were basically the show spinning its wheels. At the very least, it was never boring. That’s something. And now I’m back in 100% with this game-changing episode.


The central mystery of who killed Sara is finally revealed! It was Thea, under the mind control of Malcolm Merlyn. I like ruthless Merlyn. He’s the villain that helped Oliver discover what he was fighting for back in Season 1 during the Undertaking. Ra’s Al Ghul is a worthy opponent – since he is kind of the most dangerous man on the face of the planet – but I’m starting to get the feeling that Merlyn may emerge as the seasonal villain once again. Does he truly love Thea? Maybe. But I don’t buy it. It’s all just a big game to him that will end up taking him off the sights of the League.

In case you thought Oliver couldn’t have a worse day, he willingly goes to fight Ra’s Al Ghul on a mountain top to clear his own name. The episode ends on a literal cliffhanger with Oliver being defeated by Ra’s (who is admittedly very respectful of Oliver’s decision to fight) before having a sword plunged through his chest. For all intents and purposes, Oliver Queen is now dead. But Team Arrow lives on…

Roy still doesn’t have much to do. Diggle was given a traditional supporting role. Felicity spent most of the episode discover the truth about Ray Palmer. And that was all wonderful. Roy and Diggle are Oliver’s support team. They feel helpless when they can’t be there to back him up against a man like Ra’s Al Ghul.



Felicity’s adventures with Ray Palmer are leading to some interesting places. With Oliver Queen being dead, who else will protect the city? Starling City needs a hero. Ray Palmer and his ATOM suit may just fit the bill. If not him, then who else? Laurel freakin’ Lance.

I understand the character of Laurel has had issues over the course of the series but she’s finally come into her own. Just because she’s going to become the Black Canary down the line does not mean she will immediately become a standout fighter like Sara or Oliver. She’s going to get beaten down. But I’m sure she’ll get there. I trust these writers enough to let them take me on this ride.

On the trusting writers note, I once again admit to enjoying but being unimpressed overall with the majority of this season’s first half. So much time was spent spinning wheels that the mystery was obviously dragged out to 9 episodes just to fill time. Sara’s death is currently amounting to nothing more than a plot point. The character deserved better than that (also she was the first and only LGBT superhero character on television or film).

I imagine the Lazarus Pit will be put to use soon to bring Oliver back from the dead, as Ra’s basically confirms it exists in his “67 years” comment. Maybe we can just bring Sara back as well after being “fridged” as she was. Perhaps the season will end up with 3 different parties fighting over the use of the Lazarus Pit (Team Arrow, Merlyn, the League).

All in all, great midseason finale. This is what the season was building up to (admittedly for a little too long) but I trust these guys. See you in January!



Small things: The flashbacks are coming back more prominently since the crossover and I greatly appreciate that. Maseo being a member of the League spells dark fortune for his family.

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