Arrow 3×08 ‘The Brave and the Bold’: Part 2


In tradition with every great superhero crossover, after Barry and Oliver duked it out in the previous episode, Oliver teams up with Barry to stop an assassin using boomerangs to unleash vengeance upon ARGUS. The title ‘The Brave and the Bold’ is a callback to the early crossovers of DC comics. And this was one hell of a crossover continuation. The biggest drawback for me was the lack of connectivity between the episodes, as they both were more standalone episodes of the respective shows. Other than that, this episode might have worked better than the previous one.


Captain Boomerang had a goofy introduction that comes with the territory when you’re a guy who kills people with boomerangs. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a valid threat. His boomerangs looked cool visually as they cut through the ARGUES agents. At first I questioned how Barry and Team Flash would come into play as Team Arrow seemed to have the situation under moderate control. Then we got a look at the explosive tactical expertise of the Australian assassin. And it all clicked. One man posed a valid threat to the two biggest heroes in that world. So Team Flash and Team Arrow had to come together again.

Just like in the Flash episode, the team banter and interplay was hysterical and insightful. Cisco had a fun dynamic with Diggle in the previous episode. That was expanded upon in this episode with Cisco also befriending Roy. Roy unfortunately still had a small part in the episode but we got a great scene between him, Diggle, and Cisco. The question of whether or not superheroes make the world a better place is always a valuable one. Do they make the world a better place or do the inspire more chaos? But I like Cisco’s explanation: “Maybe we have these heroes to fight the crazy” I’m paraphrasing but you get the point.



Laurel and Captain Lance only had a single scene this episode. Once Laurel becomes more involved in the superheroics and begins her rise as the Canary, I’m hopeful she will begin to meet Team Flash as well. Thea pops by in the beginning to remind us of her weird almost romance with the magical DJ. Ugh. Oh well.

There was no single moment that was as awe-inspiring as the fight between Oliver and Barry in the Flash episode but it was a more thorough version of good. It had Barry continue questioning Oliver’s motivations while also encouraging him to become more than just the Arrow. Oliver can’t be the Arrow forever. He’s already been involved in this life for 8 years and lost so many friends.

Both the seasonal stories for Flash  and Arrow are intriguing on their own, but I say we just drop everything and just make one giant show called The Brave and the Bold. A crossover show for DC and eventually turn it into a Justice League show. That’s all I want in life.



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