Arrow 3×07 ‘Draw Back Your Bow’: Cupid, stupid

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This was not a great episode of Arrow. There’s no way around that. But dang, was it entertaining. Cupid isn’t necessarily a deep character, she’s just obsessed with Green Arrow. Her plan to get his attention with the murders of criminals and posturing them with the same outfit that Oliver is wearing. It was a weird episode.


Not every episode can be a winner. When you have to deal with 23 episodes a season, you’re bound to get some episodes that are more stinky than others. This one is stinky the same way a chili cheese burger is sloppy and messy, but it sure tastes good. And this episode was highly entertaining.

The character of Cupid was a fun presence, perfectly suited for a Valentines Day episode. Her story doesn’t really correlate to the central story this week between Felicity, Oliver, and Ray Palmer, but she shoots arrows with hearts on the end of them. For a show that faltered too deep into “dark and gritty” territory, I’m ecstatic about this show embracing its roots. Heart arrows are the silliest thing the show has done. The actress sold the lines well enough and the character was a fun presence. I expect to see her and Slade interact in the Suicide Squad together. (I know Slade probably isn’t on the Squad but come on, that’s too good to ignore).

What fared much better this episode was the Ray Palmer and Felicity relationship development. We knew it was going to happen. Much like his days on Chuck, Brandon Routh most likely won’t end up as the long term boyfriend to Felicity. He’s just a blocking mechanism for the eventual pairing. What makes it work is Routh’s performance is so damn good. Routh is a more lighthearted Bruce Wayne in this universe. The kiss between him and Felicity felt earned and not too melodramatic with Ollie walking in at the worst possible moment. That final tease of his future superhero suit almost made me cheering. It even has the classic color scheme!



On the Arrow boys side of things (that’s my new name for Diggle, Oliver, and Roy), manpain was never in more effect. Oliver dealing with his decision to not be with Felicity thankfully doesn’t get annoying. I have to give props to this show for actually making me invested in this “Ship” as the kids call it. Olicity fans probably contemplated suicide after the Ray/Felicity kiss, but don’t fret. It’ll all be better by the end.

Ollie didn’t drag on with his moping too long as Diggle served as the intermediary between Olicity. Diggle doesn’t get his credit on this show. He’s the unspoken hero. Since Roy is also dealing with heavy drama (he did kill a police officer) both he and Oliver were invited to the Diggle residence for dinner. Because they’re family. Diggle and Lyla are the mom and dad to Team Arrow. The crew would be lost without them.



So, yeah. This episode didn’t give us much to talk about. But that’s all good. We’ve got Flash vs. Arrow coming up before The Brave and the Bold in two weeks. So be happy!



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