Arrow 3×04 ‘The Magician’: Ra’s Al Who?


First off, Happy 50th episode to the cast and crew of Arrow. The show has grown into must-watch television with characters I enjoy seeing together. And they learned how to use villains effectively. Every main villain for each season has survived up to this point and now I want to see them all interact at some point. But one thing at a time because we got an introduction to a big one this week…

Spoilers Below

… sadly, I was underwhelmed with the reveal. The episode itself was good, and it was nice to see Nyssa Al Ghul, but the final reveal of Ra’s Al Ghul wasn’t up to par with the previous build up. The build up has been great (Everyone knows who Ra’s Al Ghul is after The Dark Knight trilogy but the show does a good job of painting the League of Assassin’s in a different light from the League of Shadow’s from the film series. This Ra’s Al Ghul is more of a mercenary type. He’s less interested in cleaning the world but still abides by somewhat of a code of honor. I’m also pretty sure he killed Sara. I’ll explain as I go on.

Malcolm Merlyn’s presence is now known to Team Arrow. I was wondering how long that would last. The Arrow writers aren’t playing it safe when it comes to group dynamics anymore. They’re willing to change things up to a point where I believe we’ll see Merlyn team up with Oliver and company. As for his excuse on why he wouldn’t kill Sara, it makes sense. He’s a liar and a murderer but for now there’s nothing to justify his killing of Sara. He still needs to be stopped and whatever his endgame is has me just as intrigued as the history of Ra’s Al Ghul and the League.



Merlyn mentions that perhaps Ra’s Al Ghul was behind the murder of Sara. Is that such a crazy notion? Maybe it’s just because there is literally nobody else who we’ve been introduced to that makes sense. But his comment at the end of Sara never being a true member of the League leads me to believe we’ve found out season Big Bad. He’s declared a war against Oliver Queen. Oliver will probably need help with these big guns. Who is left to help him but his first big villain? I guess Fyers actually counts as the first Big Bad if we’re going through events chronologically.

Speaking of which, the flashbacks to Hong Kong being having some sort of structure now that Amanda Waller was revealed to have been behind the Fyer’s attempt to launch a missile from Lian Yu. How that ties in with the present is unknown but we’ll most likely get some prior history between Oliver and the League of Assassin’s before his initial return to Starling City.

Now that secrets are being revealed, how long before Thea finds out about Oliver being the Arrow and vice versa in regards to Thea’s time with Malcolm Merlyn? If this season is any indication, not long at all.

Shout out to Felicity for the best line of the episode (and it was her only line).

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