Arrow 3×02 ‘Sara’: Komodo


In the aftermath of *REDACTED*’s death, Team Arrow takes some time to look back on what’s important in their lives. When Oliver begins his search for Thea, Roy intervenes and tells the truth. Meanwhile back 5 years ago, Oliver runs across an old friend in Hong Kong.

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This was a rough episode emotionally as the team returned to Verdant to find Laurel crying over Sara’s dead body. I’m still disappointed that Sara was killed off but if this episode was any indication, Laurel will be donning a similar Canary outfit as the series goes on. The most pressing matters of the episode clearly all revolved or were motivated around what happened to Sara. Oliver goes on a bit of soul searching, having lost pretty much everything up to this point, decides it’s time for him to look for Thea.

Roy naturally decides to tell him that his search for Thea is a lost cause as she doesn’t want to be found. And while the focus on Sara’s death and the ramifications that come with secrets was the strong point of the episode, it did feel a bit disjointed with constant mentions of Thea and the Oliver flashbacks.

The mystery of Thea’s location makes enough sense since everyone is taking into account what’s important in their lives (She’s the only family Oliver has left) but the flashbacks to Hong Kong were oddly placed. Though it was nice to see Tommy again (RIP) not much came from that story other than a nice cameo and that Amanda Waller really wants to use Oliver Queen as a weapon.

Back in Starling, Diggle uses his connections with ARGUS to find out info on a mercenary archer that is racking up a body count that is too high to be a coincidence. The majority of the episode was emotionally heavy so the few fight scenes between Oliver and Komodo was a welcome change. Like knights on their trusty steeds (replace steeds with motorcycles) the two archers led to some of the more interesting fights the show has done. It may have been easier for one of them just hop off the bike and shoot the other one but whatever. It all turns out to be a coincidence anyways and the trail goes cold.



I’m hoping the mystery of Sara’s murder doesn’t sit on the back burner for too long as it’s a pretty big plot point and not one that is easily swept under the rug. But I’m glad this season feels more personal. Diggle is staying on as a member of Team Arrow at least until Sara’s killer is found. Ollie vows to bring Thea home with Roy. All good things. But if these episodes are any indicator, it won’t be so easy for our favorite superhero team.

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