Archer 5×12 ‘Filibuster’: Paging Dr. Black, Dr. Man in Black

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Archer, Cherlene and Gustavo escape imprisonment by El President Cyril Figgis to team up with the rebels, only to get…sidetracked….while Krieger battles to keep Gustavo’s secret weapon from launching. We’ll discuss an exciting, sometimes shocking and as-always inappropes episode of Archer, the penultimate of the season, after the jump.Strangely enough, as we close out a season dedicated to breaking the mold, Archer is reverting in many ways back to its spy roots. Defusing a bomb, deposing a dictator, being threatened by exotic predators, these are all things you could easily have seen in an episode of the show from the first 4 seasons. I’m by no means complaining. This San Marcos arc has produced a lot of the season’s best comedic lines and character moments, and I’m glad to see the season ending on a familiar note.

As for the episode itself, it contained a lot of funny material and I was generally please by what it resolved and set up for the final episode of the season. I only wish we could see more Cyril as power-mad dictator, but it seems as though that’ll be resolved in the finale. I’m also glad the Krieger clone storyline ended somewhat quickly (though Krieger may actually be an evil clone now.) While it had its moments, it was less stand-out than you’d expect 300 percent more Krieger to be. I also can’t say I’ll miss Gustavo Calderon and his voice actor Fred Armisen. I can’t say as his death made a whole lot of sense, besides a way to get rid of Gustavo before they met up with Holly/Slater at the rebel HQ (AKA the airport) but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


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Agent Holly and Slater’s reveal that they are CIA agents is fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing whether their San Marcos plot has anything to do with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the metric ton of cocaine that formed the basis for the whole season. Likewise, Lana’s water breaking was a nice raising of the stakes at the episode’s conclusion. We’ve now got all of the ingredients in place for the finale, and I’m ready to see whether the show continues on an unconventional trajectory or if the characters, say, integrate into the CIA in some capacity or are allowed to restart ISIS after the San Marcos operation is complete. My preference is for the latter. But more on that in my season review next week.

Finally, some great highlights from this very funny episode.

Cyril: A classic pincer movement. Just like Hannibal at the Battle of Cannae. And also Keith in my Warhammer guild.

Lana: Oh my god that’s a coca leaf smoothie.
Cherlene: And they’re gross. It basically tastes like a fart of itself.

(Cyril is presiding over his own marriage ceremony.)
Pam: Yayyyy!
Malory: Ugh, second worst wedding ever.
Gillette: Yeah but at least nobody died.
Pam (laughing) : Not yet! (clears throat) Inappropes.
Malory: What is wrong with you?!
Pam: I’m trying to make that a thing people say. Like “Dammmn dawg, that’s inappropes.” Plus, I think I’m addicted to cocaine.
Malory: Well look on the bright side. With any luck at all it well save me the trouble of killing you myself.
Pam (tearing up): Damn dawg.
Gillette: Inappropes!
Pam (clapping): Yay!!!!

Lana: Cyril…
Cyril: Uh, it’s actually Senor Presidente
Lana: Shh. Hush. Now, I know you’ve had a fun time as dictator and we all enjoyed this little break from him, but Cyril, and if you tell him I said this I’ll break your frickin’ arms, it’s….(groans)…Archer time.


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