Archer 5×06 ‘Baby Shower’: Highway to the Danger Zone


The ISIS crew decides to throw a stressed-out Lana a baby shower, and Archer and Pam track down Kenny Loggins for his shower gift. Meanwhile, Krieger implements a “plan” to sell the cocaine online. Let’s discuss one of this season’s better episodes after the jump.

This was definitely an improvement over last week, with Pam taking on a helpful role as opposed to the comical dunderhead she had played in “Southbound and Down.” Pam showed her aptitude for being a “field agent” with both her combat skills and her quick thinking. Why can’t this be the Pam we get every week? I’m sure next episode she’ll be back to screwing everyone’s plans up.

The episode continued all of the elements central to the season – Cherlene’s music career, finding buyers for the cocaine, and especially Lana’s baby – but this was a decidedly different turn for the show this year. The characters putting aside their plans (for the most part) to help Lana out with her baby was good to see. In the absence of the characters having a set workplace to go to every day, it’s important to establish why they’re still together, especially when the plan to get rich selling cocaine has so far been a complete bust. And that reason is that on some level they care for each other, even if they’re all terrible people in their own ways.

Archer going so far to achieve an epic gag gift for Lana is emblematic of that. He once again pairs up with Pam to convince Kenny Loggins (er, I mean, K-Log) to play “Danger Zone” at her baby shower, but is mistaken for an agent of a man named Borgnar. K-Log has gotten into some serious stuff, since Borgnar apparently wants a briefcase of his that emits a purple-ish glow. I’ll be interested to see if that’s a one-off gag or if Borgnar will make a reappearance this season.


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My two favorite gags of the episode were Malory’s new rivalry with Krieger’s hologram anime girlfriend and Archer revealing how he has so much money to spend. The best way to describe it is the dialogue itself:

Pam: You said shut up, J. Alfred Gotrocks.
Archer: What?
Pam: We haven’t been paid in forever, where are you getting all this money?
Archer: I, uh…sold some artwork.
(Cut to Cherlene walking up the stairs in her mansion. She looks up at the wall, which has a painting missing.)
Cherlene: Goddamn it! What did I tell you about staying up on the wall, ghosts!

Even though it ended up not moving the cocaine storyline forward at all, it was very amusing to see Krieger devise a fake plan just to make Malory happy. Why he needed Gillette and Cyril to package the drugs in their underwear remains another unsolvable Krieger mystery. Maybe so they couldn’t steal any of it?

We’re about halfway through the season and our heroes have managed to lose plenty of the cocaine but haven’t sold an ounce. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how they manage to turn their fortunes around. I’m sure Archer will come up with an 11th hour fix. What do you guys think? Post your theories in the comments!

Some other highlights from this fairly quotable episode:

Malory: But, so do people e-mail you, or…?
Krieger: No! It’s like shopping online only for cocaine. I’ve already sold uhh…wow, almost 800 grand worth.
Malory: Really!? But how do we get paid?
Krieger: With a totally untraceable digital currency that we can exchange for real U.S. Dollars whenever we want. I call ’em “Krieger-ands.”

Kenny Loggins: You saved me? But why?
Archer: What do you mean why?! I wanted you to play a baby shower!

Lana: I have a lot of pretty major expenses coming up and since we haven’t been paid…
(Malory stares)
Lana (sighs): Look, I hate to ask but I need-
Malory WIC!
Lana: What?
Malory: It’s like welfare but for babies. I don’t know, I’m not a Democrat, but I think they give you a birth cheese. (slams door)
Lana: A birth cheese.

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