Archer 5×02 ‘A Kiss While Dying’: Ba diddy ba bow bow b-cocainnneee

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Archer, Lana and Pam travel to Miami to sell the first 20 kilos of cocaine, and run into some old acquaintances of Archer. As the courier, Pam quickly develops a taste for the white stuff. Meanwhile, Carol undertakes voice lessons with Gillette with predictable results. We’ll discuss another excellent episode of Archer, after the jump.While this installment didn’t rise to the divine absurdity of the season premiere, there was plenty to like. In particular, Pam’s almost instantaneous addiction to the cocaine. In drug-focused stories, there’s always someone who gets addicted to the product, and it’s good to see that if Archer is going that way, it’s going the silly route with one of its strongest sources of comedy. Basically any scene with Pam, which was a good deal of the episode, guaranteed some laughs. That said, I hope that this isn’t the only way Pam is used this season. It’s funny but she is too valuable a character to be a one-note drug fiend gag for 13 episodes.

It’s also nice to see them play with characters from earlier in the series, and the Miami connection definitely makes sense here. Ramon and the hitmen Charles and Rudy first appeared in Season 1’s “Honeypot,” where Archer must seduce Ramon to retrieve a sensitive videotape for Malory. When “Honeypot” first aired, I’d hoped they would do more with the rapport between Archer and Ramon and the rivalry with Charles/Rudy, and it’s good to see it revisited in a non-spy context.


Source: FX

Back in New York, the Carol/Gillette plotline was pretty simplistic (though I did enjoy Gillette’s “NO! AGAIN!”)

I’m also happy to see some further serial-ness developing for the season by making a point of the fact that Ramon was paid to betray Archer for the cocaine. I’m sure that’ll be revisited soon.

A few highlights:

  • Archer: How can they seize my penthouse!?
    Malory: Well, A) they’re the government and B) ISIS owned that penthouse, so…
    Archer: Since when?!
    Malory: Since this new thing called “always”?
  • Lana: If anything goes wrong, I’m holding you responsible.
    Archer: Yeah, that’ll teach me.
  • Lana: Andddd, right about here is the part where I hold you responsible.
    Archer (deadpan): Oh my god, the burden.
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