Archer 4×04 ‘Midnight Ron’: Master P would totally be proud

ARCHER: Episode 4 SEASON 4: Midnight Ron (airing Thursday, February 7, 10:00 pm e/p). The beginning of a beautiful hatred between Archer and his new stepfather plays out as the two are chased by gangsters. Pictured: (L-R) Sterling Archer (voice of H. Jon Benjamin), Ron Cadillac (voice of Ron Liebman). FX Network

The following program contains violence, swearing, and nudity week after week. Readers guidance advised.


Partwayway through most extremist, mid-to-low moraled comedies, there’s a normal character that makes the main characters look less normal. For Archer, there’s Ron. Yes, Mallory’s husband is not particularly messed up, nor does he come off that way. He does have a dark past, which is explored this week.

Despite claiming Canada is boring, Archer finds himself trapped in a Montreal casino with no money, phone, or passport. Ron is somewhere else in Canada, taking care of one of his six car dealerships. Mallory comes close to making him pick up Archer, but decides against it. Ron goes anyway, not caring about the deadline Mallory set (7, to see an Opera).

It’s not like Archer had anyone else to pick him up. No one at ISIS thought he deserved it, with good reason, as Lana reminds us and the other workers. Woodhouse refused, despite being basically owned by Archer. He pays for that mistake.



Ron gets Archer to get in the trunk to get past Canada’s border patrol, then an extra three hours. When Archer is let out, it’s because someone is trying to hit/kill him. Archer shoots the people after him, but Ron looses control of the car. They’re picked up by a semi driven by a scantily cross dresser, where Ron tells his story.

Before Ron was a car dealer, he was a car stealer (see what I did there?). He and his friends would steal any car they could find, even some WWII vehicles. Later, Ron and Company find the real money is with the people they sell to, so they revise their plan of attack. They were caught years later, save for Ron, as none of them dropped his name. He used the money to go clean, and sent money to the people he used to work with. The ones after him is someone who hadn’t got his money yet.

The crossdresser driving the truck? Yeah, he wasn’t going to Manhattan. Rather, he went to a anything film where everyone else was dressed similarly, save for a bear dressed as a baby on camera. Archer uses his empty gun to almost get out peacefully, but Ron encourages him to shoot. This proves unsuccessful, and Archer and Ron have to run to a nearby train. The train passes a city Ron has a dealership in, and Archer drives Ron to the opera to drive his mother crazy. It worked.



The writers took the approach to show some backstory to the man who turned Archer into Bob Belcher, and it proves to be for the best. Even if the episode had lack of focus on many other characters, the ones focused on are fun to watch.

Best parts:

  • Random one shots back to ISIS. Many are Cheryl prominent. I adore Cheryl, and Judy Greer needs more recognition as an actress!
  • Pam puts absinthe in her milk. That’s a reason enough to love her.
  • Ray and Cyril had the same reaction to Archer asking to be picked up: laughing.
  • Fun fact: in Spanish, Lana means Wool.
  • Woodhouse being left alone is almost the best.
  • Archer referring to the crossdressers as “guys”, then adding “if that’s what you self identify as”. Yay, the social justice blogger inside feels happy!
  • Also, reminder Archer is actually super smart and reads books. Sure, he also has mommy issues and is a functioning alcoholic, but in the words of Nathan Ford (I like to call him Nega-Archer), “Let’s celebrate the functioning part!”
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