Archer 4×02 ‘The Wind Cries Mary’: Preador only hunts in tropical jungles…I assume.


The following program contains violence, swearing, and nudity week after week. Readers guidance advised.


Item one: FX is just adding their logo in the theme song of every show they have? I noticed this on Justified when it came back, then last weeks Archer; isn’t this harder to sell to syndicate?

Back to your regularly scheduled reviewing. It’s peer review week, Pam’s favorite time. She claims to be efficient, Cheryl claims Pam’s lame, and everyone is immediately paired off with someone except Mallory. She says it’s because she doesn’t have a “peer” in the office, the more likely is everyone is scared of her.

It is finally revealed Archer had one true friend in his life: Lucas Troy (voiced by Timothy Olymphant; see how I brought the Justified thing back around?), who trained alongside Archer for ISIS, until he left for ODIN. The gang thinks the two were in a secret, gay relationship, which Archer denies. Dark plot twist comes: Lucas is dead, apparently killing his fellow agents and attempting to steal $100 grand and uranium to sell on the black market, but burning to death instead. Archer remains unconvinced, thinking Lucas faked his death and left because of a mole.

Lucas calls Archer to say he was alive and in Vermont, and wants Archer to join him. Immediately, he packs up for the snowy weather and brings an El Camino full of artillery. Lucas explains, once together, he wanted to remodel an old house into a bed and breakfast (“Original,” says no one) to spend his life with Archer. He reveals what everyone else knee was true: he did kill his agents and steal the money and uranium to live with Archer. Lucas drugged Archer’s glass to make him pass out and keep him calm, which backfires a bit due to Archer’s super liver.



Lana and Cyril follow Archer to Vermont, which means more Dysfunctional Agent Cyril Jokes! He wears orange in the snow, thinking it’ll protect him from getting shot at accidentally. Of course, Lucas knows Archer would be followed. He pursues the two through the wilderness, Cyril having to strip. Lana gets the idea to pull a tree down with a rope of clothing and squish Lucas, which actually works.

Unsurprisingly, no one will do Pam’s peer reviews (except Cyril, not that she has a way of knowing). No one ranks her above them, they hate the reviews, and they hate Pam, so what’s the point? Nothing really comes out of this, except a “drop the mic” moment, but I felt for her.



Archer catches up with a dying Lucas, for what would be a touching moment on 99.8% of shows. His deathbed confession isn’t really shown, but suggested to be he raped Archer. The ride back with Lana, Cyril, and Archer is silent. A weird, sad ending to a weird, half-sad episode, it fit. It wasn’t new to see Archer in a tragicomic light, but it’s always welcome.

Best Parts:

  • Cyril filling out the survey for Pam.
  • In contrast, Cheryl bullying Pam, then assuring her at the end that ISIS is “A chickens–t outfit.”
  • Speaking of Cheryl, why was she holding glue (see first picture)?
  • The “your mom” jokes Archer and Luke tell. Those are so popular at a high school lever right now, it’s crazy.
  • Lucas was super dreamy. The only non spoiler image source I could find had a dirty word, so here you go.
  • Archer as a lonely child. Come on, you have to hug him before the alcoholism, misogyny, and unbashed cruelty begin.
  • Can Timothy Olymphant be on every comedy show ever? Like, he did so well as a voice, Justified is more dramadey than drama, there was his white sushi chef on The League, etc.
  • Mirroring moments from Pam and Archer. Mostly the mic dropping. This isn’t the first time it happened.
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