American Crime 1×10 ‘Episode Ten’ : Let it go already

So, ABC has renewed American Crime for another season, which brings up two major questions. One, how the heck is that going to work? Two, and possibly more important, why the heck are they doing it?

Now look. ABC can do whatever they want in my eyes. They were smart enough to renew Agent Carter, so I’m an ecstatic camper. But, taking that other show out of the equation, I’m quite surprised at Crime’s renewal. As far as I knew, it was on the bubble, and while critics seem to dig it, the general public isn’t reacting the same way. As I said last week, I’m more exhausted by the show than actively disliking it. But honestly, can nothing that’s meant to be a limited series simply remain a limited series? I can’t see this storyline carrying over to next year, so I can only assume ABC is doing a Secrets and Lies thing where they start from scratch with a new case and a new cast for season two. Does anyone really care to see that? Will the writers stay the same? I don’t know, I’m just very skeptical.

But, let’s deal with what we have now. Barb and Russ experience some interesting role reversals. When they learn of Carter’s probable acquittal, we expect Barb to get angry and spit fire, like she has in every other scene where a cop or attorney didn’t agree with her. Instead, she’s the passive one, and Russ is the person expressing outrage. Then later when she says she’s done with the case, as if being done is that simple, we see how truly beaten down she is by what’s happened. It’s a sad thing to watch, despite all the BS she’s pulled the whole season. And Russ stepping up to face his son and his past, that was a welcome scene indeed.

Jenny finally reveals why Tony beat up that kid, recounting her assault and the lies to her father. The actress gives a solid performance of a pivotal scene. One that becomes all the more powerful when you realize that Tony was willing to go to jail for her. Her secret could save him, but it was her secret, and Tony would’ve kept it, even if his own life got trashed in the process. That there is some impressive loyalty. He’s screwed up multiple times, but at the core of it his family is right. Tony is an amazing kid.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

We learn more about Aubry’s past, and I still can’t stand her. That said, knowing more of her background I can at least see how she got this way. I really wish the information in the evaluation scene had been put in somewhere else a few episodes back. It would’ve made her character marginally more bearable. Now, I’ve disliked her for so long that it would take a miracle for my opinion to change.

Hector blows his deal and gets sent back to Mexico, which means that he needs that miracle far more than I do. I still haven’t really gotten invested in his character though, so it’s hard for me to care whether or not he rots indefinitely in a Mexican prison. Part of it is that I find it hard to relate to him, and it doesn’t help that he never got a huge amount of screen time. I could be wrong, but it feels like he had less to do, and therefore less development, than most of the other characters.

Carter is going to flip when he realizes how and why he was set free. Aliyah asking him to trust her one last time? That may literally be the last time he trusts anything she says. I assume we’ll see that meltdown next week.

My enthusiasm for this show isn’t gone, but it’s waned considerably as the weeks passed. Now that we’re getting a second season…I don’t know. Does anyone actually want one?

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