American Crime 1×07 ‘Episode 7’ : No end in sight

Here’s the thing. This show is incredibly difficult to watch. Some episodes are easier than others, but even those are hard to get through. Sometimes it’s more of a chore than anything else, wading through all the angst, the sea of people who keep making mistakes. I almost wish the show would be off the air for a week or two, just to give me a breather.

Now, the subject matter is what it is, I get that we’re not watching a sitcom here. And the show is, for the most part, still good. It’s simply emotionally exhausting, too. But, let’s dive back into it anyway, see what’s what.

Mark’s fiancé gets into town and meets Barb. This went even worse than I expected, which is saying something. Mommie dearest didn’t even wait until the second cup of coffee before questioning the marriage, and accusing a complete stranger of corrupting her perfect son. Straight for the jugular, that one. My problem with this scene, and it’s brought up later, is that Mark wasn’t there. He refused to show up and tell his mother how wrong she was about all the garbage she was slinging. The excuse that he didn’t want the two meeting in the first place, that he’d had more than he could stand of his mother? Weak. His betrothed seemed more than capable of handling herself, so it’s not that he needed to defend her, exactly. But he should’ve been there. Because she wanted him to be, and because it’s his mother saying and doing all this BS. Bad call, Mark, bad call.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

And, worse call. Let’s talk about Tony. Tony, who’s dug himself another hole. Thing is, I don’t blame him for beating the guy who attacked his sister. Is it legally wrong, yes, but morally? That’s a different thing. I do think he took it too far. And of course there’s the recording. I keep wanting to tear him apart for this, but can’t quite get there. Because he’s a kid, and in this age of Youtube, kids are constantly posting things they shouldn’t. Adults too, no one thinks anymore. Now, with his legal issues, Tony should’ve known the video was a stupid idea, but we’ve seen that he’s vulnerable to peer pressure at the best of times, which these obviously weren’t, him being so angry. So, Tony did an incredibly stupid thing, and I’m worried about what will happen to him now. You can only dodge so many bullets.

Aubrey. Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey. I guess I’ll give her credit for loyalty and devotion to Carter, but come on. Come. On. The lengths she’s willing to go to, the people she’s willing to sacrifice, it’s disturbing.

The Carter and Aliyah scenes were the absolute highlight of the episode. Major props to the actor portraying Carter, because he had some very emotional stuff to pull off. This brother/sister relationship is one of the most fascinating the show has. And when Carter “confesses” with Aliyah in tears behind the glass, it’s just powerful stuff. Finally, finally Aliyah seems to realize she’s treated her brother more as a cause than as a real person, so, better late than never. Though it’s hard to feel happy about this given Aliyah’s final, ominous words before the show fades to black.

Final note. Russ getting fired, I felt bad for him, the scene was well-written. But let me state for the record that he should never, ever take his shirt off. Again.

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