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American Crime 1×06 ‘Episode Six’ : Fallout

Lots of crazy stuff went down last week, which means lots of shrapnel flying everywhere this week. Carter is barely seen in the episode, but the consequences of his escape are felt by our entire cast of characters. Also, Gwen makes enough of a recovery to tell the cops what she knows. Or does she?

I really feel for the Skokie family this time around. They’re all hot messes, with the possible exception of Mark, but still. They believe Carter killed their kid, whether that’s true or not. Then the guy drives off into the sunset with no one noticing? I’d be ticked too. The cops in this show, they’re just all kinds of incompetent.

Russ is trying to make amends with Mark, but Mark wants no part of that. Without knowing the full extent of the Skokie history, it’s hard to judge the situation accurately, but I feel for Russ. He obviously screwed up, but one of his two children is dead. I want him to have some kind of relationship with the family he has left. That said, I really don’t care about his relationship with the female co-worker. There’s nothing particularly interesting going on there, and in a show with so many characters, there are better ways to spend that screen time. And Barb. Barb, Barb, Barb. She mentions her son’s Asian fiancé on TV, to prove she’s not a racist. She thinks she’s open-minded. She really, really does. Ah the lies we tell ourselves. But despite the garbage that spews constantly from her mouth, I remain semi-sympathetic. She’s working for a just cause. She’s simply going about it in a horrible, horrible way. I’d like to think that she’ll eventually see the error of her ways, but I also like to think that I’ll be the next Stephen King by the time I’m 26. Some things are possible, but not very realistic.

I’m quite curious about what’s happening with Gwen. She’s either suffering brain damage and can’t remember anything, or she’s faking it to cover something up. I’m leaning toward the second option, though I suppose it could be a combination of both. And what about her father? Is he going to be a complete tool and start badgering her about her sex life? God I hope not. I can’t stand the guy as is, and if he does that to his recently comatose, assault victim daughter, he’ll be fairly irredeemable as far as I’m concerned.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Speaking of irredeemable. I was bummed to see that Aubrey was still alive. Sorry to anyone who likes her character, but the girl has done absolutely nothing to endear herself to me. And speaking of Aubrey haters, I’m glad Aliyah realized (hard lesson though it was) some of her mistakes with Carter. I want to hope that the two of them can rebuild some kind of sibling bond. Assuming Carter makes it through the series, that is.

And Tony. Tony, Tony, Tony. Tony’s hanging with that bad crowd his dad’s been so worried about. Which is bad. Very, very bad. Incredibly stupid, considering what ends up happening there. His desire to help Jenny is sweet and loving and admirable, but he’s dug himself into a hole that he just barely got out of last time. All his father’s rantings about punk, gang member Hispanics? Daddy G is going to pop a blood vessel when he hears about this.

Hector makes a deal, I guess. Really not much to talk about their.

After the game changing events of last week, we got one of the best episodes of the series so far. There was so much going on, and nearly all of it worked. And again, I was left in the place of genuinely wanting to know what happens next.

Well played, writers, well played.

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