Agents of SHIELD 2×10 ‘What They Become’: Family reunion


Agents of SHIELD comes to a close just in time for Christmas. Unlike Arrow or The Flash, there is no mention of holiday cheer. Instead, May pilots the Bus to safety. Skye meets her father. Whitehall falls. Mac isn’t dead! But somebody else is. And yes, Inhumans are definitely a thing now. I’m glad we’re no longer beating the bush on that one. So much to digest in this crowded midseason finale (that actually felt like a season finale) so let’s get to it.


We don’t say goodbye to Mac after all! He is alive and well. Okay, not really well. But he’s alive and I’m wondering if he has superpowers now. Because Skye and Raina sure do! Alas, we’ve lost poor Trip in the process.

Trip was never the focal point of the show, but he could have been. That’s the type of charisma BJ Britt brought to the grandson of a Howling Commando. His final sacrifice to save Skye and the rest of the team from the crumbling temple just showed what a good guy he was. He was always a welcome presence on the show and he will be missed. You can click here to see the cast say goodbye to BJ and Agent Triplett. RIP, Trip. We hardly knew yee.

I flat out loved this episode. I’d go as far saying this was the best episode of SHIELD to date. What the show has become –  a mix of espionage and Raiders style adventure – is enjoyable and makes it feel right at home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tying all this adventure story all together is the likable characters. Coulson being Skye’s surrogate father worked as a counterpoint to Cal’s status as Skye’s biological father. One is clearly the best option for her. The other is a murderous maniac with severe psychological issues. Man, Kyle Machlachlan is just crushing it on this show. He’s not a calculated crazy. He’s just a full on Jekyll and Hyde situation. And he was just confirmed to be the character of Calvin Zobo aka Mister Hyde from the Marvel canon.



Cal’s journey to kill Daniel Whitehall was cut short when Coulson shot Whitehall in the back. Whitehall was never a huge threat by himself, but he was ageless. Could he really be dead? Or will his ageless healing factor save him? Part of me wants Whitehall to stay dead. Reed Diamond rocks this role but Whitehall wasn’t the best villain the show could have done. The Inhumans and science fiction/ancient space mythology the show is building is vastly more interesting.

How cool is it to see this ragtag group of spies fight other spies and chase each other down temple hallways leftover from an ancient civilization? It’s pretty rad.



As for Skye, Cal called her by her first name: Daisy. Skye’s full name is Daisy Johnson, and she’s a superhero. Er, the Daisy character was introduced only about a decade or so ago. She’s a SHIELD agent with the ability to cause minor Earthquakes, immunity to the harmful effects of vibrations, and psychic shielding. I’m not sure the show will go all out with these powers. I’m thinking like earth-bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. The character is also an Avenger down the line. Could Skye be the main key to Inhumans and the Avengers? Possibly. Hopefully. The character has jumped to the top of my list of favorite SHIELD characters.



The Terrigen Crystals and Terrigen Mists from the comics came to play in a big way as it was revealed The Diviner(s) all house these objects. The Terrigen Crystals house the Terrigen Mists which, in the comics, spread and give powers to those with Inhuman traits in their system (related to the Kree and why Skye wasn’t affected the same way Coulson was). Anybody who was not part of the Inhuman genome sequence was immediately killed. But here, I think it was only when Tripp destroyed the crystal that it cost him his life. That’s an iffy subject for now, we’ll have to wait for March for that answer. And there are multiple Diviners! Guarded by other Inhumans, I presume. That man with no eyes is definitely someone important. Let the comic book madness continue with this show. I’m loving it.

On other notes to wrap up, it doesn’t look like Skye will patch things up with Ward anytime soon (or vice versa). I’ve said it from the beginning, but Ward is not a good person. He’s no hero. That makes him more interesting but the team would never forgive him for what he’s done. Now he’s teamed up with Agent 33 as two lost souls on the run. And Raina, she looks a bit… Tigra. She’s Tigra.


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