Agents of SHIELD 2×08 ‘Things We Bury’: The race is on


Coulson brings Fitz out into the field again to help Skye and Tripp discover the location of the mysterious city. Bobbi and Hunter work on breaking Bakshi to take down Whitehall. Whitehall and Skye’s father enjoy the fruits of their partnership. The Ward brothers take a stroll down memory lane, and SHIELD discovers the truth about Whitehall.


That was quite a lot to digest in under an hour. There were so many stories during this episode that I’m surprised it all felt seamless and organic. Even the references to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe felt natural with the constant references to the Red Skull and a flashback with Agent Carter.

Peggy Carter had more than a cameo this time and I’m ever grateful for that. I know Agent Carter is premiering soon but it’s ALWAYS good to see Hayley Atwell in the role. Agents of SHIELD has grown very much over the course of its short lifespan and has learned to avoid dragging on mysteries and conflicts. The team is no longer in the dark about Whitehall being over 100 years old. Grant Ward’s conflict with his Senator brother finally came to a head in this episode with disastrous results for one party.



Like many things this season, Grant Ward is infinitely improved with his new dynamic on the show. His unclear motivations don’t feel like the writers are unsure of what to do with him. Given the ending of this episode, there is a clear plan. And as for the Senator, alas, we hardly knew yee. But you were probably a terrible person so Ward killed you and his entire family. That’s harsh. Ward is most likely trying to make amends for his time as Hydra but there’s no coming back from this. He’s a crazy mother effer. He needs to go down. But maybe an uneasy alliance is the best way to go about this. I think Ward is trying to earn that “second chance” Whitehall gave Bakshi just so he can kill him to keep Skye safe.

Fitz has been recovering long enough (in TV show terms) so it was exciting to see him back in the field. His self-help arc is really one of the more heartwarming aspects of the show. His moment “I did it in 7 and a half minutes. … That was with my bad hand” was gold. Glad to have you back Fitz.

I do wish Tripp hadn’t been given the short stick with all these new character additions. He’s a likable presence with charming charisma. So when he’s shot and bleeding out, I wish I had cared more. I mean, I like this cast very much and still didn’t want him to die. But imagine if he had gotten as much screentime as Hunter?

Speaking of which, I’m surprised how more adult this episode got. With Baksi chowing down on cyanide, Bobbi and Hunter fiercely rekindling (?) their relationship, and Dichen Lachman’s guest role ending with her being cut open by an old Whitehall, this was surprisingly dark material. And by all means, go for the dark stuff. It’s still fun to watch. We got to see Whitehall seriously pose a threat to someone and make his mark as a sadistic villain. He enjoys cutting into Skye’s mother because it gets him closer to his goals and granted him eternal youth.

Oh yeah, Dichen Lachman from Dollhouse and Last Resort was Skye’s ageless mother. I’m adding that in a little late but what a great cliffhanger to leave the episode off on. So maybe Skye’s father (THAT’S NOT HER NAME) and Ward have more things in common than we ever thought. They both probably want Whitehall dead. His face to face with Coulson was only a hint of the intense game of cat and mouse surely to come for this season. This might be the highest point of the series yet. Now let;s get Tripp some more screen time before we get to that city for the Inhumans crossover.

Yes, I’m more convinced than ever that Skye and her family are related to the Kree or Inhumas somehow. That city they’re searching for has to be Attilan. With plans to introduce the Inhumans in 2018, this only makes some logical sense.

Also, more Peggy shutting down Nazi’s. Please.



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