Agents of SHIELD 2×06 ‘A Fracrured House’: Morse code


Hydra is now on the offensive after the team’s marginal win last week by attacking the United Nations and planting doubt in the mind of the public. Simmons and Morse get comfortable in the new SHIELD headquarters while Fitz struggles to adapt with Jemma’s return. Ward’s brother, Senator Christian Ward, is on a witch hunt to stop these attacks from continuing.

Spoilers below

Now that Hydra has teamed up with Skye’s father, The Doctor, they’ve been granted access to The Obelisk, now called The Diviner. Hydra’s use of The Diviner’s power (turning people to ash) is haunting, grade A comic book weaponry. It’s a little silly but in the proper context that SHIELD is really nailing down this year. And it tied into a pretty rad fight at the end of the episode as Bobbi spun through a disintegrating Hydra agent just before she took down another one with her classic Mockingbird fighting style.

With Hydra on the offensive, I wasn’t sure what type of role Talbot would play into the proceedings. Did he really turn a new leaf in his relationship to SHIELD? It turns out… kind of? I don’t know if I fully buy the transition but I buy that the writers are fixing Talbot to be their liaison to the outside world. But hey, more Talbot can only be a good thing. This likely means more clashing between Senator Ward and the team.


In the first season we were led to believe that Grant Ward was a product of his environment. Now he and his brother are playing the blame game and there’s no proof either one of these men were telling the truth. Senator Ward might be just as much of a monster as Grant Ward. What the episode does tell us is that Grant will continue to do anything to survive as he escapes from captivity during a trade with the FBI. He’s willing to kill innocents, so a redemption arc is pretty much null at this point.NICK BLOOD

FitzSimmons looks like it’s just going to be Fitz and Simmons as two separate identities now. Simmons can’t handle the pressure she puts on Fitz. And Fitz still can’t adjust when Simmons is around. She makes him worse. To see these two characters so distant from one another is heartbreaking. Simmons’ discussing Fitz with Mac made me think that we were going through the motions with her coming to a realization that she was bad for him to be around. But no, Jemma Simmons is smarter than that. “Why do you think I left?” made me choke up a bit. I’m fine, really.

In other couple funny business, Bobbi and Lance’s back and forth was the highlight of the episode for me. This Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe from the two spies is so much fun. They’re the newest additions to the group and I hope they stick around for a while. Especially after their argument where they stopped to shoot the villain on his way to pull the trigger himself, only to fall instantly back into the argument without missing a beat.


I laughed, I cried, I loved it all. Bring on next week’s 75th anniversary. I’ll see you guys in 2 weeks!

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