Agents of SHIELD 2×05 ‘A Hen in the Wolf House’: And if that bird don’t sing…


Agents of SHIELD season 2 hot streak continues with Hydra on the search for a mole and Simmons is caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile Raina is on a timetable to steal back the obelisk from Skye’s father by giving him the one thing he wants the most…


Extra spoiler warning because this episode had some fun twists with the Marvel mythos and not everyone might have been privy to that information prior to the episode’s premiere.

So we’ve got our bad guys teaming up now. Skye’s dad is working with Daniel Whitehall and then on the other side of things, we’ve got Raina sort of teaming up with Coulson. More like Coulson just stringing her along in hopes that they can get to Whitehall. But let’s look back at the bigger events of the episode, like the introduction of Bobbi Morse a.k.a. Mockingbird!

Seeing Bobbi (she prefers to be called that) as a Hydra agent first threw me for a loop. I wasn’t sure if this Mockingbird was going to have a redemption arc like Black Widow, or if she was undercover. She was undercover and keeping an eye on Simmons, allowing Coulson to have an ace in the hole once Raina threatened Simmons’ safety. Coulson is playing things more cold and calculated but he always has a way out this season. I wonder how long that’ll last.



I’m also glad that Skye confronted Coulson as soon as she discovered that he was writing alien symbols like Garrett. No reason to keep secrets for extended periods of time this season. Now everything is out in the open. And Coulson even got to stand in for the audience by asking a question at least I know was asking, Is Skye an alien? Or does she at least have part alien DNA? Something, anything that would allow her to not be subject to these alien breakdowns like Coulson and Garrett.

On the FitzSimmons side of things, they might actually be an item again! Not necessarily a romantic couple, but after a daring rescue by Bobbi Morse (hair-flipping action and all), Simmons reunites with the team. We know the circumstances between her and Fitz are different now, whether or not they can adapt to the different situations will be intriguing to explore.

A minor complaint I have is the fact that Simmons being undercover in Hydra was still ripe for possibilities. At least they aren’t sticking around to let this plot dry up. Where does this go next? Hydra is on the offensive next week with an attack on the UN and the Avengers: Age of Ultron  trailer makes its TV premiere next week! It’s available online right now but don’t tell anybody so more people can tune in and see how much this show has improved.

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