Agents of SHIELD 2×04 ‘Face My Enemy’: May vs May


Sorry this review is going up so late everyone! I got pretty sick last night and barely managed to turn in my review of The Flash (Which you can check out here). Thankfully I’m feeling much better today and my review of tonight’s Arrow will be up by the morning. Let’s hop to it because this was a really fun episode of SHIELD.

Spoilers Below

Every episode of Agents of SHIELD thus far in Season 2 has tied together in a nice cohesive manner. Character traits carried over with plot elements feeding into each other. This episode still had that but had the feel of a fun standalone mission as well. It’s the classic art heist scenario. Agents go undercover to steal a highly coveted piece of art. Only this art has the same alien writings that Coulson can’t stop drawing. As Coulson and May are the only two privy to Coulson’s breakdowns, they go undercover to steal it. Naturally, there are some speed-bumps along the way.

Right off the bat this was a pretty funny episode. Melinda May as a cackling housewife trying to woo the party attendants? Then Skye and everyone aboard the bus concerned about May with asking Coulson, “Is she okay?”  This is comedy. And then things took a dark turn.

Coulson keeps pushing May to do what is necessary. Why? Coulson’s scared he’s going to end up like Garrett. May cares for Coulson but she might care too much. Her original plan was to grab Coulson and runaway to an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere. Of all the agents in the show, I’m not surprised how much she cares, but I am surprised that she won’t let herself feel the pain. For the cold demeanor she puts around others, May might be the one with the most emotion.

The mission got even more complicated once Coulson and May ran into Talbot. He was acting a bit too calm for my tastes. Then add that to another reveal of him being Hydra, I was almost turned off from the character completely. Thankfully there was a third reveal that this was Whitehall’s right-hand man covering himself with a mask similar to the one Black widow used in The Winter Soldier. It’s these little touches of espionage that keep the show on its newly entertaining toes.



That same material was then used to make a copy of May to trick Coulson. And from there on out, we got the coolest fight the show has ever given us. No words. Just applause.



Back on The Bus, Fitz gets another chance to shine as he saves the plane from exploding. Mac is still helping Fitz come to terms with his ailments but now it’s nice to see Skye, Hunter, and everyone else guide Fitz through his brain damage. I’d like to see more of Fitz and Skye’s interactions this season as they both got along so well last year.

On a final note: it looks like Raina is having some trouble staying ahead of Hydra.

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