Agents of SHIELD 2×03 ‘Making Friends and Influencing People’: Ice ice baby


It’s a race against time as Whitehall continues to extend Hydra’s reach by sending a team of agents to hunt down Donnie Gill (Blizzard), with Simmons as their liaison. Coulson puts Sky, Mae, and Hunter on the op to stop them. Mac helps Fitz with his recovery and Fitz confronts Ward.

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I’m very happy with this show. The potential has finally been realized and every week feels like a full serving rather than just referencing characters and adventures in the greater MCU. There are stakes and every episode involves the growth of a character while tying into the episodes main plot. The hunt for Donnie Gill was exciting enough on its own, and a pretty neat exercise in special effects with his power to freeze anything and everything, but how the two teams approached the problem is what made it worth investing in. Skye had to make a choice between what made her comfortable and what would save lives. So she shot Donnie off the side of a boat before he could kill Mae and Hunter. Hopefully Donnie makes a third appearance as a full-fledged supervillain to really cause some havoc. For now, the team approaching this makes for good drama. If he is dead, that is Skye’s first confirmed kill. I’m really looking forward to how the show builds upon this in future episodes.



Skye also shot to keep Simmons cover with Hydra. Hooray! Simmons isn’t actually Hydra! As some suspected, she’s undercover and using her impressive science skills to rise through the ranks of Hydra. Coulson still manages to make time for Simmons as he disapproves of her diet of beer and sriracha sauce, so he personally makes dinner for her while she debriefs him on the inner workings of Hydra. Coulson has the weight of the world on his shoulders but his team is still his family. And that’s what all Whedon related shows are about. A ragtag group of people coming together to form some weird family unit.



Fitz and Mac continue to bond over Mac’s ability to empathize with Fitz and treat him like a human being. When someone goes through a serious trauma (physically, mentally, psychologically, or in Fitz’s case, all 3) sometimes they just need to be reminded that they’re still human. Their dynamic is clearly helping Fitz improve upon his speech impediments and overcome his visions of Simmons while also bolstering his confidence. A few days ago, he wouldn’t have even entertained the idea of going to see Ward. Now he’s actively tried to kill Ward for making him “damaged.” Not enough can be said about Iain de Caestecker in this role. He doesn’t overplay his hand to earn sincerity for his pain. He just plays it as it is, and that’s damn commendable.



The character drama continues to take front and center in this new rejuvenated season of Agents of SHIELD and I’m loving every second of it. Mae was able to get Hunter back by shooting him in the chest. Much like the Slap Bet in How I Met Your Mother, this is a running joke that can carry on for multiple episodes. Now it’s up to Tripp and Skye to get him back. Here’s to hoping they team up and just shoot him at the same time.

All this is fun and dandy but Simmons is getting closer to Daniel Whitehall and with that comes even more dangerous territory. Let’s hope this science geek can keep her head above water one more time. Now, what was that about brainwashing?

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