Agents of SHIELD 2×02 ‘Heavy is the Head’: Fitzed it


Okay, this episode continues Agents of SHIELD‘s hot streak of “Pretty good” but the promo for next week has me even more excited! Every episode is counting. There is no filler. All the choices are based in logical character progression. And Simmons- Okay calm down everyone. I’ll just focus on this episode first.

Spoilers below…

Picking up immediately where the previous episode left off, this episode hit the ground running. Hopefully that continues a trend for SHIELD because the pacing this season is just sooo much better. The original team dynamic is mostly functional (we’ll get back to poor Fitz in a minute) but with the introduction of Hunter as an integral part of the group, I like the addition of a wildcard. He’s not an Agent of SHIELD. He’s a man in it for the money. He probably won’t reach Jayne Cobb level of iconic but that internal conflict always creates good drama. And he shot Skye, Mae, and Triplet to try and avenge his fallen comrades by taking on the Abs alone.

The Absorbing Man (or Abs as I like to call him) works as an unstoppable object for the team to overcome. This guy’s got his own problems with his powers counteracting against the original 084 he was supposed to snatch up for Hydra. We’re not supposed to feel bad for him or anything. All this means is this unstoppable force is now a reckless object. How does the team stop this guy? With the help of Fitz of course!



Ah, poor Fitz. I want to give a shout out for Iain De Caestecker is doing great work as the mentally deteriorating Fitz. He doesn’t bring any unnecessary looks of pain or suffering. He’s basing it all from the perspective of Fitz and not flashing some actions for the audience to see “Look how sad this is!” and letting us come to our own conclusions. It’s working. Because this new Fitz is heartbreaking. The show itself does a good job of demonstrating how crowded it is for Fitz to operate in the science labs and how meaningless he feels. Simmons abandoned him and the team but he now has a new friend in mechanic Mac. We don’t get to know as much about Mac as we do Hunter, but Mac is definitely likable enough. He’s there to push Fitz in the right directions with his experiments but he’s not taking it easy on him either. The highlight of this relationship isn’t actually anything in the show itself. It’s the fact that the actor who plays Al MacKenzie has the surname “Simmons” in real life. There is no escaping FitzSimmons. FitzSimmons will soon consume us all. Until that happens, let’s think of a proper ship name between these two character. I’m with Chloe Bennet on this one.



So thanks to the new version of FitzSimmons, Director Coulson comes in to save the team and convinces Hunter to stick around. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of the ABSorbing Man. At some point we’ll get a giant team up of SHIELD’s villains and it’ll probably be epic. For now let’s reflect on the smaller things that we missed. Like the return of Raina and her obsession with 084’s. Skye’s father played by The Captain from How I Met Your Mother. The return of those weird markings that Coulson started drawing at the end of last season (Totally alien in nature. Probably Kree) and according to next week’s previews… SIMMONS MAY BE HYDRA. REPEAT. SIMMONS MAY BE HYDRA. She’s probably undercover for something or another but the prospect of this story has my head spinning. Imagine all the story possibilities? I’ll leave with that because anything else is just speculation and nonconstructive. BUT GUYS, SIMMONS MAY BE HYDRA. Elizabeth Henstridge, you’ve got some explaining to do! I can’t wait to see Simmons back in a full character capacity.

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  • Dylan Phillips

    I’m really loving this season already. Ever since Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released Agents of SHIELD has really benefited with the extreme changes that occurred in the MCU. I found that last season really dragged on, with tons of filler episodes that lacked real substance. However this season has been full of it, particularly Fitz’s story, which you explain brilliantly.

    Cannot wait to find out what Skye’s father wants or what happened with Simmons. Really doubt she’d work for Hydra voluntarily, unless it was undercover for SHIELD. This season has so much potential, look forward to readings your take on it.

    • Diego Crespo

      Thank you! And I agree about the previous season. Even though I was enjoying the time spent with the show, it lacked urgency. Really glad this season stepped up to the plate.