Agents of SHIELD 2×01 ‘Shadows’: Out with the old…


Coulson’s new and improved team begin rebuilding SHIELD, run into an old face, and remain unaware of another older face. It was a damn good premiere and a step towards constant improvement. Not perfect but one of the most entertaining episodes yet. The opening with Peggy and the Howling Commandoes perfectly set the stage for season 2 of the new and improved Agents of SHIELD. The direction seems tighter – even a nice little long shot, showcasing the new members of the present day team, discussing post-mission feelings – and the show feels like it’s headed somewhere. We’ve learned about 084’s in the previous season but it looks like this season will be all about exploring the roots of SHIELD and these mysterious artifacts, tying in with Agent Carter during SHIELD’s off-season during the Winter.

Nice touch with the “Hail Hydra” as Absorbing Man just replies with “Yeah.” If I was forced to keep saying a weird phrase as part of some scientific death cult, I’d get tired too. Only one episode and the Absorbing Man ranks among SHIELD’s best villains. The special effects on him aren’t half bad either. I’m looking forward to how the show handles this guy.



Fitz and Simmons relationship seems like it’s on rocky ground. Mostly because Simmons left the group to let Fitz recuperate without her, as she thought it would be easier that way. Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t. Fitz is apparently useless to the team, but the fact that they haven’t given up on him is a reason why I enjoy the character so much I think he should have been killed off in the final as well as Ward but those are personal complaints. In classic Whedon fashion, I expect Fitz to have a major comeback as a character once he adjusts to his new situation. Also, we really need to find out where Simmons is ASAP. Even though Fitz only sees her in his mind, I’d love to see their new dynamic. The status quo between the cast hasn’t changed drastically by any means. Only just enough to feel fresh.

Skye’s new attitude is a welcome change as well. She’s motivated, headstrong, and a standout on the show. The relationship between Skye and Ward is strained to say the least. He tried to kill her and his whole team. I don’t know if I’m open to the possibility of a redemption story for Ward just yet, but the Lecter/Starling dynamic is plenty of fun. I still wish Ward had been killed off at the end of last season but I’m willing to see what they do with the character. But as Coulson said, “We kept Ward here for this reason.” Now the audience needs to see if it pays off. Tripp remains cool as hell. He’s got this swagger in his performance that just works in his favor with lines like, “You know I look good.” Instead of eye-rolling, I’m chuckling.

Talbot is a pretty fun antagonist. Not a complete d-bag, but not a great guy either. He has best interests of security at heart but he just can’t bring himself to trust Coulson and his team. I look forward to seeing him on the tail of Hydra and SHIELD as we eventually get to the point where he turns a new leaf (because we’re TOTALLY getting that). And hopefully Adrian Pasdar doesn’t get delegated to a similar role like Nathan Petrelli on Heroes. Anybody else remember that mess?



I was initially worried Coulson would be repeating beats from his previous season arc. I’m thankfully wrong (for now). He’s not intentionally trying to isolate his team. He’s a busy man with a big ol’ plan. And he’s probably tired of annoying everyone about how Fury told him he’s an Avenger. The addition of Lucy Lawless and her dynamic duo of mercenaries were… okay. I was honestly disappointed by their appearances during the first half of the episode. And then IT happened. Her teammate (Not remembering his name is a sign of poor memorabilia) cut off her freakin’ arm! Then to complicate matters, the Absorbing Man came back, crashed the car Lucy Lawless’ team was escaping in, killing the driver and Xena Warrior Princess. Now that’s how you end an episode.

But wait! There’s more! The Hydra villain from the opening with Peggy Carter is this season’s Big Bad. I keep up with the casting reports so I was aware of Reed Diamond (Super underrated actor, btw) being cast as a member of Hydra. But as an ageless member of Hydra named Daniel Whitehall? Great. Keep him coming and make sure to utilize this character actor to the best of his abilities, just like Bill Paxton. But most importantly, Patton Oswalt is back! Keep him on the show forever! And I’m calling it: Life model decoy.

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