Agents of SHIELD 1×20 ‘Nothing Personal’: Huh?


Does anybody else get the feeling that they’re making this up as they go along? I mean, I’m enjoying the show more than ever but the twist that the person behind Coulson’s TAHITI situation is none other than…

Coulson. All right then… It’s outlandish. It’s silly. It’s 100% comic book. Clark Gregg still proves he owns the role of Agent Coulson with his subdued response of “Huh?” Classic Coulson.

This was a busy episode but it also took time too look at the characters. The self-reflective character stuff earlier in the season was arguably the weakest part of the show; that’s no longer the case. Specifically with a character many fans might have considered a weak point in the show, Skye.

Chloe Bennet has really come into her own over the season as Skye. She has a stronger balance with the comedic elements now and is able to hold her own in the emotional scenes. Her confrontation with Ward in the café, where she initially met pre-Deathlok Mike, was suitably intense. The betrayal of someone who promised to always look out for her was sad but very entertaining to watch. Ward too is handled better as his turn to the dark side has made him more lethal and layered.

Now that Grant’s betrayal is out in the open, we get to see the rest of the team react to it. Fitz was the only one who didn’t manage to stay calm during the discovery. The scenes with Fitz each week continue to entertain on a surface level but there’s also some real emotion to chew on underneath it all. He might be my favorite character on the show. I can’t help but think there might be another gut-punch when it comes to betrayals. The FitzSimmons duo remains the heart of the show. I would hate to see Simmons turn out to be Hydra. I would hate it so much that I might actually love it if it were to happen. Think of the dramatic potential: Poor innocent Fitz losing his faith in people. It would make for some ripe development.

The main draw for this episode was Maria Hill returning. With SHIELD gone, she’s working for Stark Industries. She also cut a deal with Colonel Glenn Talbot to bring in Coulson’s team, as all SHIELD agents are labeled terrorists, so she could keep her secrets. What secrets? Doesn’t matter. We did get a few name drops from established and potential MCU characters (Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Man-Thing) so hopefully we start seeing some more of the residents of The Fridge.



Agents of SHIELD is juggling just the right amount of levity with its present storylines and continues to plant seeds for the potential long-term seasonal arcs.  This is the show we always wanted it to be.

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