Agents of SHIELD 1×19 ‘The Only Light in the Darkness’: Dark matters


Agents of SHIELD takes a step back to rearrange some characters and their motivations as the team is introduced to the Cellist.

Let’s just get right to it. I’m seriously bummed about Agent Koenig. Not so much the character, though he was good fun too, but the lack of Patton Oswalt for any program is a negative. He did have some good bits in the episode before Ward killed him. The lie detector scenes specifically stood out. How great was it when Koenig almost found Ward out? I was worried about the writers making Koenig look like a buffoon and have Ward slip through his fingers, but they salvaged the scene with Ward confessing his feelings for Skye.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Koenig also handing Skye a new SHIELD badge was sweet, even if we did find out it was to keep an eye on her and the rest of the team. In fact, Koenig’s orientation was a nice way for him to give him a quick interaction with all the characters before his final moments. Highlights include: Triplet revealing he’s a descendant of a Howling Commando, further hints of Fitz harboring some feelings for Simmons, and the discovery that Skye’s orphanage name was ‘Mary Sue Poots’.

Triplet is a nice character to have around and I’m glad he’s being more utilized to fit into the team. His being a descendant of a Howling Commando just scores him brownie points. I hope Fitz feelings towards Simmons are more platonic as it went against type and is something we don’t see too often on TV. The ‘Mary Sue’ comments about Skye in previous episodes seem extra harsh now, especially since she was a strong point in this episode. I don’t know if I buy her romance with Ward, but both actors acting to trust each other makes for a very effective scene. And to think all of these developments were improved because of the dynamic from Koenig, a character we knew for an episode and a half. You will be missed.

SOURCE: ABC (Goodnight, sweet prince)

SOURCE: ABC (Goodnight, sweet prince)

Amy Acker was good as always as the long spoken of Cellist, Audrey. Coulson’s relationship to Audrey was mostly told to us through exposition, but the individual actors convincingly showed the romance through body language and facial expressions. The most convincing thing about this is that they only shared one scene together towards the end of the episode! ACTING! Unfortunately, that leads into a serious problem in the episode. Why didn’t Coulson tell Audrey he was alive? Honestly, why? What’s left of SHIELD and HYDRA knows he’s alive and well. So why can’t he tell The Avengers or Audrey? “I’ll tell them when they’re ready” is a poor excuse (I’m aware that it’s movie contracts mumbo jumbo. It just affects the show in a bad way).

The villain for this episode was pretty bland as far as Monsters-of-the-Week go. He had a visually interesting set of superpowers, but he was just a glorified stalker; albeit, a stalker that could throw dark energy at you, but a glorified stalker nonetheless.


SOURCE: ABC (That’s the CINEMATIC Universe. We must never go there)

With those negatives out of the way, this was still a really solid episode. The pieces are falling into place for a killer finale. Come back next week when we greet another familiar face, Maria Hill.

Final Notes:

  • Momma May and Melinda May should have their own spinoff. Better yet, rename the show ‘Agents of MAY’
  • Whatever happened to Fitz showing interest in Skye? I thought that would have been an interesting pairing. Oh well…
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