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Agents of SHIELD 1×10 ‘Repairs’: ‘Your weird SHIELD Hogwarts’

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This was a stand-alone sort of back to the basics episode for me. They are more and more interested in the “monster of the week” formula with no immediate impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and honestly that will probably prevent the over saturation I envision from all of the Marvel properties seeing screen time. This particular episode showed us that they built a whole plane set too, because there is a Sorkin-esque walk and talk scene with Coulson and Skye which was interesting to watch from a technical perspective. They were talking about feelings or something so it wasn’t really that exciting from a story point of view.

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Source ABC

We open with a woman trying to buy milk and eggs who gets hassled by a man because he thinks she’s responsible for the gruesome deaths of a few of his friends. He really can’t hold it together long enough to let the nice woman leave so a seemingly telekinetic force blows up his store. Perhaps he should be nicer to people? But that is enough of a problem to fade in on our intrepid team puttering around their giant government plane like it’s their retirement condo in Florida. Fitz and Simmons are opining about how Skye never went to the SHIELD academy like they did (or as she calls it: Their SHIELD Hogwarts) and she needs to be pranked because that would be a good use of everyone’s time. Also we learn that Mei and Ward have been sleeping together! Isn’t that crazy? She’s like, 20 years his senior and also (I think) his superior. SHIELD would probably have something to say about that.

They go investigate the woman who may be telekinetic and everyone goes way out of their way to tell us its impossible and its never been proven that such a power exists. Then again we also saw a show that had gravitonium in it, and aliens. So you’d think they’d be a little more open minded. Apparently not. But they find this terrified woman and a mob is about to give her the pitchfork and torch treatment. They spirit her away into their plane and fly off only to realize the trouble follows her. They find a totally rad 3-D image of the explosion she was supposed to have cause with her Carrie powers only to find it was a portal. Spoooooky! Then a serial killer looking ghost pops up. Turns out it was him! He tries to crash the plane (which seems like a really bad idea if he’s all about protecting the terrified lady he’s bound to) and Mei manages to land it. With no ill effects. Probably because they don’t have enough money to build the set over after all that CGI money they’re spending.

Source ABC Lookit all that CGI money!

Source ABC
Lookit all that CGI money!


When they figure out the whole mystery it solves a lot of problems but at a horrible cost. Coulson looses one of antique gadgets in his collection. But Skye shows that she isn’t just good with computers, she’s also good with people! And Fitzsimmons learns that pranking has a time and a place. There was some hilarity in the episode to break up the monotony of finding out what everyone thinks about God and feelings and things. We also learn that Coulson was their when The Calvary got her nickname, and it wasn’t exactly pretty. He wants to help her become the person she was before all that, and its very sweet.

Source ABC Seen here: Skye demonstrating value

Source ABC
Seen here: Skye demonstrating value

The stinger is us learning that while the road to redemption is fraught with self-doubt and inner rage, it does have an end and that end is filled with mad cap antics and shaving cream but then again, what isn’t? 89/100


Source ABC Mei, take us away.

Source ABC
Mei, take us away.

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