The Vampire Diaries 6×02 ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ : “Who is Damon Salvatore?”

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Hello Gotta Watch It Readers and Vampire Diaries fans (or critics?)!!  I’m happy to be reviewing this show for you this season.  I’ve been a fan since it started, so I’m pretty stoked to have an opportunity to write about it!  I will admit that I was a season behind.  I’d been doing my watching on Netflix and just waiting for each season to come around and not bother getting all caught up…but for you, I did a marathon of Season 5 in 2 days!  Also watched the season premiere and so here I am, all caught up and ready!

OK, I want to start by saying : I have NEVER liked Elena.  I’ve always found her and Katherine to be fairly useless and annoying.  I’m not going to be cutting Elena many breaks.  Just a head’s up.  Also, I am not at all shipping Stefan and Caroline.  There will be no Steroline here!  I’m not interested in them as lovers, but I do really enjoy them as besties.  I’m fans of both of them, just not romantically.  Like many on the interwebs, I sort of fail to see the point of the Useless Boys: Jeremy, Matt, and Tyler.  When we thought, for a second, that Jeremy was burned alive, I was happy.  When it looked like Tyler was going to be off, doing werewolf things, and not being a regular, I was happy.  The continued survival of Matt absolutely baffles me.  However, I don’t dislike the guys, so I’m hoping their story lines start to make sense.  And now, on to the show!

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

OK, I’m pretty happy with Alaric’s return.  His death made me cry so much!  I’m also pretty happy with Elena’s decision to forget Damon.  Anything that takes the attention off of Elena’s whiny brattiness or crazed poor decisions or general stubbornness makes me pretty happy.  Also, isn’t it time to put the Salvatore/Elena love triangle to bed?  We’ve been doing this longer than the Originals dragged on (ugh), so let’s move on.  Seriously.  I didn’t really mind reliving the Love Story of Elena and Damon because I have grown to love Damon over the years, but I was really happy to see it end.

Color me super happy that Bonnie and Damon are stuck in some weird, “Groundhog Day“, otherworld. I have been DYING for Bonnie to refigure her magic.  I really enjoyed her as The Anchor, and I wasn’t bummed to see The Other Side go.  Learning all about that in Season 5 was interesting, but I felt like it left opportunities to bring back characters over and over.  If you read my Grey’s Anatomy Reviews, you’ll learn that I’m a pretty big fan of cutting down a cast by killing characters.  I get tired of a bloated cast full of a million story lines.  That’s why I was so happy when they spun off The Originals.  I was so tired of dealing with them.  Having no Other Side is great, as far as I’m concerned.  I’m interested to see Bonnie regain her magic and see how Damon and Bonnie make it back to the now.

And I guess all that’s left is to say, I love that Caroline is just kicking ass as usual!  That girl is so cool to me.  I don’t give a crap about the Twin Witches.  I wouldn’t mind seeing them disappear.  I don’t understand why they continue to interact with everyone else.  I’m really into Trip Fell…like so much.  That last scene, with his paddy wagon full of vampires was awesome to me.  I’m sure that he will become an enemy in the future by trying to take out one of our favorite vamps, so I’m definitely into that.

Source : The CW

Source : The CW

What about you?  Are you missing Damon?  Are you super mad at Stefan?  Are you crying for Elena?  Are you also wondering how the heck The Sheriff manages to survive and if she and Trip will become Arch Nemeses?  Do you have any ideas how Matt, Tyler, and Jeremy will finally start to feel like they fit?  And do you have any ideas who filled in the crossword? (Are you a “Eureka” fan who is excited to Jack Carter somewhere else in TV Land?)  Please, dish!  I’m excited to hear your thoughts.  Leave them in the comments!

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