Hart of Dixie 3×09 ‘Something To Talk About’: Coming together

Before the winter hiatus, we learned a few things.
• Shelby is pregnant via artificial insemination.
• Zoe’s family is finally ready to begin accepting her.
• Zoe’s cousin, Vivian and Wade have a flirtation.
That was the lightest mid-season finale ever, no…seriously. I did not freak out, I was calm and relaxed about it. I enjoyed my holiday without having to process emotions(CC: Scandal). And so, on the meh-so-so-semi-triumphant return of Hart of Dixie…
Shelby begs Brick to go to birthing class with her. Welp, Brick agreeing to that, caused Shelby to move in and ruin his chances with Carol Lee. Brick has a hard time saying no to Shelby, and Carol Lee realized that after speaking with Shelby.


The governor of Alabama wants Fillmore and Bluebell to merge towns. Fillmore is down but Bluebell is not. The only reason why Fillmore is up for it, is because they want to make Fillmore even larger and take away Bluebell completely.
Dash, the Bluebell blogger, found out that Bluebell and Fillmore may merge; so Zoe and Annabeth have decided to come up with a fake huge affair(Joel and Annabeth) to distract him. That didn’t work, because Dash found out the affair was faked, and blasted an article about the merger. The town lost it. This town is so animated. It’s actually kind of adorable. Coming from a city girl, are some small towns really like this? Because I must visit one…Bucketlisted.


Wade asked out Vivian, Zoe’s cousin, and Zoe is not happy about it. She claims it’s because she’s looking out for her cousin, but we all know what’s really on her mind. I mean, c’mon. She can say all she wants that that’s not the reason, but I am not buying it. Anyways, A few ups and downs later, Zoe came to her senses about agreeing that they would make a great couple.
Linley is worried George still has feelings for Tansy. In my opinion, here’s hoping he does. I never liked Tansy as a character, but Linley is unbearable. Please Tansy, come back. George has awful taste. (You know, besides Zoe and I don’t think that storyline is going anywhere anymore)


This storyline will continue along with the fight for Bluebell amongst other mini storylines.
What did you all think about the mid-season premiere? Was it up to your expectations? I personally thought the first half of the season was fantastic, and while this episode did have a lot going on, I wasn’t freaking out like I had hoped. I know I may regret this later, but this show seriously needs more cliffhangers.

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