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The Big Bang Theory 10×18 ‘The Escape Hatch Identification’: Moocher Realization

Raj went from being my least favorite character right ahead of Stuart due to his inability to grasp reality to being not so bad on The Big Bang Theory in a matter of just a couple of episodes. Interestingly enough, there was no real this and that to this episode as everyone’s concerns kind of centered around where Raj would be living. That’s not to say it didn’t allow for some interesting observations to arise about a couple of relationships in a certain Pasadena apartment building.

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Bones 12×09 ‘The Steel in the Wheels’: Rollin’ in the deep

Buck and Wanda Moosejaw return for their swan song in this week’s episode, but they aren’t the only blast from the past to grace our screens in the home stretch of the series’ run. Gordon (Gordon) Wyatt crosses the pond to offer some TLC of the psychological and gastronomical kind, and honestly, we’re all better for it.

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The Goldbergs 4×17 ‘Deadheads’: JTP RIP?

One cannot stress enough how much ABC needs to start pushing The Goldbergs more and more because in all honesty this and Speechless are they owning it this season. Anyways, once again this show was able to balance the heart and the laughter as Barry learned how important the JTP was, while his family realized that their “bad habits” are what actually made them lovable.

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Fresh Off the Boat 3×16 ‘Gabby Goose’: RIP Biggie

The last time Fresh Off the Boat got this deep, Eddie was back when the season began and Emery was joining him in middle school. Eddie broke it down about stereotypes and made us all take a step back. This week he did it once more, but by dealing with death from the perspective of an eighth grader who just lost his favorite rapper. Meanwhile while the show was being too good with Eddie, Jessica and Louis were learning that no marriage is perfect.

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Girls 6×04 ‘Painful Evacuation’: Remember who you are

If there’s one thing that Millenials reject wholeheartedly, it’s the idea that there’s an identity passed to us that we should subscribe to.  We don’t like being told that we’re supposed to live a certain life, that we’re supposed to be a certain way, or that we’re supposed to fit some idealized form of “adulthood”.  Certainly, there are markers in place that traditionally mark “adulthood”, like getting that post-college job, getting married, having a child, buying a house, but those markers are coming further and further down the line, not necessarily because we want it that way, but because of the conditions forced on us.  And that makes it difficult for us to use those markers, because they’re from an era that doesn’t exist anymore. Read more »

Photo from the episode "Emotional Proximity"

Chicago PD 4×15 ‘Emotional Proximity’

Yet another ‘crossover event’. If you have followed any of my Chicago PD articles you know how I feel about these crossovers. Normally I dislike them and credit them as a ploy for ratings and to expand the network’s viewership to it’s other programs. However, this installment of #OneChicago actually entertained me. Perhaps it was because I was able to watch all three segments or perhaps the storyline was better suited for a longer timeframe, or it could have just been written better. But nevertheless I thought last night’s episode was part of an epic three part tale.

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The Goldbergs 4×16 ‘The Kara-te Kid’: Heartbreak

After all we went through with Erica and Geoff on The Goldbergs, they went and pulled the plug just like that?! Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen The Karate Kid (say what???), but that was way more crucial for me this week as this show seemed to pay a pretty big homage to one of the most notable movies of the ‘80s.

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Fresh Off the Boat 3×15 ‘Living While Eddie’: Baby to Scary

Ever since I was little, I have loathed whoever was in office for messing with TV time. Yeah, Fresh Off the Boat wasn’t interrupted and we got a new one, but nights like this just throw me off and I needed to vent a little, okay? Just like Jessica thought she had to lie about having a dishwasher this whole time. Some things in life just can’t be explained and are necessary.

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Girls 6x03 Cover

Girls 6×03 ‘American Bitch’: Becoming an adult

We’re not just one person.  We think of ourselves as individuals, as people with distinct personalities, when in reality we’re a bunch of identities and personalities at odds with one another.  We’re white, rich, and disabled.  We’re black, queer, and poor.  We’re Latinx, undocumented, and a business-owner.  Those personalities and identities intersect to create the whole of who we are, and they always contradict one another, leaving us confused and frustrated, trying to figure out how to live in the world.  And it’s not just those contradictions and hypocrisies that make it difficult to find our way through the world.  It’s that people use our fear and our uncertainty against us, manipulating us to feed whatever insecurities they have. Read more »


The Big Bang Theory 10×17 ‘The Comic-Con Conundrum’: Growing Up

Well that was quite the episode of The Big Bang Theory, now wasn’t it? Again, people think this show is a onenote sort of thing, but that’s because they fail to see the depths in which these characters have actually grown and continue to do so. I was skeptical of going past a tenth season, and at times I still am BUT tonight I was not. With the guys choosing to miss out on the one event that sort of defined them as a group, it made me wonder if that’ll be the case in reality…

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Photo from the episode "Favor, Affection, Malice Or Ill-Will"

Chicago PD 4×14 ‘Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will’

They did it again! I have tried to give the writer’s the benefit of the doubt but I don’t know how much longer I can just focus on the positives of this show when they do such a sloppy job at writing these over arcing storylines. If you’ve read any of my previous articles you will know that I am referring to the way the writers will setup such shocking storylines only to redact them a few episodes later.

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The Goldbergs 4×15 ‘So Swayze It’s Crazy’: Finally

It’s been a rough couple of months for Erica on The Goldbergs. After years of brushing off Geoff, she was finally into him – but it was too late as he had finally moved on. We watched last season and into this one as the brokenhearted teen lost herself for a minute, but regained control. This week though, thanks to a clueless dad, everything was coming up Erica. While her love life got a big push in the right direction, Beverly was coming to terms with her delicious boy being the go to nerd.

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BONES:  L-R:  John Boyd, David Boreanaz and guest star Miranda Frigon in the "The Final Chapter:  The Grief and the Girl" episode of BONES airing Tuesday, Feb. 21 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Bones 12×08 ‘The Grief and the Girl’: Not-So-Crazy Ex-Boyfriend

No one can accuse Bones of forgetting its roots in its final season. Sometimes to a degree which seems almost, well, random.

With no respite from last week’s punch to the gut, Brennan deals with the loss of her father in an all-too-believable fashion, and the return of sandwich-lover-extraordinaire ex-boyfriend Sully gives us all some food for thought. Meanwhile, Canadians apparently sound Minnesotan, and there are Vikings involved somehow. Yep, it’s par for the course zaniness in the home stretch.

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Fresh Off the Boat 3×14 ‘The Gloves Are Off’: Mount Brushmore

One of the first people to ever make me love television was Heather Locklear. I was obsessed with her on Melrose Place, and to see her tonight on Fresh Off the Boat made my heart smile. Playing a heartless ex-wife who actually grew to have compassion, she is a guest star we need more of.

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Girls 6x02 Cover

Girls 6×02 ‘Hostage Situation’: Finding yourself

In today’s era, being in your 20s has shifted towards this state of purgatory.  Those in their 20s are legally adults, are supposed to inherit an amount of responsibility that those in generation past have inherited.  They’re supposed to pay their bills, cook meals for themselves, clean their own apartment, get a full-time job.  Maybe they’re supposed to get married, have a kid or two.  All of the things that we see as making somebody an “adult” are things that older generations expect those in their 20s now to accomplish.  But it’s not that simple anymore.  We see phrases like “adulting” because those in their 20s aren’t achieving those things as quickly and feel like they need to prove this abstract concept of “adult” or “maturity”.  They Instagram dishes they’ve made that have more than 3 ingredients.  They post on Facebook about buying that first car.  They have to prove themselves because they’re still expected to hit all the benchmarks of adulthood in their 20s. Read more »

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Bones 12×07 ‘The Scare in the Score’: Happy Valentine’s Day, now let’s crush your heart

Bones really knows how to treat a girl right.

What better way to celebrate the day of love than with pain, torture and grief?

I’ll tell you guys, I sure didn’t need that punch in the gut, but Cupid decided to use something a little more destructive than an arrow to get his point across in 2017.

What, did you think Bones would go gently into the night? Not when there are serial killers on the loose, it isn’t.

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The Big Bang Theory 10×16 ‘The Allowance Evaporation’: Spoiled secrets

We circled back to the root of why Raj bothers me on The Big Bang Theory this week. He’s spoiled AF. While we were seeing Raj’s silver spoon shine bright, Sheldon was learning what he should and shouldn’t talk about with the lunch lady.

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Photo from the episode "Seven Indictments"

Chicago PD 4×13 ‘Seven Indictments’

I know Chicago PD doesn’t focus that much on character development, the main focus being the cases and how the characters react to them. However from the minute Kenny Riggston walked onto our screen he has been a bit of a mystery. They have always alluded to his mysterious past. I suppose there is always some form of mystique associated with the ‘new kid’ especially when he seems as tight lipped as Riggs.

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The Goldbergs 4×14 ‘The Spencer’s Gift’: Bottled farts

Getting a job as a teen is something I completely skipped. Wish I hadn’t, but at least shows like The Goldbergs will always be there to show the good and bad side of an after school responsibility. Whether they teach you about passion or give you a push towards what you really need to be doing in life, they never seemed too bad for the Goldberg boys. Erica was a whole other story though.

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Fresh Off the Boat 3×13 ‘Neighbors with Attitude’: First kiss

Did someone at ABC sense this season needed more focus on the kids, because this week’s Fresh Off the Boat was actually laugh out loud funny and in all honesty it has everything to do with Eddie’s friends. Even Evan’s small story line with the money owed to him was funnier than a lot of what has happened in the past few weeks. Yes, Jessica’s neighborhood ordeal was good but come on – that mouth to mouth…or whatever it was, that was golden.

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