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Schitt’s Creek 1×05 ‘The Cabin’: Four’s Company

It’s no surprise that after weeks (months?) of living in very confined quarters, the Roses are starting to feel a little stir crazy. Which leads to some awkward situations, like walking in on your parents having sex. Ah, I hate it when that happens.

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The Big Bang Theory 8×17 ‘The Colonization Application’: “He kinda looks like a jerk…”

This week The Big Bang Theory focused heavily on all the couples. All four had their own thing going on. One was snooping, another was planning the future without regard, the next was feeling old and the last was just doing taxes…While all their stories were different, each had something to teach couples everywhere.

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Hawaii Five-0 5×17 ‘Kuka awale’: I support gay marriage

This has got to be one of the funniest episodes of Hawaii Five-0 to date. I guess it is what you can expect when an actor from the show directs an episode. For his directorial debut Daniel Dae Kim did a phenomenal job (and he had a lot of help from some guest star power), but he like any of the actors would be surrounded by the fandom of the show. He knows what people watch for, and one of those things is the McDanno banter. So what does he do? Makes a full episode surrounding it. What a perfect way to fill our needs after weeks of next to nothing. When Steve and Danny are on their stakeout it feels like a sitcom. So much so that it needs to happen. Do it CBS. We are waiting. Oh yeah Five-0 goes after some jewel thieves in “Kuka’awale.”


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Baby Daddy 4×10 ‘Happy Birthday Two You’: “Sneezing sprinkles for a week…”

A family secret came out amidst a birthday planning scramble and Emma fell hard on this week’s Baby Daddy. I was thrilled that Ben/Riley weren’t the focus and that we got to see something different this week.

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Scandal 4×13 ‘No More Blood’: A most unexpected saviour

That was the best hour of Scandal we have had this season, maybe even since season two. Am I a little biased based on who showed up? Most definitely. That does not detract from the fact that this episode was finally something less formulaic than the entirety of the Olivia Pope kidnapping storyline. Finally, we do not see an overabundant use of close ups on items Olivia may use to escape, or all the characters worrying about the clock winding down. Olivia is back up for auction, and while the gladiators try to win her the White House fears she may fall into the wrong hands and begin to look at other options. Lots of drama and sudden twists that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Let’s get to it, onto “No More Blood.”


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Melissa & Joey 4×10 ‘Parental Guidance’: “How don’t I know Oprah?”

We’re winding down (I think) to the end of this show’s run. I mean it wasn’t picked up for a fifth season, but I’m in the dark of how many more we have until we say adios to these cast of characters on Melissa & Joey. While we wonder when that’ll be, we saw Lennox find a hero in a professor, Mel freak out over that, and saw what happens when you lie to Joe.

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The Middle 6×16 ‘Flirting with Disaster’ : Can’t rush a quest

Frankie gets her flirt on this week, but not with Mike. No, they’re far too married to flirt with each other. Instead, Frankie uses her feminine charms on Axl’s college friend, who is admittedly charm-worthy. It’s all well and good, until Axl and the friend find out about Frankie’s attraction. Or do they?

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The Goldbergs 2×15 ‘Happy Mom, Happy Life’: “A baby only makes things better…”

How is it that I always find myself laughing hysterically and then crying like a baby (doll) when it comes to The Goldbergs? This show is written insanely well and continues to intertwine the tales every family goes through while doing ‘80s pop culture justice. This week was no different and I thought this week would be a dud just because the Ferris episode was AMAZING. I was proven wrong as Adam saw his future with a Cabbage Patch Kid, and Erica and Barry learned to balance friends and love.

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Rizzoli and Isles 5×15 ‘Gumshoe’: The Boston PD’s new ‘help’ is about just as helpful as gum on the bottom of a shoe, actually.

Crime often occurs in the most unexpected of places, somewhere you never really expect anything bad to happen and then..bam! Somebody’s been murdered. At least that’s what happened in the most recent episode of Rizzoli and Isles. It was a quiet night at a Boston boutique, just about the time when the shop owners would be closing up, when someone broke in. An employee got in the way, so the intruder had to get rid of him. As usual, it’s now up to Jane and Maura to solve the case. Read more »

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The Mindy Project 3×18 ‘Fertility Bites’: Cousin Dan

I was a bit surprised when I turned on this week’s episode of The Mindy Project and found that Mindy’s fertility clinic was ready to be opened. Wasn’t she planning it just a few episodes ago? I assumed that it would take much longer to open the clinic, but since this episode gave us an outraged Danny yelling about how he got Mindy pregnant, Morgan’s horrible construction skills, and Cousin Lou, I feel like I have to give it a pass. After all, if any episode has Cousin Lou, how bad can it be?

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The Bachelor 19×11 ‘Women Tell All’: Just shut up and let her talk

I always enjoy this episode each season.  Even though half of it is recaps of stuff us die-hard fans have already seen, it’s a fun time.  But, at the risk of sounding sexist, 20-some girls in the same room can get a little noisy.  And it was kind of annoying that they kept talking over each other while poor Chris Harrison was trying to host.  Chris Soules, however, handed the pressure with ease and grace.

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Forever 1×17 ‘Social Engineering’: Rename this episode: Women Getting Run Over By Vehicles

I wonder how bad that EMT felt? That was awfully ironic. Well, I don’t know if it’s the series or the season that’s winding down, but there has been a definite shift in the mood of this show.

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Better Call Saul 1×05 ‘Alpine Shepherd Boy’: “I will be good.”

Well believe it or not but we’ve made it to the halfway point of Better Call Saul. It seems shocking that we’re already halfway through, but that’s what happens when the seasons of a show aren’t 24 episodes long (I’m looking at you NCIS and Supernatural). While I’ll probably be complaining that the season doesn’t have more episodes by the time it ends, it’s nice to be at the midway point because that most certainly means that things are about to get way more intense. And with this week’s ending, I’m pretty darn sure that’s the case.

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Pretty Little Liars 5×22 ‘To Plea or Not To Plea’ Jail is the new High School

The countdown is on. Only 2 episodes left this season, and it is getting REAL! The case A has been building all season has closed on one of our pretty little liars and they have been arrested as Alison’s accomplice.  Read more »

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Gotham 1×18 ‘Everyone Has A Cobblepot’: Don’t hate the player, hate the city

Oh no, don’t be bad, Gordon. Don’t be cold and malicious, and give in to that city. What would Thompkins say if she knew what you did? Where the hell is she?!

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House of Lies 4×09 ‘We’re Going to Build a Mothership and Rule the Universe’

Hey there guys! So what’s happening in the super messed up world of Marty Kaan this week? Well, despite having sold 60% of his company to Denna, his new squeeze (?), everything seems to be coming up roses. Business is booming, Gage Motors and Ellis Hightower seem to be leaving well alone (we’ll see how long that lasts) and his relationship with Jeannie seems to be improving considerably. Thankfully we’re spared the Clyde-Doug-Kelsey love triangle this week, although we do have to see more of Clyde’s horrible father. Yuck. Read more »

Girls 4x07

Girls 4×07 ‘Ask Me My Name’: Fragmented

There has always been a fair amount of backlash against Girls with the assertion that these people on the show are far more awful than people generally are in the “real world”.  And sure, the people on Girls aren’t great.  Often enough, they’re portrayed as immensely selfish and petty and narcissistic.  But when I think about the group of people on Girls and think about my group of early-twenties friends, I can’t help but see the similarities.  We’re mostly post-college or ready to finish, we’re mostly working jobs that we don’t necessarily like.  And we’re fractured, pushed on our own paths, at odds with each other for a plethora of reasons.  We either have our own agendas or we neglect each other or we’re being manipulative.  People, as they grow up, don’t grow up together.  It’s hard enough being in a relationship and trying to connect as the two of you grow up and change.  Friends, as they grow up, can easily become disconnected from each other, that disconnect turning into resentment turning into anger. Read more »

The Walking Dead 5x12 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×12 ‘Remember’: The only thing that matters

If there’s one thing that helps elevate this season of The Walking Dead above all others, it’s the willingness to have the narrative extend into new territory.  Sure, there have been a couple episodes where the narrative was plodding, where the characterization wasn’t as crisp as it could be, but for the most part, taking the characters out of Georgia and having them do new things is making the show far more interesting than before.  But even more than that, since The Walking Dead is largely an exploration of the status quo and the way that we attempt to adapt (or the way that adaptation strips pieces away from us), pushing the narrative into new places gives us new avenues with which to explore the status quo. Read more »


Once Upon A Time 4×13 ‘ Darkness on the Edge of Town’: Greatest potential for darkness

Welcome back to the Once Upon A Time reviews, and hello to any new readers! In this week’s episode there was drama. There was running. There was not-so-great CGI. What more could you possibly ask for? Read more »

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The Bachelor 19×10 ‘Week 9′: Time for a plot twist

I’m pretty sure we all know by now who won since fans like to post spoilers everywhere online and you can probably guess from the fact that Chris only asked ONE of the girls’ families for a marriage blessing. But it’s cool, we’ll play along because this show is too good to pass up. Each episode is a cinematic masterpiece, amirite?
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