Scream Queens 3×04 ‘Halloween Blues’: The holiday of death

It’s no surprise that Scream Queens makes a big deal out of Halloween episodes. Of course a murder mystery show would enjoy a holiday that celebrates things going bump in the night and terrifying people. The fact that the Halloween episode comes right after the first major murder of the season is just icing on the pumpkin cake.

The previous murder victims have all been minor characters – ones the audience knew were destined to get killed off before the episode was over. But Chad Radwell was a well-liked character that survived the whole first season, so his death stings more. However, it also helped to add new stories for the remaining characters. Dean Munsch got all of his enormous fortune to help the C.U.R.E. Institute, and Denise Hemphill became consumed with catching the killer to avenge her lover.

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Fresh Off the Boat 3×02 ‘Breaking Chains’: Hired help

This year we saw Adam enter high school and like I said then, it doesn’t matter what decade you’re in – school is always the same. So while none of the Huangs on Fresh Off the Boat are heading towards the milestone, Eddie is stepping into his eighth grade shoes, while his little brother is excited to start sixth grade. Meanwhile Evan is having withdrawals from his brother on the bus, and Jessica is feeling backstabbed as Louis hires her a maid.

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The Mindy Project 5×03 ‘Margaret Thatcher’: An attack of the heart

The strike between nurses and doctors is one of The Mindy Project’s more compelling storylines. The strike is an interesting problem to give the Shulman staff. For once, it’s not just a problem that the Shulman staff brought on themselves through some misunderstanding. Granted, Mindy did play a huge part in it, but the strike is a serious problem and is about more than just the Shulman doctors and nurses. The consequences are much larger and more serious for everyone involved.

The strike ends up bringing out the best and worst in all of the Shulman doctors. Thanks to the nurses being gone for over a month, the office falls apart. Shulman and Associates can barely work when they have a full staff – without the nurses there, it’s mayhem. Jeremy’s on the verge of a total mental and physical breakdown, Jody wants the strike to be over so he can see Colette again, and Mindy just wants to make out with Ben. As Beverley points out, the office is in serious trouble. You know it’s bad when Beverley’s forced to be the voice of reason.

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The Big Bang Theory 10×05 ‘The Hot Tub Contamination’: Toothbrush Drama

Moving in with someone new is never an easy thing to do. Even you and your BFF would have some disagreements at first. So it’s no surprise Sheldon and Amy were not sailing smoothly as their “experiment” went into another week on The Big Bang Theory. While those two were getting advice from the newlyweds, the parents to be were having a staycation when they got some uninvited guests in their hot tub.

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The Last Man on Earth ‘You’re All Going to Diet’: On the road again

Well, it looks like we really are getting that road trip I hoped for. The Tucson Crew has finally thrown the towel in and decided to find a new home. This decision, of course, comes on the heels of the realization that Pat is actually still alive and probably still vengeful. Tandy and Lewis make the case that Pat is more scared of them, but it isn’t past the realm of possibility that Pat would come back to their home. Pat is unstable, and isn’t exactly in the best place to make rational, calm decisions.

But before the crew leaves, they try to defend their home one last time. A lot of their safety measures – putting up singing fish as an alarm system, using whistles and tap shoes to show they’re not Pat, and Melissa essentially turning the house into a war zone – are all pretty classic behavior for the group. In times of stress, the crew aren’t exactly the most rational people either. The difference is that the audience now has Lewis to compare the rest of the group too.

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Photo from the episode "Big Friends Big Enemies"

Chicago PD 4×04 ‘Big Friends, Big Enemies’

I realized I have taken a pessimistic view of Chicago PD in the past. So instead of focusing on the things I feel the show is lacking let’s discuss the positives. Unlike other television shows Chicago PD does not focus on the relationship drama of its’ characters, instead attempting the greater goal of discussing bigger social issues. Tonight’s main focus being gang violence and how some young adults find themselves steered towards this lifestyle.

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The Goldbergs 4×04 “Crazy Calls”: Dysentery

Holy ‘80s Batman! Oregon Trail, snazzy computers, answering machines. What didn’t The Goldbergs have this week? So all of those were just stepping stones towards the big picture of course; parental relationships. Beverly tried really hard to learn boundaries, while Murray and his dad learned the value of a conversation.

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The Mindy Project 5×02 ‘Nurses’ Strike’: Romance strikes

Well that was fast.

Last week I predicted that despite turning down Jody and Danny, Mindy would find love again. It seems that I was right as a new love interest, in the form of a pediatrician nurse named Ben, has popped up. He’s one of the nurses who looks after Leo, but he’s also a complication in Mindy’s working life.

The nurses at Shulman and Associates seem to have finally come to the conclusion that they don’t get treated well, and go on strike for better treatment. It’s a plot that’s been subtly building up throughout the seasons, as it’s evident from Morgan’s lack of money and poor health that the nurses desperately need more from the Shulman doctors. Of course, Mindy, Jody, and Jeremy aren’t exactly the most reasonable people to negotiate with. Not even the fact that Morgan’s coughing up blood into a pair of underwear (handkerchiefs are too expensive) sways them.

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Scream Queens 2×03 ‘Handidate’: A wedding and a funeral

Even on shows that aren’t in the horror genre, weddings can become a huge issue. People object at the last moment, family members cause problems, you say the wrong person’s name at the alter… The list could go on and on. But in a show called Scream Queens, having a wedding is just asking for trouble.

Of course, I don’t think anyone expected the wedding to go well, but to have it end with the murder of Chad Radwell is particularly sad. Glen Powell made Chad into one of the show’s strongest characters; he was capable of delivering the oddest lines and making them seem like they fit right into Chad’s out-of-touch, privileged worldview. Heck, he even halfway sold me that deep down, Chad really did have some feelings for Chanel. Chad’s death means that Scream Queens is losing one of its strongest comedic players early on in the season.

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Fresh Off the Boat 3×01 ‘Coming from America’: Ghost

Didn’t it feel like something was missing? Finally Fresh Off the Boat is back and they headed back to the homeland – at least as far as the parental Huangs go. As for Eddie and his brothers, it was their first time seeing Taiwan and it’s safe to say they weren’t the biggest fans. From fake Jordans to slaps in the face to a not-so-cute-face, in the end the whole family wanted to head home to Orlando.

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The Big Bang Theory 10×04 ‘The Cohabitation Experimentation’: The move

Going from just dating to living together is a big step that we’ve watched a couple of pairs on The Big Bang Theory take but never could we have guessed back in season one that we’d be watching Sheldon moving in with a woman. Yeah, him and Amy are only going to be sharing quarters for five weeks while her apartment dries out, but still. Meanwhile Raj finds out the sex of Bernadette and Howard’s baby before they do…

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CHICAGO P.D. -- "All Cylinders Firing" Episode 405 -- Pictured: (l-r) Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess, Elias Koteas as Alvin Olinsky -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Chicago PD 4×03 ‘All Cylinders Firing’

Finally we get to see Trudy Platt out from behind that desk. Is what I thought when the episode started. I knew episode three would be Platt centered but I had no idea she would be stuck in a hospital bed for most of it. I wanted to see badass Sergeant Platt working the streets, kicking some ass. I suppose we do get some ass kicking in the end. Read more »


The Goldbergs 4×03 ‘George! George Glass!’: Paintball feelings

No matter how much a pain your siblings can be, they can always surprise you with doing something too sweet. This week we saw that when Adam saved Erica from humiliation on The Goldbergs after she almost failed at pulling off one of the most memorable lies in television history a la The Brady Bunch. We also watched as Murray continued to learn about sharing and caring.

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The Mindy Project 5×01 ‘Decision 2016’: Goodbye, love triangle

When we last left Mindy Lahiri, the romantic drama of the past year had finally come to a head. Mindy was left reeling from the bombshell that Jody had fallen in love with her, while another bombshell was waiting in her mail pile: an invitation to Danny’s wedding. The premiere picks up right where the finale left off, with Mindy attempting to figure out what she wants from her life.

The ironic part is, while the episode revolves around Mindy’s attempt to figure out if Jody or Danny is better for her, both men actually kind of stink. Danny refuses to tell Sarah about cheating on her unless Mindy will come back to him, and refuses to change anything about himself. Jody appears to be nicer on the outside – not slut-shamming Mindy for sleeping with Danny (although the entire office is ready to do so, in one of the more unpleasant sequences of the episode) and offering understanding when he thinks Mindy is going to resume her relationship with Danny. But when Mindy says that she doesn’t want to have a relationship with either man, but focus on herself, Jody becomes furious. He’s irritated she won’t sleep with him and throws food at her.

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×14/2×15 ‘Wrath/North’: Scattered to the wind

Say what you will about Fear the Walking Dead, but at least something happened in the finale.  It’s been a pretty disappointing season all around, one that I had relatively high hopes for after a decent first season.  But something happened in this second season, something that caused the quality of the show to simply drop off.  Because of the only real compliment is “something happened”, then there’s certainly something irreparably bad about the show. Read more »


The Big Bang Theory 10×03 ‘The Dependence Transcendence’: Addiction

After a couple of weeks of not really being too enthused about The Big Bang Theory, this week it slowly made me remember why I love this show. Sheldon was on point with his “addiction” to caffeine and possibly gambling, we found out Amy was popular and then there was the whole Bernadette not feeling motherly thing that turned this from a light hearted episode into something real.

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The Last Man on Earth 3×02 ‘The Wild Guess Express’: R.I.P.?

One of the main jokes in The Last Man on Earth is that absolutely no one in the Tucson Crew knows how to survive. Any jobs they had before aren’t relevant to their current circumstances, and any person who does have survival skills is killed off or made into an enemy. When it comes to life-threatening situations, their main survival plan is to run around screaming and try to find weapons. That’s why making Pat a long-term enemy for the group to unite against is such a perfect storyline.

The group has strength in numbers, while Pat is an expert on survival and is incredibly unstable. Honestly, it’s anyone’s guess if everyone will make it out alive of this season. As The Last Man on Earth has shown, it’s not afraid to kill people. (The three graves in the Malibu house’s backyard are an example of that.) It also doesn’t help that while Pat is convinced that his actions are right and has no hesitations, several members of the Tucson Crew are close to falling apart.

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CHICAGO P.D.  -- "Made a Wrong Turn" Episode 402 -- Pictured: Jason Beghe as Hank Voight -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Chicago PD 4×02 ‘Made a Wrong Turn’ Where’s the Body At?

After the dramatics of last week’s episode, things seem to have calmed down. And by that I mean no one was murdered, no bodies dug up, and none of the Intelligence team was almost arrested. However we do have Mouse planning to join back up with the Rangers, Linstead moving in together and Platt facing off against Commander Fogel.

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The Goldbergs 4×02 ‘I Heart Video Dating’: The Oracle

Later than usual because of an early wake up call this morning, The Goldbergs had to wait until I got a second wind. Now that I have, let’s talk about love, dreams and what VDs. Did I Love the ‘80s cover video dating? I feel like this is either one thing from that series I have forgotten or they definitely did.

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Scream Queens 2×02 ‘Warts and All’: Let’s go crazy

Last week I raised the question of how to review a show that doesn’t stick to any sense of reality. I decided to just go along with the madness and see how much fun the show could have poking fun at horror tropes. The success of the show hinges on how willing it is to keep up its insanity and fun. Luckily, Scream Queens seems to have realized this, and is completely bonkers only two episodes in.

There are some minor problems, such as when the show expects us to take certain issues, such as Dean Munsch’s illness, seriously. Considering this is a show with a transplanted murderous hand that belonged to a squash serial killer, I can’t really bring myself to take anything seriously. In a show with so much insanity, it’s a jarring change of tone when the episode asks us to feel bad for Dean Munsch. Especially when I don’t honestly believe Munsch is going to die. Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the high points of this show, having tremendous fun chewing the scenery and fighting off serial killers. As long as she wants to do the show, I can’t see the writers getting rid of her, cannibalistic diseases or not, anytime soon.

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