Fresh Off the Boat 2×3 ‘Shaquille O’Neal Motors’: Anniversaries and Beanie Babies

Louis and Jessica are celebrating their anniversary in a very odd way that only they could pull off on Fresh Off the Boat this week. While the parents were away, Eddie learns a valuable lesson about brotherly love thanks to hot dogs and one of the ‘90s most ridiculous trends.

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Faking It 2×16 Faking it Again

Well I think we all know what happens this episode. The girls are at it again, pretending to be a couple while Amy pretends not to have feelings for Karma. Of course that doesn’t go exactly as planned. Read more »

Mindy Baby

The Mindy Project 4×04 ‘The Bitch Is Back’: Dr. Jody is in

The Mindy Project has seen a lot of doctors come and go: Shulman, Peter, and Adrian. It’s become a way to get guest stars onto the show: bring them on for a few episodes as a doctor and then write them out. Each actor brought something new and different to the table, and even though Peter was my favorite, I liked each new doctor. Well, I did like each new doctor, right before the show brought on Garrett Dillahunt as Dr. Jody, an obnoxious new doctor who clashes with Mindy.

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Castle 8×03 ‘PHDead’: I don’t know what I’m watching

But I think I like it? I mean, I’m completely zoned out during the Beckett investigation just because, but the main investigation was pretty great. But when did this show get so weird and funny? I also kind of like the fact that Castle and Beckett are trying to fall in love again because there is nothing better than sexual tension. I’m just so compromised. I have no idea how to feel.

The show feels different. And not a little bit different, but really different. And it’s not just the wacky things that happened during this episode including:

Like we had Castle’s version of Her,

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Precinct #19 Jump Street,

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Frat party beer pong,

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Franken horn dog

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Source: ABC

And some Caskett fluff that included Beckett crawling through a vent, and almost shooting Castle.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

It’s so odd. The humor is faster and a little more biting, and the mysteries are actually twisty and difficult to figure out, which is all fantastic. These are things that needed to happen last year, but I’m still just not digging what is going on with Beckett, and it makes it feel weird.

It doesn’t seem like how her character would react and I think that’s what has me so off. I’m too busy being angry at her and her reasonless obsession instead of letting myself enjoy things like Alexis being the best undercover spy, or how Ryan and Esposito still want to work with Castle, or that Castle and Alexis are just the perfect team.

And it’s not like the show tries to make us forget about the separate Beckett sub-plot like with Castle’s missing couple of months. It slaps us in the face with it every chance it gets, and worse yet they keep going over the fact that Beckett is “obsessed” and she needs to stop if she wants to be happy, and just the whole thing is not sitting well with me, and I hope that sub-plot is over soon because I want to see what these writers can do with a happy Caskett.

All in all, I kind of, sort of like what is happening with the Castle side of the show, but definitely not on Beckett side of things.

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Gotham 2×03 ‘The Last Laugh’: Don’t forget to smile

Called it! I knew Jerome wasn’t long for this world, but I was so not prepared for that ending whatsoever. I mean, it was beautifully done, but we might have a problem now. Jerome was so good that I think we’re going to feel the immense emptiness of that laughter next week.

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The Leftovers 2x01 Cover

The Leftovers 2×01 ‘Axis Mundi’: The power of beliefs

People will do anything for their beliefs. They’ll run halfway across the world to preach them to whoever is willing to listen. They’ll devote their lives to professing them to the world. They’ll destroy their relationships to assert them. They’ll die in order to preserve them. For such intangible things, beliefs control our lives. But is that a good thing? Beliefs are relative, existing in a grey area where they’re never entirely true. But we have to believe in something, otherwise we wouldn’t know how to exist. We wouldn’t have a set of rules that we exist by. Read more »

Fear the Walking Dead 1x06 Cover

Fear the Walking Dead 1×06 ‘The Good Man’: The new status quo

No matter how well Fear the Walking Dead separates itself from its predecessor, there’s no way to escape the notion of decay. No matter what those in show do to survive, the world continues to decay and more zombies join the ranks of the undead. There’s a semblance of hope in all of this, that maybe, somewhere there is a vaccine, or maybe there’s a civilization somewhere to find peace, but those are nowhere in sight. In “The Good Man”, the main characters happened to find those who were missing and happened to escape, but there was still a casualty. And there will continue to be, again and again, until everybody is gone. This endgame can’t even be fathomed right now; all anybody can do it look for the next objective, then the next, then the next. And it’s because the alternative is just too awful to think about. Read more »

Fear the Walking Dead 1x05-1

Fear the Walking Dead 1×05 ‘Cobalt’: Descent into chaos

It’s apparent that “Cobalt” is meant to function at a bridge between “Not Fade Away”, which sets up the stakes in the military-controlled quarantine zone, and “The Good Man”, which will surely be the transition from “control over the infection” to “the collapse of Los Angeles”. For the majority of the episode, “Cobalt” is rather quiet, giving us a little more information about Liza and the doctor, about what it is that the military is doing, and about how the military is faring against the infection. It’s not until the end that we learn exactly what Cobalt is, but the journey that gets us there helps to further define who these characters really are. Read more »


The Big Bang Theory 9×03 ‘The Bachelor Party Corrosion’: “The veins are gummy worms…”

Leonard and Penny may’ve been married awhile now, but their friends still feel they deserve a bachelor and bachelorette party. Well, very nontraditional ones – to say the least. The guys headed down to Mexico for a very educational trip, while the girls come clean to their parents about some pretty big news on this week’s The Big Bang Theory.

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Phil Carol Kiss

The Last Man on Earth 2×02 ‘The Boo’: R.I.P. Gordon we hardly knew ye

The very best thing about The Last Man on Earth’s second season is Phil’s character change. In the first season he was selfish, only thinking about his own happiness and putting his needs first. It was a joke that got old really quickly, especially considering the circumstances. When you’re part of the last people on Earth, you need to think about others to survive. Luckily Carol changed everything: suddenly he has someone else’s happiness to think about. Carol, as Phil acknowledges, makes him a better man. Last night’s episode was concrete proof of this.

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Bones 11×01 ‘The Loyalty in the Lie’: Here we go again…

Another season premiere, another episode where Booth is in danger, Brennan and the team race to save him and (spoiler alert) someone finds a body.

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The Middle 7×02 ‘Cutting the Cord’ : Brick the bookmark

Sue’s officially a college girl, but dorm life isn’t all that she expected. After getting two kids through to the higher education system, Frankie and Mike are too tired to parent anymore, leaving Brick to fend for himself. Axl, he’s got ant problems, and his whole storyline’s rather boring, until he does that thing he does where he redeems himself at the end and you just want to give him a hug. Even if he is kind of a moron.

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NCIS 13×02 ‘Personal Day’: The past is always present

And so the season continues, with Gibbs back from Iraq and the team fully assembled just like the good old days (well, for the most part). While season premieres are always important, it’s really the next few episodes that determine if the season is going to be headed in a good direction. Despite there being a lot of focus on Gibbs’ new look (different hair, pretty much), this episode does offer a little something interesting in terms of how he’s changed after the events of the first episode.

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Photo from the episode "Life Is Fluid"

Chicago PD 3×01 ‘Life is Fluid’ Some of us need a little less fluid, if you know what I’m saying

Now that’s what I call a premiere! There is never a dull moment, between the heart racing fight scenes, the breath holding undercover scenes, to the heart warming Linstead moments this episode doesn’t give you time to be bored. Especially since someone gets kidnapped, someone gets shot and murdered and someone gets a little overzealous with a shank.

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The Goldbergs 3×02 ‘A Chorus Lie’: “Don’t be a moron…”

When you have a rough day, it’s nice to be able to sit down and get lost in TV. Big thanks to this week’s episode of The Goldberg’s for the distracting laughs over puberty, and for paying a little homage to Christian Slater. Wasn’t I just saying last week they need to do some Heathers? Now that I feel a bit psychic, let’s get to the show…

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Mindy Danny

The Mindy Project 4×03 ‘Leo Castellano is My Son’: Overprotective papa

Leo Castellano is one of the luckiest – and most unfortunate – babies on TV/Hulu. He has two parents who love him unconditionally and want nothing more than for him to be happy. On the other hand, his parents are also nutcases.

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Fresh Off the Boat 2×2 ‘Boy II Man’: Shop is closed

If there was one thing Fresh Off the Boat had to cover being in the ‘90s it’s Boyz II Men. They may not have been that relevant towards the end of the decade, but they owned that first half with music that still resonates with ears today. Whose knees don’t get weak when “I’ll Make Love to You” starts? While they had a lot of love songs, Eddie was focusing on the heartache as he faced losing the girl next door. Meanwhile his dad had baby fever and Jessica learned that sometimes she has to be her kids’ friend.

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Faking It 2×15 ‘Boiling Point’

The gang reenacts the Breakfast Club minus all the bonding. Somehow everyone ends up in Saturday detention and of course this is when all of the secrets come spilling out. And their aren’t even any catchy dance montages. Read more »

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Castle 8×02 ‘XX’: You just want me to be depressed

What the heck, Beckett?! Why are you giving up your life for this? I mean, I get it, you want to get rid of your demons once and for all, but why?! Urgh, this show. Although, this episode was surprisingly well-done, I am not ecstatic about that ending.

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Gotham 2×02 ‘Knock, Knock’: Laughter is the best medicine

Unless Jerome shoots you. There ain’t no helping that. That was…God that was disturbing. Awesome, super violent, and fairly cruel, but disturbing nonetheless. With the addition of a red-headed, wise cracking, rising villain it made it semi palatable. If not making me guilty for laughing at his jokes while numerous dead bodies are scattered around him. Obviously, this episode was more than just Jerome related, but like all his other incarnations before him, he stole the show with his maniacal laughter.

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