Girls 4x07

Girls 4×07 ‘Ask Me My Name’: Fragmented

There has always been a fair amount of backlash against Girls with the assertion that these people on the show are far more awful than people generally are in the “real world”.  And sure, the people on Girls aren’t great.  Often enough, they’re portrayed as immensely selfish and petty and narcissistic.  But when I think about the group of people on Girls and think about my group of early-twenties friends, I can’t help but see the similarities.  We’re mostly post-college or ready to finish, we’re mostly working jobs that we don’t necessarily like.  And we’re fractured, pushed on our own paths, at odds with each other for a plethora of reasons.  We either have our own agendas or we neglect each other or we’re being manipulative.  People, as they grow up, don’t grow up together.  It’s hard enough being in a relationship and trying to connect as the two of you grow up and change.  Friends, as they grow up, can easily become disconnected from each other, that disconnect turning into resentment turning into anger. Read more »

The Walking Dead 5x12 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×12 ‘Remember’: The only thing that matters

If there’s one thing that helps elevate this season of The Walking Dead above all others, it’s the willingness to have the narrative extend into new territory.  Sure, there have been a couple episodes where the narrative was plodding, where the characterization wasn’t as crisp as it could be, but for the most part, taking the characters out of Georgia and having them do new things is making the show far more interesting than before.  But even more than that, since The Walking Dead is largely an exploration of the status quo and the way that we attempt to adapt (or the way that adaptation strips pieces away from us), pushing the narrative into new places gives us new avenues with which to explore the status quo. Read more »


Once Upon A Time 4×13 ‘ Darkness on the Edge of Town’: Greatest potential for darkness

Welcome back to the Once Upon A Time reviews, and hello to any new readers! In this week’s episode there was drama. There was running. There was not-so-great CGI. What more could you possibly ask for? Read more »

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The Bachelor 19×10 ‘Week 9′: Time for a plot twist

I’m pretty sure we all know by now who won since fans like to post spoilers everywhere online and you can probably guess from the fact that Chris only asked ONE of the girls’ families for a marriage blessing. But it’s cool, we’ll play along because this show is too good to pass up. Each episode is a cinematic masterpiece, amirite?
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Portlandia 5×08 ‘Really Real’: Spinaroo

In this week’s episode: Carrie and Fred are seen in an ad showing off their new trendy microhome. A trendy new idea that’s currently sweeping the crunchy parts of the nation. Of course, Carrie and Fred have quite the struggle fitting all of their things into their tiny home and it looks like hell on earth to a private person like myself. Carrie tells Fred “It feels like you’re always breathing down my neck all the time.” That’s nightmare fuel for me folks. Anyway, two free spirits see the ad and decide to move into a microhome themselves which kicks off the rest of the episode. Read more »

H50 5x16.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×16 ‘Nanahu’: Don’t look back whatever you do

What is with Hawaii Five-0 and all of its guest stars this season? They are really going all out, not that I am complaining. Apologies for both the late review and the lack of Five-0 recapping last week, life got a bit hectic. Don’t fret because this weekend will be filled with back-to-back Five-0 goodness! This week Five-0 works with an ATF agent to locate a serial arsonist on the island as Danny and Amber take in a romantic get away that is interrupted by someone from her past. Meanwhile Steve and Grover prepare for a charity golf tournament. Surprisingly all of the stories this week were interesting while the right amount of action and comedy. Five guest stars this week, did you recognize them all? Five-0 is on the case in “Nanahu.”


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HtGAwM 1x15.1

How to Get Away with Murder 1×14-1×15 ‘The Night Lila Died’ & ‘It’s All My Fault’: Some friggin’ hitman

The only word I can use other than random keyboard mashing is: Wow. Initially I was wondering how this show could possibly go into a second season without the characters making it the How to Dwell on Murder show. I thought what if they get rid of the students and make Annalise teach new students using real life murder scenarios to see if they are tough enough. Throw them right into the actions to see if they can save themselves. Or Bonnie leaves the firm because of her distrust of Annalise, taking Asher with her and causing tension between the now rivalling firms. However, all of those ideas are null and void now that we were brought this gloriously jaw-dropping two-hour season finale of How to Get Away with MurderPrepare yourself because this one is a doozy. Here’s ‘The Night the Lila Died’ & ‘It’s All My Fault.’


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The Big Bang Theory 8×16 ‘The Intimacy Acceleration’: “Okay, let’s do this baby…”

The other day someone asked Wendy Williams if 2-3 weeks was too soon to know you’re in love. I had to agree with my girl when she said that if you had spent an insane amount of time together in those weeks – then yes, it’s possible to be in love. So while I’m sure The Big Bang Theory was not based on this “Ask Wendy” segment, they did challenge the idea of love and time while Howard sat in a airport looking for ashes.

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The Blacklist 2×13 ‘The Deer Hunter’: Scouting the prey

After watching this creepy episode, I was a bit nauseous.The murder was… different than normal. Liz questioned her morals which was interesting. Red changed someone’s mind because he does care about Liz. Also, I tried a different style of writing for this review. All good things… Read more »

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×16 ‘What Puts You on That Ledge’ and what keeps you from falling off

Jin has been replaced, Linstead is calling it quits, and Voight is a machine. Oh and Antonio goes undercover and almost gets murdered. Just another day for Chicago PD’s Intelligence team. Read more »

The Middle 6×15 ‘Steaming Pile of Guilt’ : Weird Asley’s revenge

After the last episode was focused almost entirely on Sue, we’re back to the usual format. The one where all the Hecks must cope with their various train wrecks. Frankie and Mike go out for parents of the year when they realize they missed Brick’s birthday by three months. Which, in fairness, isn’t nearly as bad as that time they took the wrong baby home from the hospital.

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schitts creek 1x04 promo

Schitt’s Creek 1×04 ‘Bad Parents’: This is our favorite Liam Neeson movie

This week we get to see Alexis and David get friendly with the locals, while John and Moira despair over their terrible parenting thus far. ‘Bad Parents’ might be a little lighter on the laugh-out-loud moments, but the show is starting to reveal its heart.

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The Goldbergs 2×14 ‘Barry Goldberg’s Day Off’: Proving why it’s one of the best on TV…

If there’s one thing The Goldbergs has proven is that, hello – it’s in the title of this, is that it’s one of the best shows on TV. The other thing that’s it’s proven is that it can do an ode to past pop culture gems like no other. They amazed with The Goonies, did well with Back to the Future but blew those two out of the water with their homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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Baby Daddy 4×09 ‘An Officer and a Gentle Ben’: “Hashbrown ‘em”

It’s Fleet Week on Baby Daddy and Bonnie’s avoiding marriage, our favorite on-again-off-again couple avoided a big conversation until it was too late and Danny, well Danny didn’t avoid getting really ticked off at his BFF.

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Melissa & Joey 4×09 ‘Being There’: “Who needs words when you have emojis?”

One of the most annoying things to me is when you’re with someone and they’re stuck on their phone. It’s somewhere near the top of my pet peeves and this week Melissa & Joey took on this growing epidemic and everyone fell victim.

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Rizzoli and Isles 5×14 ‘Foot Loose’: Take that title literally.

After reconnecting from Jane’s near death experience, she and Maura are back on track, both with their friendship and their jobs. But Jane better be over her traumatic experience in the water, for it’s right back to the water she’s headed. When a severed foot washes up on the local beach, it’s up to Jane, Maura, and the rest of the crew to figure out where the body is that it belongs to – and just what happened to that poor seafaring soul in the first place. Read more »


Pretty Little Liars 5×21 ‘Bloody Hell’ A goes international

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this new A is INTENSE. Forget manipulating and scaring people, they go straight for the bodily harm. From sending Cyrus to the hospital with severe burns, to almost crushing Mike with his weights, A is not messing around. They are even able to mess with Spencer while she is on her trip to England. Everybody watch out, A has gone international.  Read more »

Screenshot (2070)

Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×08 ‘Valediction’: No, you don’t understand. I actually need this to last forever, okay?

I was waiting for a cliffhanger. I was waiting for someone to get shot in the head by Dottie or something like that. I am so used to Marvel cliffhangers making me sad that I wasn’t prepared to be so darn happy at the end (albeit the twist). Then I remembered that the show hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet, so now I’m upset all over again. You see what you do to me, Marvel?

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Screenshot (2048)

Forever 1×16 ‘Memories of Murder’: That was pretty far out, man.

Did everything in the 70s always look so…funky?

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Mindy Danny Blue Outfits

The Mindy Project 3×17 ‘Danny Castellano is My Nutritionist’: Stomach of steel

Danny Castellano is a worrier. This is something we’ve seen throughout the three seasons we’ve been with the character, and it’s a trait that is most definitely not going away not that he’s got a baby on the way. It’s not at all surprising that Danny’s worries have suddenly increased tenfold. Both the baby he already adores and the woman he loves lives’ are intertwined for nine months, which would make anyone’s blood pressure skyrocket. This is good news for the audience though, as a nervous Danny is a hilarious Danny. Bad news for Mindy Lahiri, as a nervous Danny means that she’s going on a diet.

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