NCIS 12×18 ‘Status Update’: Hey there Delilah

While we’re in the midst of the last leg of season 12 of NCIS, it’s been difficult to pinpoint exactly in what direction the show is going to go in in the final episodes of the season. Despite my fervent complaints about how the overarching plot of the season was handled (I can’t promise that I’m done complaining about that), it’s still clear that the show has the potential to get back to consistently shelling out well constructed episodes and plot lines. This week’s episode shows a glimpse of that said potential, but it still might take a while before we see that potential fully used.

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Mindy Project Flashlight

The Mindy Project 3×21 ‘Best Man’: Best couple ever

Season finales are a big time for The Mindy Project, and the show’s main couple. The first season finale left us on a cliffhanger where Mindy was off to Haiti while Danny secretly had feelings for her. The second season finale was when Mindy and Danny finally decided to get together and become a real couple. These season finales are some of the best episodes the show has ever done (it could be argued that the second season finale, “Mindy and Danny” is the show’s best ever episode) so pressure was high for the third season finale. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint.

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The Goldbergs 2×16 ‘The Lost Boy’: “It’s not real, don’t feel…

When I heard “Lost Boys,” I thought we were going to get another homage episode. I’m glad we didn’t. Not only because I don’t think The Goldbergs is going to top the New Kids and Ferris ones this season. Plus, I want this show to last for as long as it can and I read today that they have another John Hughes one in the works. No word on what it will be yet. My guess is The Breakfast Club, but I want Pretty in Pink.

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Screenshot (2252)

Forever 1×18 ‘Dead Men Tell Long Tales’: I can’t go on without this show

This show is a well-conducted symphony of crime, hilarity, and a heavy dose of immortal philosophy. If it doesn’t make it to season two, I’m just going to keep writing reviews because I honestly can’t forget about this show, and how it is one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever watched on TV.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.45.35 PM

Better Call Saul 1×08 ‘Rico’: Get in that dumpster

While getting tantalizingly close to the end of the first season of Better Call Saul, it’s a little surprising the decision made to slow down the show a bit, at least from the momentum it had built in previous episodes. This episode is purely build up and character development and lacks the same punch the most episodes have had. But it does continue to prepare us (somewhat) for what the next two episodes will bring.

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Screenshot (2246)

Castle 7×18 ‘At Close Range’: Ryan time should be all the time

I know when you first look at Kevin Ryan you don’t think he could smash the hell out of a mirror, or pull a gun on his brother-in-law, but you’d be surprised.

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The Walking Dead 5x15 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×15 ‘Try’: “It’s their world…we’re just living in it.”

Television reviewing is tricky business.  Not everybody can do it.  Yes, I’m talking about the glorified “recaps” that people call reviews, where they basically reiterate all of the plot without any level of critical analysis, where an “it’s so cute that they’re finally together” or a “I’m so mad they killed him off” counts for an analytical statement.  There’s a level of critical analysis that is imperative in discussion about modern artistic storytelling, where we need to look at it in the context of its thematic discussion as well as its place in history.  For example, you can’t look at Orange is the New Black without discussing feminism just as you can’t look at Breaking Bad without discussing toxic masculinity and the current state of our economy).  But there is a gut feeling that reviewers need to take into account as they interact with art.  Why are you bored?  Why are you angry?  Why are you sad?  Those who write the glorified “recaps” are in the right ball park; they just need to analyze the feelings they have about the art they consume. Read more »


Revenge 4×17 ‘Loss’: Yikes…that’s all I have to say.

Well, well, well! Did not see that ending coming, wow! Before I go spoiling that, what are the rest of our favorite vengeful characters up to? Louise and Nolan are up to their old hijinks, hiding evidence and lying, that old chestnut. Victoria and Margaux’s bond is becoming stronger than ever. Jack is handed a boatload of legal issues after being arrested for drunken driving. Even though it’s likely he was set up, he’ll still have to find a way to defend himself in court against a nasty judge. Emily and her father are finally ready to bury the hatchet for good with all of this revenge business, but will life actually let them live out a happy ending? Read more »


Once Upon A Time 4×15 ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul’: Ship in a frozen bottle

This week’s episode, “Poor Unfortunate Soul”, did not go how I expected it to. It was pretty good, but I do have some complaints, specifically about how certain storyline’s were carried out (*cough*Captain Swan*cough*). There are also some things that I didn’t see coming at all.

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Girls 4x10 Cover

Girls 4×10 ‘Home Birth’: Nowhere to go but up

Television shows always have to balance self-containment and serialization, and that balance is never more evident than in a show’s season finales.   Many shows will operate on cliffhangers, on keeping viewers coming back for more because they want to know what happens.  Netflix has been using this model with their self-published shows, like House of Cards, where the show operates largely on plot development aimed at keeping viewers coming back.  But, considering how television operates like a series of novels, with seasons as single books and episodes as larger chapters, every show does a little (or a lot) of this.  Every show also contains its stories to single episodes or clusters of episodes as well.  Look at Girls episodes like “Sit-In” or “One Man’s Trash” or “The Return”.  Those are consistently the best episodes because they are exponentially more focused than ones that work off of cliffhangers or sprawl in order to serialize the plot. Read more »

POI 4x17.1

Person of Interest 4×17 ‘Karma’: What goes around comes around

Look another filler episode! Now I’m not complaining about these standalone arcs as they tend to be fun and give us that Person of Interest mix of action and dark humour the fans love. However, I do miss seeing one of the better anti-heroes on TV. Can Elias come back soon? I know Enrico Colantoni is busy with his other show, but we need more Elias in our lives! I will sit hear patiently waiting for either showdown to happen, but if the next few episodes have absolutely nothing to do with what is going on in the Samariverse (yes that is a new word, and yes it will catch on) then I will be very disappointed. Team Machine deals with a vigilante who uses some very unique methods, let’s jump into “Karma.”


Scandal 04x15.1

Scandal 4×15 ‘The Testimony of Diego Munoz’: Big Block of Cheese Day

Don’t get the title reference? Well it refers to the day when government officials open their doors to listen to the public’s concerns (a term from Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing). It is not the Grant administration that opens their doors in this episode of Scandal, but one government official is faced with a hard decision when his past catches up to him. Meanwhile what the Grant administration is facing is already the first of most likely many scandals for VP candidate Susan Ross. Olivia continues to cope with her post-traumatic stress when a potentially OPA client returns in search of “the black lady.” Not a super engaging episode this week, but enough story to propel us forward to what should hopefully be a good finale. Let’s get to it, onto “The Testimony of Diego Munoz.”


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Schitt’s Creek 1×07 ‘Turkey Shoot’: ‘Is this a tweed or a camo situaton?’

What’s another week in Schitt’s Creek without some mani-pedis, garbage collecting and wildlife hunting?

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crime ep 3 2

American Crime 1×03 ‘Episode Three’ : All in the family

American Crime is  moving right along with that same formula of writing difficult subject matter, but making it too good to look away from. The pilot was about the crime itself, while episode two focused on the immediate aftermath of the arrests. This week, we’ve got a bit of a time jump, allowing us to see how the characters are doing after being stuck in this nightmare for a month. Hint, they’re not doing awesome.

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Glee 6×11 ‘We Build This Glee Club’: Listen to your heart.

It’s the last ever sectionals that we’re ever going to see and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it! This episode gave all the newer members a chance to shine and to me it was their finale, as the next two episodes will focus largely on the old glee members! Read more »

Mindy Polka Dots

The Mindy Project 3×20 ‘What to Expect When You’re Expanding’: The legendary cousin Sheena

Ever since Tamra was first introduced in Season 1, we’ve been hearing about her Cousin Sheena. (In fact, one of her first interactions with Mindy was talking about her Cousin Sheena winning a jet ski on “The Price is Right”.) As the seasons have continued, Cousin Sheena has become a significant figure in Tamra’s stories. It would only make sense that it would take a woman of style and grace to play the talked about Sheena. The showrunners picked the perfect woman to play Sheena – Laverne Cox of “Orange is the New Black” fame.

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Baby Daddy 4×12 ‘A Love/Fate Relationship’: “You’re a prostitute…”

Now that I’ve picked my heart up off the floor, I can tell you what I thought about the Spring finale of Baby Daddy. Tucker’s life made me feel all emotional in a good way while Danny and Riley’s whole thing left me a mess.

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Melissa & Joey 4×12 ‘You Say You Want an Ovulation’: Boohoo

So…will we see the result of this “to be continued?” I think so. I want to guess that we’ll have one more round this summer and then that’s it for Melissa & Joey. So in what I’m hoping was just a Spring finale and not the series…We had Mel and Joe trying really hard to make a baby, and Ryder not really trying to be an adult.

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Pretty Little Liars 5×24 ‘I’m A Good Girl, I Am’

The good news is the Liars will be reunited once again. The bad news is it’ll be in prison. Not only was Alison found guilty of murdering Mona, but the remaining Liar’s have also been arrested.  Read more »


Better Call Saul 1×07 ‘Bingo’: The elderly love a man who can bingo

As so helpfully reminded by the AMC previews for next week’s Better Call Saul episode, there are only three episodes left of this season. Only three episodes left to (somehow) conclude or at least address certain story lines and ideas that have been established. Commence freak out.

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