Witches of East End 2×08 ‘Art of Darkness’: Poisons and paintbrushes

First off, lets begin with…Not everything shown in the preview, was in this episode which just leaves me with more questions. But lets just go with what we got. Eva, Eva, Eva…You are a psychopath. In the preview(which I don’t remember seeing in the episode), she said she needed Killian’s body to make her a baby. Creepy.

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Source: Rizzoli and Isles, TNT

Rizzoli and Isles 5×11 ‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat’: Half-baked doesn’t just apply to ice cream.

A big storage box, some ice, and a body? One of these things is not like the other. Another day, another crime for our favorite detective and medical examiner to solve. But can they do stand the heat? We’ll have to find out.

As a heat wave crashes over Boston, Maura and Jane have been coping with the extreme temperatures by..adding more heat? Apparently sweating helps cool you down, so going for a run and drinking “sweat tea” is what the ladies are trying to stay chilled. Although, Maura is sleeping in the nude, as she tells Jane, so heating up isn’t the only method she’s using to cool down.

Source: Rizzoli and Isles, TNT

Source: Rizzoli and Isles, TNT

As much as they’d like to just float around in a pool for hours, they have jobs to do, so after dealing with some playful kids and an overheated pup, the two visit an apartment building where a body was found rotting in a tub. Rotting after only a day, that is, for the decomposition process was highly sped up due to the excess heat. Left with a half baked corpse, Jane, Maura, and the crew are trying to figure out how this man managed to freeze to death during a heat wave.

The victim didn’t die from hypothermia, however, as originally thought. He was drunk enough to make less than smart decisions, but it turns out he was actually strangled, and then placed on the ice. How were the pounds and pounds of ice taken up to the third floor, you ask? Pulled up through the window, in the storage box mentioned earlier. By who, the detectives are unsure of, because the only possible suspect they have for the case is the victim’s thin, slightly oblivious girlfriend. Alex does seem to be suspicious, however, when it’s figured out that she believed her boyfriend got his large fortune from stumbling upon drug money in the park. When it turns out he was lying about that as well as some other things, the redheaded girlfriend is looking more and more fishy.

In addition to the main crime, the mystery of the missing pup has yet to be discovered by Korsak and Frankie after quite a while. They did discover that his owners spoke Spanish, though, which gives them some clues as to who he belonged to. But they’re still stuck with the little Shih-Tzu dog for now, so he’s comfortably settled in a dog bed in the office, while the detectives try to solve both cases. The little doggy is then transferred to stay with Angela, who is seemingly a little loopy on the sweat tea. The heat may just be carrying romance in the air, though, seeing as it’s not only Angela abnormally flirting with Korsak, but a coworker flirting with Jane as well. Maybe along with the heat, Boston also has been struck with a love bug.

Korsak and Frankie are working on interviewing friends of Rich’s, which isn’t turning up much, for they all say he was a great, very law-abiding guy. When Maura goes to investigate the money of the victim’s, it turns out it wasn’t drug money after all. No drug residue was found on the bills, but arsenic was, which leads Jane to discover that they were taken from the grave of one of Rich’s relatives. Someone broke into the mausoleum looking for they money, and then killed Rich because they couldn’t find it. Looks like a grave wasn’t a good enough hiding place, Rich had to put it in savings accounts just to be safe.

As to where the money came from in the first place, it’s looking like Rich wasn’t such a good guy after all. Surprise, right? The “perfect” victim got themselves caught up in a situation they shouldn’t have, due to faults of their own. What a shocker. For the victim for this episode, it’s looking like he might’ve been involved in a kidnapping years ago, and that’s where he would’ve obtained his two million dollar fortune. Eric Chen from Chen Industries was kidnapped and then returned, after his family supposedly paid a ransom in order to get their son back. The money was then placed in the graveyard, and was further promised to be taken out after six years. But someone couldn’t wait that long, so apparently a death was in order. They say patience is a virtue, but maybe it’s a fatal one at that.

Source: Rizzoli and Isles, TNT

Source: Rizzoli and Isles, TNT

After going to talk to Eric, who currently resides in a mental hospital, Jane and Maura get him to communicate with them in order to try to find his missing kidnapper. On the night of his kidnapping, Eric was tricked into being intoxicated and drugged, which made it easier for him to be taken. He clarifies that he was taken by two men, which just further proves that it was Rich and someone else who did it. Maura and Jane figure out that he was kept on a boat, and that’s where the ice came from as well. Billy can’t hide now, it’s crystal clear that he’s the one who did it. Another case solved by the fabulous Rizzoli and Isles, just like that. As if we didn’t see that coming.

The episode wraps up with our favorite ladies grabbing a drink, and yet some more sexual talk from Maura. It seems like a certain little blonde medical examiner is in the mood, as professed by her somehow still professional sexual innuendos. Whether or not this mood is to impress a certain someone (best friend of hers?), we may never know. But we do know that the two girls make a fantastic pair, whether they’re solving murders or not.

How’d you all like the episode? Tell me in the comments below! See you next week!

Under the Dome 2×09 ‘The Red Door’ : Can they all just jump off the cliff already?

Oh Dome. Dome, Dome, Dome, why must you torment me so? We’re very close to the finale, and still this show is a hot mess. So much so that this isn’t a review so much as a listing of all the stupid things that went on in this episode which made it almost unwatchable.

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The Awesomes 2×05 ‘The Awesomes Awesome Show’: Evil runs through these veins!

The Awesomes get their own reality TV show!  The rehabilitation of Malochio continues!  And something something Perfectman!

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The Leftovers 1x09 Cover

The Leftovers 1×09 ‘The Garveys at Their Best’: Fractures in the concrete

“Every man rebels against the idea that this is f*cking it. Fights windmills, saves f*cking damsels, all in search of greater purpose. You have no greater purpose. Because it is enough. So cut the s*it, okay?” –Kevin Garvey, Sr. Read more »


Doctor Who 8×01 ‘Deep Breath’: Eyebrows, Robots, and Dinosaurs!

There was a lot of pressure riding on this season’s premiere episode, as it introduced the 12th Doctor – played by Peter Capaldi – and as with every new Doctor, there came the expectations. We were treated to a dinosaur in the middle of Victorian London, a hot-air balloon made of human skin, and a rehashed plot that somehow still worked. Were you cheering as you saw the new credits? Did you gsp when we had a surprise appearance from Eleven? Did you cry, laugh, or do both? Keep reading and let me know what you thought of this first episode! Read more »


The Strain 1×07 ‘For Services Rendered’: Corrupted

The Strain finds itself on solid ground as the strigoi outbreak spreads across Manhattan. Eph, Nora, and Setrakian team up with Jim to find Eichorst while we learn about Setrakian’s past with the Nazi turned vampire. And most importantly…

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The Last Ship 1×10 ‘No Place Like Home’:

Holy crap. For the first time all season, The Last Ship shocked me. I’m now wondering if all those times this show was predictable and cliche was just them playing the long con. What appeared to be a story of hope took a very dark turn.

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True Blood 7×10 ‘Thank You’: No, thank you

For making my heart explode like Vampire Bill did all over his coffin! Sorry for that outburst. I’m still a little tender over all of this, and oh yeah, BILL IS DEAD! I know how I explained last week that it would fit his story-line well (and I still stand by that), but it hurt just the same. The whole episode was a very fitting end for many reasons, and it hurt for many reasons too.  Read more »

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Reckless 1×08 ‘When the Smoke Clears’: Exposition express.

After a week hiatus I started wondering if ‘Reckless’ had been cancelled. Turns out CBS just decided to run a re-run last week and for some reason this week they debuted the new episode? Maybe they’re trying to stretch out the show’s run time? Well, whatever, because this episode actually turned out to be worth the wait. I’m surprised at how cohesive the writing was and this is the best installment yet, despite its flaws. So, what happened this week? Read more »

The Sopranos 2x07 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 2×07-2×08: Ripples in a pond

The Sopranos 2×07: “D-Girl”

We, as humans, have the ability to see beyond our present condition.  We can imagine being little children based on the memories that we have of our childhood.  But we can also see our own future, whether that future is full of happiness or despair.  Of course, the way that we see our future is wholly different than the way that we see our past.  Our vision for our future is extrapolation, taking how we perceive ourselves and charting out our path based on some linear model that we believe our lives move on.  But life doesn’t move in a linear fashion; it’s not as cut-and-dry as we think it is.  We simply see the end-point (death) and try to fill in the gaps. Read more »


Outlander 1×03 ‘The Way Out’: In which there is a failed exorcism

Of the three episodes so far, I can honestly say this was the worst. The first episode had me skeptical, the second episode had me excited, and the third episode left me a little disappointed. Nothing of note really happened except a confirmation at the very end of what Claire already knew she had to do: try and figure out how to run away. The fact that it took her an entire episode to decide and feel the sudden impassioned need to do this baffled me to no end. Why wait so long to decide that running away was necessary and not feel so strongly about it before? If I were her, I’d be like one of those baby pandas in the Chinese zoo, constantly trying to climb out of the pen no matter how many times I’m being put back. Read more »

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The Knick 1×03 ‘The Busy Flea’: Syphilis is no joke, kids

I feel like most of us were waiting for an episode that displayed the perils of sexually transmitted diseases, mostly because of the time period and seeing as where this show is going, it would be pretty gritty. But I don’t think any of us were expecting Ms. No Nose to show up. Who knew you could lose a nose to syphilis. The more you know.

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Graceland - Season 2

Graceland 2×10 ‘The Head of the Pig’: Cleaning up

Graceland has been spinning its wheels for a while now, and even though I’ve been fairly impressed by the vast majority of the show’s various plotlines, there hasn’t been enough forward movement on anybody’s front in order to make the narrative very exciting.  Some episodes have been fantastic, some stories have been fantastic, but as a whole, Graceland hasn’t been able to ascend much higher than it did last season. Read more »


Extant 1×07 ‘More In Heaven and Earth’ and 1×08 ‘Incursion’: A tale of two Mollys

In a two-hour Extant event, Molly tries to shake up Alan’s plans for the alien fetus or “offspring.” Meanwhile, Ethan’s cognitive abilities and rebellious nature are developing at an alarming rate. Let’s discuss a double-header Extant installment, below the jump. Read more »

Young & Hungry 1×09 ‘Young & Getting Played’ : Oh my damn!

This week is all about lies. Lies coming from every direction and every character, culminating in a pretty entertaining episode. Yolanda’s son comes to town fresh off of a breakup, he gets set up with Sophia, then he starts fake-dating Gaby…it’s a whole thing.

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Taxi Brooklyn 1×09 ‘Double Identity’: It’s all about those faces

Who needs a comprehensible mystery when it’s so much fun just hanging out with these people?

The real pleasure of this week’s ‘Taxi Brooklyn’ is when our main characters banter and squabble, pulling authentically pained expressions at each other. We now have several parings that reliably deliver what to me are the best parts of every episode, this one especially. Today’s puzzle was more consistently exciting and a bit more believable than last week’s, but I was far more entertained by Cat, Leo, the Captain, and Cat’s mother, Frankie’s weird, endearing interrelationships.  Read more »


Franklin & Bash 4×02 ‘Kershaw vs. Linecum’: “I’m on top tonight”

Remember that one time in reality that someone kept trading things on Craigslist and went from like a paperclip to a car or house? Something like that went on this week on Franklin & Bash. All the guys seemed to do was trade one thing for another while in the middle of a well constructed marriage that fell apart.

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×03 ‘Week 3′: Elise finds her rainbow

Can I just say that some of these people are WAY too clingy?  I mean, just because you went on one date with someone doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to date anyone else.  The whole point of the show is to find love, and normally it’s not at first sight.  You need to shop around!

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The Fosters 2×10 “Someone’s little sister”: Heart and Soul.

Here we have it – the summer finale! The Fosters threw all it could at this finale tying up some stories whilst continuing and/or creating others. The finale showcases Callie’s attempts in helping Rita get ‘Girls United’ back and track whilst the remaining  ‘Fosters’ are dealing with missions of their own. Read more »