The Originals 3×11 ‘Wild at Heart’: Death sentences

Ugh, this move to Friday nights is not the business. Can we get League of Legends or whatever to switch places with The Originals? So on Saturday afternoon I sat down with Klaus and the rest of the lot to find that Davina was back to being an annoyance over a boy, Cami was out of control and well – that’s really all there was going on this week in the Big Easy.

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The Big Bang Theory 9×14 ‘The Meemaw Materialization’: Let it go…

There are some characters you think you’re never going to see and Meemaw on The Big Bang Theory was one that’d always just be a name without a face. Well Oscar nominee June Squibb filled that void as this week’s guest star, and the women we were led to believe was a sweetheart, was kind of a hard ass when it came time to meet her grandson’s girlfriend. While she was causing drama with Amy, Raj was questioning his relationship with Emily, and Howard was winning at life by hating on Frozen.

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Photo from the episode "Hit Me"

Chicago PD 3×13 “Hit Me” with your best shot

Ruzek and Burgess are done, finished, over and Kim can’t stand to be around Adam any longer. Again the most interesting part of this episode was the character’s personal lives. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kim and Adam haven’t reconciled immediately. Kim is actually so set on leaving Adam she has decided to transfer to another precinct.

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Baby Daddy 5×01 ‘Love and Carriage’: Someday

Picking up right where we left off at Bonnie and Brad’s wedding and Riley’s fainting response to Danny’s proposal on Baby Daddy. In this season premiere Tucker was priceless in the humor department while Riley kept running from romance, and Ben ran right into being a total jerk with a new love interest.

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Pretty Little Liars 6×14 “New Guys, New Lies”

As the search for Charlotte’s killer heats up the girls fall back into old habits.

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Agent Carter 2×04 ‘Smoke and Mirrors’: This episode was ‘Jarvelous’

You know how I said this show hit its stride last week? Yeah, well they’re totally knocking it out of the park this week, and letting us all know just who they are and what they’re here for. Is it just me, or is this show basically a comic book in motion?

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Fresh Off the Boat 2×11 ‘Year of the Rat’: Little red envelopes

It seems like it’s been far too long since we’ve seen the Huangs, but thankfully ABC decided to bring them back, and with their return came a cultural lesson with their Chinese New Year’s episode. Fresh Off the Boat is always teaching us something new, as good sitcoms do – but this one went above and beyond and even poked fun at non-Chinese people asking way too many questions.

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Transparent 2x07 Cover

Transparent 2×07 – 2×08: A winding path

2×07: “The Book of Life”

There’s something about holiday themed episodes that make it easy to focus on one particular topic. I mean, obviously the idea of a holiday is a focus in and of itself, but the concepts behind holidays make it easier to create a deeper level of focus and cohesion. Each holiday carries with it different meanings and connotations, each usually revolving around some sort of connection, often a connection with family. Here, with an episode about a holiday like Yom Kippur, a holiday that focuses on notions of forgiveness, Transparent is able to look intently at how sorry the Pfefferman’s are. It’s also able to focus on how their forgiveness is often a mixture of altruism and selfishness. Read more »


The Originals 3×10 ‘A Ghost Along the Mississippi’: Bye Jackson

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen our favorite bloodsuckers and backstabbers, but alas The Originals is back and on a new night. Can we assume The CW has either lost faith in their vampires, or they assume those who watch these shows want to be in on Friday night. I’d be happier if they moved it back to Thursday. Those who agree retweet and share! For now let’s talk about what went down now that The Originals are back. Cami isn’t gone, Vincent is in deep but possibly not as deep as the little wolf.

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NCIS 13×13 ‘Deja Vu’: Voice-over Galore

Still in the rut that is the middle of a TV season, NCIS seems to be trying its darn-dest to focus on dark storylines and focusing on certain characters to attempt to give them depth. While their attempts are valiant, it doesn’t always work out in every episode. And unfortunately, this week’s episode falls into that category.

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Pretty Little Liars 6×13 “The Gloves are On” Or in the Trash Along with that Black Hoodie.

Seeing the new A throwing out the black hoodie and gloves signifies a shift. From the old A ,the old storyline, to this new updated version. The characters have grown up, are dealing with adult problems now, like marriage, hormone injections and murdered girlfriends (well I guess Emily beat Ezra to that, but still). Read more »

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Agent Carter 2×03 ‘Better Angels’: Black magic woman

Actually, it’s more Zero Matter woman, but holy crap, there’s a person with actual powers on this show! Not that the show needed a superhuman, (and or an Inhuman) for that matter, but it adds another layer to an already multidimensional show, and gives it that distinct Marvel flair. With this episode, I feel like Agent Carter has really hit its stride and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Photo from the episode "Looking Out For Stateville"

Chicago PD 3×12 “Looking Out for Stateville”

Deputy Crowley is worried that Voight enlisting his old bunkmate as a CI is just “Stateville looking out for Stateville” turns out she’s kinda right. Voight owes Eddie a lot. But Hank Voight is no sucker, and he knows how to handle guys like Eddie. Read more »

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Agent Carter 2×01 & 2×02 ‘The Lady In The Lake’ & ‘A View In The Dark’: I’ve never felt so complete before

God bless Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa and Mr. Jarvis and Mrs. Jarvis! And poor, baby Wilkes who isn’t dead because, duh, comic book show! This show is so good! Just so damn good! It was everything I wanted and more (except for the lack of Angie), and there are some really refreshing things happening that are  setting us all up for a season that will probably break all of our hearts, but will still be highly entertaining.

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The Goldbergs 3×13 ‘Double Dare’: Handsome Ben

One of the major flaws of Nickelodeon today is that it’s void of game shows. Gone are the days when you could tune in and see Legends of the Hidden Temple and Double Dare. Kids today may have emojis and hashtags, but they fail at having a real childhood with shows like those being MIA. Well thanks to Adam, he told the tale of Double Dare and what it can do to a kid eager to get on the show. While he was losing his best friend, Bev was learning the ins and outs of football for Murray.

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Pretty Little Liars 6×12 “Charlotte’s Web”

Things are heating up in Rosewood. The hunt for Charlotte’s killer is on and Alison is leading the mob with her trusty sidekick Detective Lorenzo. Their main suspect Aria Montgomery! Read more »

Transparent 2x05 Cover

Transparent 2×05 – 2×06: Lines of division

Transparent is a show that shies away from easy story structure, that edges closer to arthouse cinema than traditional television, and it makes for a television experience that sets it apart from the rest. It’s that bizarre structure that enables it to do things like flashbacks that incorporate connections to Ali, creating connections that it would otherwise be unable to do. Connection and separation are two ideas of focus throughout Transparent, and as Season 2 progresses into its back half, it’s apparent these aren’t two separate ideas, but rather are attached to one another. Connection with one person might mean separation from another. Connection with yourself might mean separation from somebody else. It’s one reason that building relationships can be so difficult. Read more »


The Big Bang Theory 9×13 ‘The Empathy Optimization’: Sincere City

Maybe I’m crashing due to all the sugar I’ve consumed today, or maybe it’s just that I wasn’t that into this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. Either way, I’m tired and Sheldon’s apology tour was just meh to me. I think what was missing was the fact that we didn’t have multiple stories going on, but rather just the one. So it felt like it went on a little too long…

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The Middle 7×12 ‘Birds of a Feather’ : 9 to 5

Work, work, work, that’s the theme of things this week. Well, school too, but school is rather like work on the bad days, and even the good ones. Frankie struggles at the dental office after it’s taken over by an evil corporate chain of dental offices, Axl learns that being an intern sucks, and Sue deals with the joy of college assignments. Brick, he doesn’t have any work stuff going on, but I’m sure he would if not for child labor laws. Darn those things.

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Photo from the episode "Knocked The Family Right Out"

Chicago PD 3×11 “Knocked the Family Right Out” Then Jay put a bullet in his head

The Intelligence team investigates a horrible crime that gets under Lindsay’s skin. Her big heart gets her into a bad situation that ends with blood being spilt. Read more »