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The Knick 1×06 ‘Start Calling Me Dad’: I’d rather not, thanks

As each episode keeps coming, The Knick delivers more and more. And with only four episodes left, it’s hard not to imagine what the climax is going to possibly be. The most gripping parts of this episode happen in the last 15 to 20 minutes, but the episode as a whole presents us with results to situations previously shown, and also with new situations that are sure to come to a head in the last couple of episodes (and could possibly spill over to season 2).

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Extant 1×13 ‘Ascension’: A leap of faith, indeed

Science fiction is tricky. The future you create can be over-the-top and full of seemingly impossible elements – as Arthur C. Clarke famously said, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic – but it’s still gotta be grounded in an identifiable framework. Or, you can create a more conservative vision of the future, often called or considered “hard sci-fi,” but if you dedicate yourself to realism, you have to stick with it. Read more »


Franklin & Bash 4×06 ‘Dance the Night Away’: Commoner

Last night I actually chuckled, was happy and even got a little shocked with Franklin & Bash. Could the dry spell be over? They were great last week and this week, while wasn’t as interesting, was still entertaining with strippers, puppets, mama drama and a reunion.

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Red Band Society 1×1 ‘Pilot’: The best hospital ever

I have had physical disabilities my whole life, and I have spent a fair amount of time in hospitals. So I was bound to take ‘Red Band Society’ personally, with enthusiasm, outrage, or nervous uncertainty. After seeing the Pilot episode, count me in the third category. There’s a lot to admire in ‘Red Band Society’, but also several massive questions that need to be answered. Read more »


The Mindy Project 3×01 ‘We’re a Couple Now, Haters’: Diamond Dan and marvelous Mindy

It’s a well known fear that when a couple gets together on a sitcom, they might get boring very quickly. Viewers fear that the chemistry that made them so watchable while they were arguing and bantering, might fade as they get together and deal with domestic life. It’s true, that does happen to some sitcom couples. And then we’ve got Mindy and Danny, who still can’t get through a day without fighting, and spend their entire first episode as a couple bickering about strippers. I don’t think we’ve got anything to worry about. Read more »

Under the Dome 2×12 ‘Turn’ : A time to die

Wow. This week marks another episode that was actually rather good. The plot moved forward, no one did anything terribly stupid, and there were even some creepy images here and there. For the first time in a long time, I’m actually excited about this show. If only it hadn’t taken the entire season to get me that way.

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The Strain 1×10 ‘Loved Ones’: Turning and turning and turning and turning…

With all several plots looking more like spinning of the wheels rather than actual development (and in some cases, complete backtracks) I can’t help but imagine The Strain working better as a miniseries on HBO or a feature film. There was one cool revelation involving The Master (Whose appearance I’m hoping they change sooner rather than later, if ever) but what was the point of this episode? Oh, I guess Eph’s a jerk now. So there’s that.

Spoilers, duh

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Boardwalk Empire 5×02 ‘The Good Listener’: Booshwash

Nucky is dabbling in both the legitimate and shady aspects of his business practices this episode. We’re also treated to a host of flashbacks from his childhood and it feels as though we are slowly closing Nucky’s book. He’s considering retirement and with the end of prohibition looming who can blame him? His popularity is dwindling quickly and the contacts he could always count on in the past have moved on. Read more »

The Sopranos 2x11 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 2×11-2×12: Within the cage

The Sopranos 2×11: “House Arrest”

The Sopranos has been doing something especially interesting during the build-up to its Season 2 climax.  While the entirety of the season is more focused than the first, centering about the way we’re trapped within systems, these build-up episodes are often diverging away from the most heavily serialized plot elements, choosing to emphasize certain characters and stories that don’t really amount to anything (from a plotting perspective).  Instead, these episodes are offering up different perspectives on the notion of being trapped.  “Bust Out” talks about how everybody is trapped by themselves as well as the systems that they as people create.  The next episode, “The Knight in White Satin Armor”, is primarily about the way that people trap each other (mostly men trapping women) in order to have somebody to beat on when they need a release. Read more »


Reckless 1×12 and 1×13 ‘Civil Wars’: Season one finale

It would appear that CBS decided to air both parts one and two of the season finale. I’m pretty sure last week they were still planning on airing them separately so I’m not sure what changed. Could it be the viewership? Well anyway, this review will be a bit longer than normal because of the two-hour run-time. Alright, without further ado, the season finale of ‘Reckless’. Read more »


Doctor Who 8×04 ‘Listen’: Don’t Look Under the Bed

After a Robin Hood-themed episode that I wasn’t completely in love with, we treated to a more gutsy episode, reminiscent of “Blink” or “Midnight”. We see more of Danny and Clara’s blossoming romance, we went a step further into the Doctor’s past, and we all remembered how scary a bed can be at night. The episode brought chills to my back through various scenes, and while it left me confused about some minor details, I enjoyed it very much. Read more »

Graceland - Season 2

Graceland 2×13 ‘Faith 7′: A failed experiment

In the end, it was all kind of a mess.  Graceland really emphasized a plot-heavy structure for its second season, and while that resulted in some fun episodes like “The Head of the Pig”, for the most part, it was apparent that the finale was going to be a convoluted mess.  Graceland has never been able to keep all of its ideas in the air at one time, something that has been noticeable ever since Jakes took front and center for the first five episodes, only to be pushed aside entirely to make way for the massive waves of plot.  And, sure, “Faith 7” has some surprises, but those surprises aren’t in any way interesting or exciting. Read more »


Outlander 1×06 ‘The Garrison Commander’: Foot in mouth disease

Yet again, another impressive episode. I was completely blown away by everything that happened. Let’s start with that opening. Last time, Claire was deciding whether or not she was going to tell the English soldiers she was a prisoner or a guest of the Scottish. Not surprisingly she decides to tell the English that she is a guest, but things take a turn for the worst when she and Dougal are taken to the village the English have taken over. I really think Claire has developed foot in mouth disease. She literally does not think half the time when she’s presented with a question that involves siding for or against the Scottish. When speaking to the English, she really needs to learn to play by their rules if she truly wants to get where she wants to go. Her sympathies aside, she really needs to at least try and appear the loyal British subject and not some hotheaded female with more smarts than that room of warmongering Englishman combined.   Read more »


The Leftovers 1×10 ‘The Prodigal Son Returns’: Nothing else matters

The Leftovers is often described by critics as being relentlessly bleak and miserable, to the point where derisive comments are often flung at the show because of that.  And the first nine episodes were certainly bleak and miserable, not to mention a large portion of the finale.  But The Leftovers isn’t only a show about how people harm each other in order to feel okay again.  It’s a show about how, despite that, the people around you are the only ones who can save you.  Because we need somebody to pull us out of the darkness, to pick us up and keep us walking when we feel that we have no other options. Read more »


The Knick 1×05 ‘They Capture The Heat’: I feel a love traingle brewing

Well, we’re halfway through the first season of The Knick. It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the midway point. I feel so conflicted. I want to see more, but I don’t want to have to wait for more. It goes to show that The Knick has proven to grab my attention, and I’m sure the attention of others as well. And while this episode’s title may not be the most descriptive or imply any substantial plot, it somehow brings to light a little something about the two most compelling characters of the show thus far.

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Extant 1×12 ‘Before the Blood’: Almost there….

Molly comes to face-to-face with the offspring, which reveals through hallucinations that its masters are coming down to Earth. Odin’s plan for Ethan to blow up the humanics lab runs into its fatal flaw: basic communication between Ethan and his caretakers. And on the Seraphim, Katie Sparks is alive and well…or is she? (dun dun dun) Read more »

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Taxi Brooklyn 1×12 ‘No Going Back’: Car crash finale

Bad TV upsets me.

Taxi Brooklyn was never a great show. I never counted the days and hours until the next episode. But it was always fun to watch, I liked nearly all of the characters, and the plots worked just well enough to support some fine cop show banter and decent character development, with glimpses of Leo’s French culture to keep me interested. It was pretty good for a summer series. So, what happened? Why did the season finale crash like one of Cat’s squad cars?

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Franklin & Bash 4×05 ‘Deep Throat’: Power ballad mixtapes

It’s a miracle; this week’s Franklin & Bash wasn’t horrible. It was actually entertaining and kept my attention the whole time. My mind failed to wander as Ellen was back and her relationship status with Franklin was put to the test, the case this week was easy to follow and there was some Bash’s history both on and off the show tossed in the mix.

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×07 ‘Week 6′: The final rose

Thank God, Graham and AshLee broke up.  I think the entire audience collectively sighed in relief.  Halfway through the episode, the only couples left were Marcus and Lacy, Cody and Michelle, and Robert and Sarah.  Everyone else packed their bags and left.

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Under the Dome 2×11 ‘Black Ice’ : Cold front

That dome is temperamental this week, even by dome standards. It spins, it freezes, it shrinks, it’s just all kinds of crazy. And you know what? The show doesn’t suck. Given its usual track record, this is a major accomplishment.

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