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Baby Daddy 6×07 ‘The Sonny-Moon’: Tag!

So this week’s Baby Daddy sort of seemed meh to me. I wasn’t enthralled by anything that was going on. Which is a bummer because I campaigned hard for the pregnancy to take more time than anything.

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Fresh Off the Boat 3×20 ‘’The Masters’: Hats

One cannot stress enough how important representation is. When you see people who look like you in various positions, you then feel you can achieve more. It’s not hard to realize that. Growing up do you know how many interracial couples and mixed kids I got to see? Very freaking little. Shawn and Angela on Boy Meets World, and then that one kiss between Zack and Lisa were basically all I had to hold onto. While it wasn’t a matter of love on Fresh Off the Boat, it was about representation this week as we tackled Tiger Woods. Long before his wife bashed his car in a rage, he was the most celebrated golfer in the world, but many referred to him as only black and often cast aside his Asian side. Which, if you were an Asian kid in the ’90s, that was a bummer because you got the shit end of the deal there. While Emery was trying hard to get Tiger’s heritage out in the open, Jessica and Louis were betting on whose parenting style worked best.

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Baby Daddy 6×06 ‘The Third Wheeler’: Seduction

As we get older, a lot of things change around us. Our focus switches gears and we often times lose touch with people. Not because we don’t want them in our lives anymore, but because our own lives shifted gears and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to fit everything in. We saw that this week as Riley and Ben realized they literally had no idea what the other had been up to lately. Wanting to change that they had to battle overprotective Danny. While they were trying to reconnect, Bonnie was trying to prove Brad’s innocence.

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Baby Daddy 6×05 ‘When Elle Freezes Over’: OMFG

Okay so we’re only five episodes into season six of Baby Daddy. It seems like it’s been months since we began and in that time I felt like they’d forgotten all about the baby. In my defense they did seem to kind of put the latest Wheeler on the back burner for a few weeks, but finally last week and especially this week it’s apparent that Riley is expecting! Also, remember when we were in a constant state of frustration when it came to Ben-Riley-Danny? Well that seems to be back only with just Ben…and this Elle character.

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The Big Bang Theory 10×20 ‘The Recollection Dissipation’: No pants

This week kind of felt a little like filler, but kudos to them on finding a way to make “Soft Kitty” fell anew on The Big Bang Theory. While Sheldon’s cold medicine fiasco was comical, it wasn’t the best part of the episode. Those moments centered around Howard and Bernadette, and her fear of going back to work after maternity leave.

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The Goldbergs 4×20 ‘The Dynamic Duo’: Shrinky Dinks

Every generation has their own Batman, and Barry almost started a war on The Goldbergs when it came to Michael Keaton vs. Adam West. While the Batman references were greatly directed by Kevin Smith this week, what was more interesting were the breakthroughs we got within the family when it came to bonding and future plans.

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Fresh Off the Boat ‘3×18 ‘Time to Get Ill’: Bet on bass

Jessica was down and the rest of the Huangs were ecstatic over the possibilities of what could come of it on Fresh Off the Boat.

Being the responsible one is hard as hell. In recent months I have had to step into this role as cancer found its way to my boyfriend. It can be overwhelming to have all that weight on you, but then again he’s facing Leukemia…so I can’t really complain. I can see where Jessica was coming from though. After the boys realize they can get away with a hell of a lot more with mom down, they used it fully to their advantage. Pay Per View, Shirley temples, Carmen Electra. They had it all. That is of course until they realized Jessica had faked it to go out with Honey.

While I loved the story and the message behind the hard working mom’s story, I again was missing were the kids being fully present. I want to know more of what it was like for them growing up in the ‘90s and how that coincided with their parents, their heritage. We just don’t get that too much though. Those kids are hilarious and need more screen time – for sure.

It can be exhausting to always be on and it was nice to see her family react the way they did in the end.


The Big Bang Theory 10×19 ‘The Collaboration Fluctuation’: 3rd Wheel

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last seen The Big Bang Theory and in that time in their realm in the heart of Pasadena Penny and Raj have gotten particularly close. This of course bothers the hell out of Leonard. While an awkward trio was forming there, Amy and Sheldon were trying to combine their intellect across the hall.

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The Goldbergs 4×19 ‘A Night to Remember’: Walking and talking

Is anyone else brought to tears by “Time After Time?” I just want to know I’m not alone. Anyways, it was prom on The Goldbergs and each sibling had their own version while learning one very simple lesson about the night. It’s not about the night really, it’s about who you’re with.

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Okay I know I used this one already but MY FEELINGS / Source: FOX

Bones 12×12 ‘The End in the End’: Squints of the world unite!

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Twelve years ago, Booth and Brennan began their journey together in a rose garden, full of spark and snark and hope. 246 episodes later— spoiler alert?— they finish in the same way, a little older and wiser and battered and bruised, but as ready for their next adventure as they were in their youth.

Serial killers run amok, and the Jeffersonian is in shambles, but you know what? The center still holds, the way it always has, and the squints prove that they won’t let a little thing like near-death or serious head injuries get in the way of their superpowers.

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Baby Daddy 6×03 ‘Ben Rides a Unicorn’: Hooked

What is even going on this season with Baby Daddy? In the years that have led to this point we’ve gotten really emotional with Riley and Danny but now it’s like they aren’t even expecting an actual child, basically NO ONE cares Riley is pregnant as Bonnie’s still making Tucker her partner in crime, and Ben’s worried about a hook up gone serious.

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Bones 12×11 ‘The Day in the Life’: The beginning of the end, for real this time

It almost felt like this day would never come, but tonight’s episode of Bones is the first part of its two-hour series finale, and boy, is the show taking the ‘go out with a bang’ adage seriously. Cam and Arastoo finally get hitched, and the event is the backdrop for a quasi-Rashomon-style look at each of our main cast, giving us all a little insight into what the future holds for the rest of the gang. Until, of course, something goes boom, because it wouldn’t be a Bones wedding without a little crime to throw a wrench into everyone’s plans.

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Girls 6×06 ‘Full Disclosure’: Becoming someone new

It’s difficult to become a new person when you’ve been something else for so long.  You worry about the influence that your old friends will have, that your old habits will have, and that even your old memories will have.  You worry that your future is becoming bleaker and bleaker with every failed attempt to move on, and you worry that you will become one of those people from your hometown that you mock because they aren’t successful and you managed to cling on to a way up.  You worry that this new person you want to be is going to be worth all the pain of losing what you once had.  You worry that you’re making mistake after mistake, even in your quest to be something better, and that you’ll be set back instead of forward.  Because life isn’t linear, and that can be terrifying. Read more »


Baby Daddy 6×02 ‘Pro and Con’: Pretty woman

Things got real between Ben and Tucker after one thinks the other is dating a lady of the night. Speaking of real, Brad finds himself in some real trouble with the law. Also, has anyone noticed that Riley and Danny’s baby is not as big a deal as it should be?

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The Originals 4×01 ‘Gather Up the Killers’: So…what’s going on?

I needed a refresher for sure before going into the premiere of The Originals this week. And I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this. Friday is a horrible night to air a show. So CW, let’s put this back on Monday. Anyways, we are five freaking years in the future making Hope practically a grown woman (only not really). While I was a little confused and put off, I kind of got back into the swing of things by the end.

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The Goldbergs 4×18 ‘Baré’: Lucky in love

Would you have ever guessed that Murray was focusing so much love and attention towards Lucky because he was sad about his human daughter leaving? Nope! But then again, when you break down each of the Goldbergs’ walls…I really believe dad is the most sensitive. Meanwhile, Barry was having a crisis after learning his girlfriend was heading south.

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BONES:  L-R: Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in the "The Final Chapter:  The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" episode of BONES airing Tuesday, March 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Bones 12×10 ‘The Radioactive Panthers in the Party’: Take your passion and make it happen

Sometimes, Bones is so absurd it gives you Bud Bundy as an orange half-man, half-panther. Sometimes, the show hits so close to home that it gets you right in the ol’ heart muscle. Sometimes, like this week, it does both at the same time.

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Fresh Off the Boat 3×17 ‘The Flush’: Giant peanut

One of the hardest things to realize when you’re a kid is how knowledgeable and helpful your parents can actually be. Eddie learned that the hard way from his dad on Fresh Off the Boat, while his brothers learned that some dreams are never meant to come true.

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Girls 6×05 ‘Gummies’: “It’s being an adult that’s hard”

Girls tends to present adulthood as this vague notion of a destination, of progress made from childhood to something else.  Even when we’re legally adults, we yearn for a time when we exist as adults, when we can do adult things, whatever that means.  Really, more than anything else, we’re simply looking for progress towards becoming something better.  Maybe we want to be more kind.  Maybe we want to be smarter.  Maybe we want to be more self-sufficient.  Maybe we want to be more capable of handling responsibility or trauma.  But we want something, some form of progress, and we call that progress “adulthood” in order to make it feel more real. Read more »


Baby Daddy 6×01 ‘To Elle and Back’: Dirty dog

You know your life has taken a preoccupied turn when you totally forget the premiere of Baby Daddy. Not just any premiere, THE premiere that comes after Riley announcing she was pregnant, and Tucker saying adios to New York. Which also, wasn’t Danny supposed to be dealing with a major career choice?

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