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Bones 11×20 ‘The Stiff in the Cliff’: How to kill friends and cannibalize people

We’re sticking with the ice theme this week, only this time it’s of the outdoor variety. It feels like, at some point, everyone at the Jeffersonian has been accused of murder, and this week it’s Clark’s turn, because the poor guy hasn’t been put through enough in the last few seasons. But if there’s one thing the squints are good at, it’s proving that one of their own is innocent against all odds.

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Baby Daddy 5×14 ‘Not So Great Grandma’: Emotional improv

Loni Anderson guest starred as the grandma from hell on this week’s Baby Daddy. Sorry, but I didn’t buy for one second that she was as great as Ben and Danny thought her to be. If there’s a reason a mother doesn’t want someone around their kids – there’s a dang reason. So I was on Bonnie’s side from the start. On the flip side Tucker and Riley were learning improv for their jobs, and sizzling from the heat.

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Pretty Little Liars 7×01 Tick Tock Bitches “The Bell tolls for Hanna”

Well we started off with quite a bang. The girls, minus Hanna, are digging a grave, tears streaming down their faces. Please tell me it’s not for Hanna. NOT HANNA! PS Was I the only one that forgot Hanna was kidnapped last season? It was a long hiatus for me. Read more »

Mindy Drew 2

The Mindy Project 2×24 ‘My Kid Stays in the Picture’: One step forward, two steps back

This week’s The Mindy Project was incredibly frustrating for me, because it backtracked on the character progression of just last week’s episode. I enjoyed “There’s No Crying in Baseball” because it referenced how the show (and Mindy Lahiri) were trying to bounce back from Danny leaving. It looked like Mindy had made progress when she opened up to the idea of a serious relationship with the sporty, kind Drew. It was a big moment for the character, as she had been having only short term relationships in the wake of breaking up with Danny. Not only did this make the story seem repetitive (it seemed like every other week we would meet a new love interest, and then they would disappear), but it made it hard for any new love interest to stand out. This is why I was so relieved when it was implied that Drew would be on the show for more than a few episodes.

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Game of Thrones 6×09 ‘Battle of the Bastards’: The price of power

Tyrion isn’t wrong.  Death really is abstract when it isn’t you that is dying.  It is why the slavers are so confident when they come up against Daenerys, up until the point they know that they’re done.  It is why Daenerys is willing to torch all of these cities until she gets them back.  It is why Ramsay is willing to fire arrows ar his men and Jon’s men alike. But it’s also why Davos, Tormund, and Jon, men who have all been in the thick of a battle, shy away from embarking on a destructive streak.  As men who have survived insane odds, who have experienced the chaos and carnage of large-scale combat, they have empathy for the very real human consequences of the actions of powerful men.  And that’s why people like Ramsay, even people like Daenerys, can be so dangerous.  It’s easy to forget the worth of a life, especially when you command so many lives.

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Game of Thrones 6×08 ‘No One’: Who you are

Game of Thrones has been spending the whole season digging into notions of identity.  Characters have pieces of themselves stripped away until theyre not sure what is left.  Other characters further define themselves in the wake of having lost so much, building themselves back up from the ground.  As we move closer to the endgame of the series, we’re seeing characters transitioning into the final stages of their journey.  What have the events of the series done to the characters, and how are they turning out as a result?  Its this positioning of the characters that really emphasizes how close we are to the end, as major conflicts are coming to a head as a result of it all.

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Bones 11×19 ‘The Head in the Abutment’: The puck stops here

It isn’t every day that Booth gets to be the leading squint on a case, but when it involves hockey, even Brennan has to concede to his expertise in all things icy. It isn’t the first time that Bones has laced up its skates, and this episode might just prove that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Baby Daddy 5×13 ‘High School Diplomacy’: Cheaters!

Man, I was out of town and stuck in a home that was not appreciating Baby Daddy. So here I am a couple days later trying to wrap my head around what I just watched. Riley and Sam are now best buds, and Bonnie and Ben have headed back to school? Plus, as always – Tucker is the comic anchor that holds this ship down.

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Mindy Drew

The Mindy Project 4×23 ‘There’s No Crying in Softball’: Time to get meta

Last week in my review I talked about my frustration with Mindy’s revolving door of boyfriends in season 4B. While normally the show produces funny, charismatic short-term boyfriends for Mindy who contribute to the plot (Josh, Casey, and Cliff, for example), this season’s boyfriends left too quickly to actually have much of a personality. It seems like the writers have picked up on that too, as this episode was all about refocusing the practice (and show) after Danny’s departure.

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Mindy and Friends

The Mindy Project 4×21 ‘Princeton Charming’: Boy trouble

While watching The Mindy Project this week, I couldn’t help but get a little bored. The plot was about Mindy meeting (and arguing with) a cute guy, going on a date with him, and then hoping they might have a future together. After the ep. was over, I realized I was bored because, well, I’ve already seen this plot before. I’ve seen it several times this season.

I’m getting tired of the boyfriends of the week. They last an episode, maybe two, and then disappear. I understand that Mindy’s next serious relationship will most likely be Jody, but that doesn’t mean all of her boyfriends have to vanish so quickly. In the first two seasons, when the show was building up to Mindy dating Danny, she dated some truly funny guys: Josh, Casey, Cliff, and Charlie are the first that come to mind. Each had their own distinct personality and had some great episodes in the show. Now, Mindy’s new boyfriends come and go so fast they barely have time to have a personality.

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Baby Daddy 5×12 ‘Ben-Gemination’: Issues

This week’s Baby Daddy was a ten times better than last week’s, but I’m still not happy with how Riley and Danny are acting towards one another. I mean, they made a little progress but it’s still like, grow the heck up and get on with it. Meanwhile we got to see their mother’s duke it out with words, while Ben and Tucker took to the sperm bank.

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Game of Thrones 6×07 ‘The Broken Man’: The cruelty of reality

“The Broken Man” is a massive leap in quality from the previous episode, not simply because Sandor Clegane is back (even though that is ridiculously exciting), but because the episode as a whole cohered into something more complete than the last. This episode revolves around the idea that people are often the source of their own pain because they expect something only to realize that the systems around them are propagating something different.  Whether it’s a misplaced sense of hope, a thick layer of delusion, or a miscalculation, people run into disappointment and tragedy as a result of this disconnect, often because reality is too difficult to contend with. Read more »

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Bones 11×18 ‘The Movie in the Making’: Up close and personal

Bones has tried many formats over the years — from bottle episodes, to hours told from the victim’s perspective, and everything in between — but this week, the show tackles the single-camera wave when a documentary crew follows them around for a case. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder just how these people have managed to retain any sense of smell in their line of work.

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Mindy Peter

The Mindy Project 4×21 ‘Under the Texan Sun’: No vacation from drama

It’s hard not to get excited whenever Peter shows up in a Mindy Project episode. Despite being a series regular for only a season and a half, Peter is one of the show’s most important characters. He told Mindy she was pregnant, helped Mindy realize she loved Danny, and then eventually helped her realize that despite that love, Mindy was becoming trapped in an unhealthy relationship. Peter has always been able to connect and understand Mindy in a way no other character, even Danny, ever has.

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Baby Daddy 5×11 ‘Trial by Liar’: Ding Dongs

So Freeform decided all we needed was a few short months to wonder what was to come of all the heartbreak that went down in April on Baby Daddy. Last we saw, Ben left a naked Sam to tell Zoe he wanted to be with her – only to find she’d gotten back together with her own baby daddy, and Riley learned that years ago Danny had hooked up with Sam – and she gave him back the “someday” necklace and all of our hearts simultaneously broke into a million little pieces. Well I’ve got some bad news, those pieces were not allowed to be collected and glued back together because while the show is back, the couples are not.

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GoT 6x06 Cover

Game of Thrones 6×06 ‘Blood of My Blood’: Family ties

The worst thing that Game of Thrones can be is slow-moving.  It’s something that the show can be relatively often, but usually to a small degree.  It’s also something that is often offset by the excitement of certain events happening. “The Door” is an episode where there isn’t a whole lot that happens aside from the monumental 10-minute finale, and everybody remembers it as a transcendent episode.  With that in mind, “Blood of my Blood” isn’t necessarily THAT different from the rest.  However, it’s structured in a way that makes it somewhat frustrating when compared to the rest. Read more »

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Bones 11×17 ‘The Secret in the Service’: In the line of fire

If it’s May, then you know Bones has to do at least one high-stakes episode, so here’s our yearly sacrifice to the Action gods. This week, Booth fills in for a murdered secret service agent on protective detail for the President (spoiler alert: it’s not who you think it is!), for reasons, while another blast from the past has his own connections to the White House.

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Photo from the episode "Start Digging"

Chicago PD 3×23 “Start Digging” and then I’ll shoot you

Hmm, that’s an interesting title. I wonder how they are going to reference that in the episode. Oh, Voight’s making a guy dig his own grave before he murders him, that’s how!

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Mindy Birthday

The Mindy Project 4×20 ‘The Greatest Date in the World’: Goodbye Marcus, hello Jody

For the first few seasons, The Mindy Project was about a woman in search of romance. Not just any kind of romance: the endless, dramatic, heart wrenching love you see in the movies. She wanted the dream that romantic comedies laid out for her: an all consuming romance. Then she got it, and realized it wasn’t enough for her. The man she loved wanted her to give up her career, making the relationship devolve into harsh fights. Season 4B has been about watching Mindy move on from the movie-like romance she thought she’d have forever.

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Fresh Off the Boat 2×24 ‘Bring the Pain’: We’ve Got It Goin’ On

Unlike with The Goldbergs, it didn’t take a random case of reruns for me to fall in love with Fresh Off the Boat. They had me at the 90’s, even though I was weary since Fox had failed to do that decade justice. Remember Surviving Jack? I clearly didn’t recall the name as I did have to Google the one star’s name I did know (half heartedly – sorry Christopher Meloni). Despite an upset with another network, I tuned into Fresh’s series premiere and absolutely loved it. I felt like it was more heroic in the sense of diversity than Black-ish in many ways, and that ABC show was one I’d connected to on a personal level at times as I myself had struggled being mixed with black, white and Spanish growing up. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve loved Fresh since the start but this season seemed to struggle at times for me. When it was good – it was amazing and when it wasn’t, it was unforgettable. Even last night, I completely forgot they hadn’t had their season finale yet – and it wasn’t until the end that I got interested.

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