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Supernatural 9×18 : Meta Fiction : ‘We’re going on the Kill Metatron Tour.’

Is anyone else annoyed at how The CW seems all lackadaisical about scheduling?  A week on, a couple weeks off, who cares but the viewers, right?  Also, I’m getting real tired of some weeks being about the Winchesters, some weeks about Abaddon, some weeks about Metatron.  Oh, this is a Metatron week, in case you have trouble following.

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Baby Daddy 3×13 ‘Play It Again, Bonnie’: “Brad habit”

Everyone was dealing with their mommies this week. Riley was learning that having her biological mom around wasn’t what she planned and Ben was trying to get his laid. In the middle of everything Danny’s feelings for Riley were more apparent than ever – even Brad noticed.

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Awkward. 4×01 ‘No Woman is an Island’: Senior year

Finally our favorite TV teen show has returned back for their fourth season and is off to a decent start. The season kicked off with Jenna recovering from her meltdown and focusing on college. Thankfully for the entire episode, there were no love triangles nor breakups. However, this is just the beginning. Read more »


Melissa & Joey 3×29 ‘Born To Run’: “Post traumatic sexting disorder”

Mel’s dad was back with a scandal, the happy couple faced yet another dilemma and Ryder tried to bank on his family’s misfortune.

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The Mindy Project 2×19 ‘Think Like a Peter’: Actually, think like a Mindy

When Danny ended his relationship with Mindy, breaking both their hearts, he was convinced it was for the best. He was certain that he would screw up the relationship and drive away the only friend he had. But unfortunately for Dr. Castellano, that theory has now become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mindy’s too heartbroken to want to resume their friendship, and has instead started a tight-knit bond with Peter. This leaves Danny, right where he feared he’d be, all alone.

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About a Boy 1×08 ‘About a Slopmaster’: About a need for realism

This episode, Marcus and Will have no understanding of money or how it affects everyone around them. Marcus is picked Slopmaster in the school’s “Mini Society” the same way Will was picked King in American society: by their parents. Fiona purposely put Marcus as the lowest class citizen because she wanted him to learn a lesson and Will inherits an enormous amount of money from his father’s famous Christmas song every quarter. The episode was cute but ends with a heavy handed morality tale that is hard to take seriously.

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Fargo 1×01 ‘The Crocodile’s Dilemma’: What did I just watch?!?

Have you heard the one about the Bad Santa and the Hobbit who walk into a bar … become best friends, and kill everyone inside?!? I honestly could not tell you for sure whether or not I enjoyed this premiere. Some parts of it where funny in a dark, twisted and sinister kind of way. There was also some really awkward dialog that left me scratching my head.  One thing I can say with certainty is that this 10 episode limited series will definitely have my full undivided attention around 10:00 pm on Tuesday nights. Read more »


Agents of SHIELD 1×18 ‘Providence’: Agents of… we’re working on it.

Agents of SHIELD continues to improve with an episode that finds HYDRA making power plays across the globe. Meanwhile, Coulson and his team must ask themselves what they’re fighting for. Yes, it’s all connected.

When Agents of SHIELD first began airing in the fall of 2013, I enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure. A harmless quick fix for my Marvel needs.  Now, I find myself enjoying this show less as a guilty pleasure and more as an actual show. The previously messy plot threads and character beats have found their way into a solid narrative. Read more »

Archer 5x12-1

Archer 5×12 ‘Filibuster’: Paging Dr. Black, Dr. Man in Black


Archer, Cherlene and Gustavo escape imprisonment by El President Cyril Figgis to team up with the rebels, only to get…sidetracked….while Krieger battles to keep Gustavo’s secret weapon from launching. We’ll discuss an exciting, sometimes shocking and as-always inappropes episode of Archer, the penultimate of the season, after the jump. Read more »

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New Girl 3×21 ‘Big News’: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

This week’s episode of New Girl had a lot going for it in terms of humor, but still missed the mark with most of the character moments (which has been the case for a good chunk of Season 3). “Big News” followed the events of Jess and Nick’s break up almost immediately after it happened. Nick and Jess decide to tell Schmidt, Winston, and Coach about their break up–only to be derailed by Winston finally being accepted as a police officer. The ex-couple decides to hold off on the news and instead focus on Winston for the day, and of course that doesn’t work out exactly the way they planned and things spiral out of control. Also Schmidt decides to tutor CeCe and help her get her GED? Read more »


The Originals 1×18 ‘The Big Uneasy’: “Secrets are a poison”

Everyone has an agenda and thinks their alliance is the one to be in on when it comes to The Originals. That was some break but now we’re back and Klaus is basically at war with everyone but it’s what’s brewing between him and Genevieve that has me the most interested. Elsewhere Hayley and Monique are proving they’re the HBIC of their collective, while Josh, Marcel and Cami are becoming hopeless.

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Warehouse 13 - Season 5

Warehouse 13 5×01 ‘Endless Terror’: Rushed Terror

Gather ‘round to smell the fudge and store the artifacts one last time, because Warehouse 13 is back! And it’s bigger, badder, and more filled with evil than ever! Oh wait, you don’t like the Warehouse being used as a hub of evil and pain under the name of science? Nobody told Paracelsus. Don’t worry, Claudia’s there to take him down.

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Bates Motel 2×07 ‘Presumed Innocent’: Everyone makes a choice.

After the somewhat slow episode last week culminating in the death of Cody’s Dad, we were promised a tense, dramatic episode this week. Norma’s professional life seems to be progressing well; she’s been given the spot she wanted on the town council, but her relationship with Norman is coming apart at the seams. At the end of the last episode, mother and son had a vicious argument, and it seems as if Norma hasn’t heard from Norman since. She assumes it’s because he’s still angry, but it turns out that Norman has gotten himself into trouble. Again. What a great start to her political career!  Sheriff Romero (Alex) is uncharacteristically compassionate throughout this episode; perhaps I wasn’t just seeing things last week when I detected a little chemistry between the two of them. I still don’t know how they’d work, but he obviously has a soft spot for her.

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Bones 9×21 ‘The Cold in the Case’: Meet the parents

Bones is setting up the home stretch of its ninth season with ever-increasing intrigue, and tonight’s episode was one more piece of the puzzle. A body is found in suburbia (don’t you hate when you find remains on your cul-de-sac?), while Cam and Arastoo worry about an impending visit from his parents and Booth is up for a big promotion, but doesn’t seem to be thrilled at the prospect.

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Silicon Valley 1×02 ‘The Cap Table’: Practically predictable in every way

Stereotypes abound in this week’s episode! Awkward party thrown by nerds with nobody showing up? Check! A stripper whose presence terrifies the nerds but who just wants to get paid? Check! Shy submissive guy who is told to ‘be more of an asshole’ finally stands up to his so-called friends? Check!

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Mad Men 7x01 Cover

Mad Men 7×01 ‘Time Zones’: Out into the cold

“In these days of wars and rumors of wars—haven’t you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle but a lasting delight?  Of course you have.  So has every man since Time began.  Always the same dream.  Sometimes he calls it Utopia—Sometimes the Fountain of Youth—Sometimes merely ‘that little chicken farm.’” Read more »


Resurrection 1×06 ‘Home’: The church falls apart

I think “Home” really helped me enjoy the show more. The town of Arcadia is having problems. Not just the fact that three people have come back from the dead, but also the consequences that this event has created. Finally, those investigating the Returns are getting somewhere with how all of these people are connected and the ending really left me worried about what is going to happen next.

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Californication 7×01 ‘Levon’: Let my love open the door

When Californication started back in 2007 it was easy to fall in love with. Much like it’s protagonist it was funny, dirty and raunchy but it also had heart, a certain romanticism in its view of the world. It may have been crude, fatalistic and flawed but it aspired to be better, and though it often failed in its attempts, sometimes trying was enough. But somewhere along the way the heart and romantic ideals began to take a backseat to the crass and the filth and the sex, and while this led to some great comedic moments they were too few and far between. Read more »


Veep 3×02 ‘The Choice’: Boom, boom, shake the womb!

Vice President Selina Meyers continues her secret campaign for the Presidency, Dan goes loses his cool, Mike returns from his honeymoon, and Jonah starts up his news blog. Part of the fun of watching Veep is imagining this lighter version of politics going on behind closed doors, so when the show tackles real political issues, it becomes all the more entertaining. Thanks to POTUS announcing his Pro-Life stance, adopting the moniker “PROTUS,” Selina Meyers and her team try to decide how she should think on the issue. It goes about as well as you’d expect. Read more »

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Game of Thrones 4×02 ‘The Lion And The Rose: The Westeros royal wedding

A great many things have happened tonight. Above the “Read More” tab, I will offer no spoilers. Therefore, let’s do the teeniest of recaps before we get to the goods. This is the episode where we catch up with the other half of characters not shown in the previous episode. Theon (better known as Reek nowadays), Ramsay Snow, and newcomer Myranda (what an introduction!) meet up with Roose Bolton and his fat wife, Walda Frey, in the Dreadfort. Bran Stark, Jojen and Meera Reed, and Hodor continue to travel north of the wall. Stannis and Selyse Baratheon decide to let Melisandre play priest for their daughter, Shireen. Oh yeah, and there was the royal wedding between the lion, Joffrey Baratheon, and the rose, Margaery Tyrell.

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