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The Vampire Diaries 6×04 ‘Black Hole Sun’ : “Perfect. Our savior’s insane and narcoleptic.”

What we have here is a theme; forgetting and escaping.  We’re going over and over Elena’s decision to forget Damon and Damon’s inability to forget the awful things he’s done as well as going over and over Stefan’s need to escape from his previous life and Malachi’s need to escape his prison.  There was no Caroline and very little anyone else…which I guess is fine, since this show has always been a love triangle, right?

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Grey’s Anatomy 11×05 ‘Bend and Break’ : “Every single person I have ever married has cheated on me!”

Apparently, we have a theme going for Grey’s; episodes focusing on just a few of the characters and everyone else maybe appears or doesn’t.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I just want to really dive into something.  But then again, focusing on different characters is diving into character development, isn’t it?  So this week, we have Arizona and Callie, and I am kind of into it.

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Gracepoint 1×04 “1.4″: Kill ‘em with kindness

More dirt is being dug up on everyone in the small town of Gracepoint than ever before. If you thought the paranoia was bad last time, get ready for this week’s episode. Beth doesn’t trust anyone anymore…not even her family. Mark is constantly on edge because he knows that he’s got a huge secret being kept from Beth. Jokes on him. Det. Carver has some serious issues he’s not telling anyone about and Det. Miller just really doesn’t want to make dinner plans. Read more »

The Middle 6×04 ‘The Table’ : Let your freak font fly

This week in the Heck house, it’s Frankie and Mike’s anniversary. They might not know exactly how long they’ve been married, but that doesn’t stop them from making the day awesome. Well, actually it’s a train wreck, but that’s to be expected with this couple, and they make it a pretty dang great train wreck. Also, Brick gets Internet famous. Sort of.

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Stalker 1×04 ‘Phobia’ : What do you fear?

This week we get a typically creepy and off-putting foray into the land of stalkers. The case has the necessary weird as heck plot twist, but more interesting than that, we get a closer look at some of the characters personal lives.

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Franklin & Bash 4×10 ‘Red or Black’: Fishy destinies

After a season of a lot of misses Franklin & Bash go out with a pretty entertaining, telling and emotional season finale. Stanton faced destiny, two couples faced romantic realities and the boys faced a life changing opportunity.

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Chicago PD 2×05 ‘An Honest Woman’ Olive is after all

It’s time for my weekly Linstead check in. Lindsay and Halstead looked adorable as a tourist couple on their undercover mission this week. It also appears that Lindsay may be getting a promotion. She gets offered a job to lead a task force for the FBI. Will our badass lady detective take the case, or will she stick with her Intelligence family? Now on to the main drama of this episode, I’m not going to say I told you so but I totally called it. Asher’s a sketchy jerkface, Antonio is in a lot of trouble, and Voight’s safe is not so safe after all.  Read more »

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NCIS 12×05 ‘The San Dominick’: Bring on the movie references

If I can rely on this show for anything, it’s on its plethora of movie references that are sprinkle into episodes every so often. Last week was Star Wars, this week is Star Trek (also a sneaky Diehard reference). It’s no real surprise that McGee is the one that makes the Star Trek reference. And that’s why he is my favorite.

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The Goldbergs 2×04 ‘Shall We Play a Game?’: The Bevernator

We found out what happens when Beverly’s cool points are minimal on The Goldbergs this week. While she was trying to figure out what was cool, Adam was busy hacking his brother’s social circle and dying in dysentery.

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Arrow 3×03 ‘Corto Maltese’: Trouble in paradise

While the hunt for a killer leads to multiple dead ends and cold trails, Oliver decides it’s time for Thea to come home to Starling City. Lyla asks Diggle to check on an A.R.G.U.S. agent down in Corto Maltese. Laurel tries her hand at domestic justice.

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Baby Daddy 3×22 ‘Strip or Treat’: Bad, bad bears

Riley is sick and tired of the Wheelers’ Halloween pranks on this special episode of Baby Daddy. It was predictable but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny. It was better than that other on that aired before it. Sorry Melissa & Joey.

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Agents of SHIELD 2×05 ‘A Hen in the Wolf House’: And if that bird don’t sing…

Agents of SHIELD season 2 hot streak continues with Hydra on the search for a mole and Simmons is caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile Raina is on a timetable to steal back the obelisk from Skye’s father by giving him the one thing he wants the most…

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Melissa & Joey 4×01 ‘Witch Came First’: Sabrina the Teenage Mel

They’re saying this is the kick off to season four of Melissa & Joey so that’s how I’m going to mark this Halloween special that was cute for nostalgic reasons but a little too (candy) corny if you ask me. We got a throwback to Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina days but it wasn’t enough.

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POI 4x05.1

Person of Interest 4×05 ‘Prophets’: Admin is not admin

After two weeks of lighter-toned episodes Person of Interest takes the fight to Samaritan once again. With rigged elections and Team Machine always looking over their shoulder, Samaritan is always 20 steps ahead. “Dance for me puppets,” Samaritan scoffs. The Brotherhood doesn’t look so big and bad after this week’s dangerously thrilling episode. Too bad Reese is benched for this fight. Let’s jump into “Prophets.”

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Supernatural 10×3 ‘Soul Survivor’ : “What a load of crap it all is.”

Soooooo…Cas and Crowley sort of work together, Cas and Sam definitely work together, and I guess we have Dean back from demonhood.  Or whatever.  This episode wraps up Sam’s pursuit of Dean and his desire to cure Dean.  It also puts out of mind Cas’s stolen grace…for a little while.  And Crowley?  Well, he’s around.

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Selfie 1×04 ‘Nugget of Wisdom’: A public service award for babysitting

While the previous three episodes had had their little lessons, this episode didn’t seem to follow the formula and felt a bit more filler-ish. As entertained as I was, it was a bit hard to find the point in the episode. With the show being only a half hour long and suddenly bringing in a third storyline (Charmonique’s) beyond Eliza and Henry’s storylines, I found myself feeling a little isolated from Eliza and Henry like there was too much going on really to focus on the main characters. However, their relationship seemed to take an interesting turn after their bonding session.

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The Blacklist 2×05 ‘The Front’: “Plague is the new ebola”

As if a real Ebola scare wasn’t enough they had to scare audiences this week with a radical group exposing the D.C. area (and then the world) with a 600 year old strain of the plague.  Read more »

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Forever 1×06 ‘The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths’: Is that they never die

Yay, he died again! I know I shouldn’t be excited about that, but we’ve been waiting since episode 02 for him to bite it again. And you know, I still gasped in shock when he got stabbed because apparently I don’t get the concept of this show.

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The Flash 1×03 ‘Things You Can’t Outrun’: Misty-eyed

The consistent quality of The Flash  only three episodes in is admirable. Each episode we’ve gotten worthy villains for Barry, although they’re underdeveloped. The stories all help Barry grow in some way or another, whether it’s learning his physical limitations, or he’s coming to an understanding of his new responsibilities as a hero. Add all that up with some insightful flash-backs and this might be the best episode yet.

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Faking It 2×05 ‘Present Tense’ Karmy Retrospective

It’s Karma’s sweet 16 and like every year Amy has set up an extravagant scavenger hunt for Karma. This year after everything the girls have went through Amy finds it fitting to construct a scavenger hunt that reminds them of all of the happy times in their life long friendship. While Karmy takes a scavenger hunt down memory. The others are kept busy at a MMA class so that we had a break from the rollercoaster of emotions.  Read more »