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Switched at Birth 3×18 ‘It Isn’t What You Think’: Tensions rise as they build bridges

A very long ‘previously on’  to this new episode of Switched at Birth, but we have a lot to cover. Read more »

Under the Dome 2×06 ‘Reconciliation’ : Hungry like the wolf

After 2 weeks (almost 2 seasons) of filler, things are really starting to collapse in Chester’s Mill. The town’s divided more deeply than ever, food’s low, and morale is lower. In other words, these people are having a lousy month.

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Halt and Catch Fire 1x09 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 1×09 ‘Up Helly Aa’: Into obscurity

At the very least, Halt and Catch Fire feels like a coherent show now.  It may not be perfect, it may not even begin to match up to AMC giants Mad Men and Breaking Bad, but it still operates at a functional level.  It’s fascinating how the show seems almost knowledgeable of its own failings, like Joe peering at a small demo for Macintosh computers, knowing that his ideas are a copy of some other model, nothing unique to set him apart.  This isn’t to say that “Up Helly Aa” is a bad episode by any means.  But it seems that, even at its best, Halt and Catch Fire pales in comparison to the giants that came before. Read more »

The Leftovers 1x05 Cover

The Leftovers 1×05 ‘Gladys’: Over the edge

We all believe in something, whether that something is tied to religion or morality or another thing entirely.  And, as people with beliefs, those beliefs are inevitably tested by forces that threaten to dismantle them.  How are we, as conscious human beings, supposed to react to those forces?  Do we simply welcome the change and acknowledge the reality that we don’t know nearly as much as we let on?  Do we welcome the change and acknowledge that our malleability as people makes us inherently vulnerable and weak?  Or do we push away those forces and double down on our beliefs in order to return to a semblance of comfort?  More often than not, it’s the last one. Read more »


The Strain 1×03 ‘Gone Smooth’: You dropped something…

I’ve enjoyed the previous two episode of The Strain. The first was a pretty solid pilot with amazing production value and cinematography. The story felt like the beginning of something special. The second was basically filler but still was a joy to watch. The third is a step in the right direction as it looks like our protagonists will no longer be in the dark story-wise, but they’re about to be in the dark on a metaphorical level. Read more »


Reckless 1×05 ‘Bloodstone’: Jamie’s secret past

This episode revolves heavily around different character’s pasts, especially Jamie’s. I’m glad that they’re finally giving her story a little more depth, and I think it made this episode stronger. We also get a glimpse into just how far the corruption in Charleston goes, and is there a romance blossoming between Jamie and Roy? Spoiler alert: duh. Also, Jamie has a tragic back story and is still sad about it? Shocking. Read more »


The Last Ship 1×06 ‘Lockdown’: Hard thing to come back from, when you lose somebody’s trust

Another great episode this week. It seems as if my fears in the first episode regarding the lack of emotion/concern from the crew was all for naught. The Last Ship is a digestible show because first and foremost, it is focused. Each episode so far has focused on one main issue. It’s a little simple, but it works.

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The Sopranos 1x13 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 1×12-1×13: On the precipice

The Sopranos 1×12: “Isabella”

“Isabella” has a tough task set out for itself.  It functions as the mid-section of a three-episode arc that takes us through the end of the first season.  It also sits in between “Nobody Knows Anything” and “I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano”, two episodes that stand out as incredibly tense entries that move the plot forward at a lightning pace.  While “Isabella” is tense in its own way, we know that Tony isn’t going to end up dead.  Instead, the episode’s tension comes from the escalation of the Tony/Junior feud and the knowledge of what would come after the first shot of the war, the chaos that would ensue. Read more »

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The Bachelorette 10×10 ‘The Men Tell All’: Favorites in the hot seat

I gotta say, I was really looking forward to this reunion episode!  Seeing as I’d watched (almost) the entire season, I was excited to see recaps and hear what the boys had to say.  I was also thrilled that my three favorite contestants were the ones interviewed: Marquel, Marcus, and Chris!

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Graceland 2x06 Cover

Graceland 2×06 ‘The Unlucky One’: The strength to endure

Graceland isn’t on a roll, per se, but it’s certainly most interesting than ever.  It’s embracing the grit that it tried to embrace in the first season, but could never really manage to.  It’s taking the characters and subjecting them to this kind of grit in order to deepen their struggles, asking us how much they’re able to take until it’s all just too much to bear.  When Briggs asks Charlie near the end of the episode if she hates him, he’s wondering whether anybody who has been dragged through the mud could be deserving of love. Read more »


Extant 1×03 ‘Wish You Were Here’: It’s not my work, it’s my family

Molly reveals her pregnancy to John, and Ethan attends his first day of school, much to the chagrin of the other parents. Meanwhile, the space agency leadership plots to bring Molly in for study as a willing subject. Read more »

Young & Hungry 1×05 ‘Young & Younger’ : Hey jealousy

Guess what time of the season it is, folks?. It’s the episode where Gabbi tries to get over Josh by dating again. And since we’re taking about ABC Family, that means it’s time for a whole lot of obvious and slightly awkward sexual innuendo.

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Under the Dome 2×04 ‘Revelation’ : Playing God

This week’s episode is split pretty evenly between discovering the mystery of Melanie, and saving the town from starvation. That second storyline turns out to be the more interesting one, mostly because it’s disturbing as heck. As for throwing in a murdered girl and a possible time warp…it just seems like too much.

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The Fosters 2×05 “Mother”: Frankie.

Finally it’s all about Lena – usually Lena is there to pick everybody else up or to deal with somebody else’s problems. I think her deterioration was a long time coming but I didn’t expect it to go down like it did… Read more »

The Leftovers 1x04 Cover

The Leftovers 1×04 ‘B.J. and the A.C.’: The pain of isolation

How do we navigate loss?  Are we supposed to bathe in it until it feels okay?  Are we supposed to avoid it in order to keep our heads above water?  Or are we supposed to lean on others for support until we can stand on our own?  We’re never really taught how to recover from loss, but we all operate under the impression that we have some answer that keeps us sane.  Of course, it’s never the right answer, but it’s something, and it keeps us alive while we keep searching.  It’s when we stop searching that we’ve really given up.  Because searching, all by itself, is so painfully difficult because we have to realize that we don’t have the answer.  And there’s nothing scarier than not having the answer. Read more »

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Switched at Birth 3×17 ‘Girl with the Death Mask (She Plays Alone)’: Daphne has lost her mind.

It’s been two weeks since Angelo’s death and everyone is in fragments. Bay gets a letter from Angelo’s mother and says she has a cousin who Angelo lived with in Chicago. Kathryn and John thinks it is a great idea to get out of the house especially since Northwestern’s pre-med program, is on Daphne’s list. , and so Bay, Daphne and John head out on the great adventure to the Windy City.

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The Strain 1×01/1×02 ‘Night Zero/The Box’: Scary vampires. Scarier wig.

The Strain opens with a plane full of passengers descending upon New York City. As the plane heads down to the landing strip, something breaks out of the cargo hold and… we fade to black. Whatever it was, it cut off communications with the airport control tower and killed almost everyone on the plane. Almost everyone, but four. Now a CDC team, Holocaust survivor turned Harlem pawnbroker, a street level thug, and an exterminator, all begin to cross paths for different reasons but everything leads back to… The Strain.

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The Last Ship 1×05 ‘El Toro’: A world worth saving

My biggest criticism for The Last Ship is that it hasn’t been connecting to the viewer emotionally. Well this week, I got what I asked for. Was it cliched? Yes. Was it emotionally manipulative? Yes. Did it work? Yes.

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Halt and Catch Fire 1x08 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 1×08 ‘The 214s’: Chasing dreams

It’s fascinating how television shows can bounce back from a string of terrible episodes.  Audiences tend to have a short memory span, where a show can produce an absolutely awful episode of television, but a great new episode can erase the bad taste of that awful entry.  Of course, there’s no way to completely erase a bad episode of television, as serialized art is immortalized as it is made, a bad episode being a part of a show’s history.  But it’s possible to come back from a bad run, just like it’s possible for a person to change their own future.  The restitution just has to match the magnitude of the failure. Read more »

The Sopranos 1x10 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 1×10-1×11: Caged within definition

The Sopranos 1×10: “A Hit is a Hit”

Before I dive in, let’s get one thing out of the way.  “A Hit is a Hit” is, by far, the worst episode of Season 1 of The Sopranos.  The story reeks of writing that’s trying to be gritty for the sake of being gritty.  The gangster rap story tries to capitalize on a current trend that feels outdated, even for 1999.  And, juxtaposed with Tony’s interactions with Dr. Cusamano, it just looks even worse.  Not to mention the ridiculous Defiler metal band.  While The Sopranos often will exaggerate something to poke fun at it, everything in Christopher and Adriana’s storyline is exaggerated to the point where it’s difficult to sift through the stupidity of a lot of what is going on. Read more »