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Reckless 1×10 ‘Fifty-One Percent’: Stalling for something?

Okay folks here we go, the trial of the century begins! Well kind of. It sort of started a while ago. We do have more plots revolving around pointless court cases and gun running though! Corruption is running rampant through Charleston and not even super lawyers Jamie and Roy can stop it. It’s almost like they’re the only lawyers in South Carolina sometimes. Read more »

The Sopranos 2x09 Cover

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 2×09-2×10: No way out

The Sopranos 2×09: “From Where to Eternity”

When we look in the mirror, we all see a “good person”.  Even if, subconsciously, we know that we’re awful, we still fill ourselves with positive affirmations, that the bad things that we do are overshadowed by even better things.  Or maybe the bad things that we do are because of outside factors, such as parents who didn’t treat us well or a bully who picked on us at school.  Maybe the people we direct our negative energy at are deserving of it.  And while there are certainly factors outside of our control that impact the way we live our lives, there is some semblance of free will that we possess, and with that free will comes the guilt and the shame of not being strong enough to exert it. Read more »


Doctor Who 8×02 ‘Into the Dalek’: It’s about as literal as you can get

Whoever thought we’d ever see The Doctor be called upon to actually be a doctor. Well, it happens. Unconventionally, of course. So much so that his patient turns out to be his deadliest enemy. And yet, his bedside manner is not as bad as you might expect.

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Reckless 1×09 ‘Damage Control’: I’m so confused.

So I guess CBS aired this week’s episode early because of the holiday or the week hiatus or something? I looked on their website and it was already posted even though it said it wouldn’t be airing until tonight. But CBS has the latest episode ‘Fifty-One Percent’ listed for tonight’s broadcast at 10/9c. Uh…well, sorry if this is super early or late BUT I’m going to go ahead and review this episode now. I will review ‘Fifty-One Percent’ later on tonight as planned. Read more »


Outlander 1×04 ‘The Gathering’: In which a popularity contest is hinted at

Well it looks like Claire is no closer to escaping than she was three episodes ago. Her plans were sufficiently thwarted. Even before the show began, I had a feeling that 1) Claire would get caught and be forced to remain at the castle and 2) there would be some twist at the end of the episode. It appears both my predictions came true. As clever as Claire was coming up with her plan, it was pretty disappointing that she came up against so many obstacles in her escape. The best laid plans, however, are the ones that never succeed. Or something like that. Read more »

Graceland 2x11 Cover

Graceland 2×11 ‘Home’: Paranoia

In stories, there has to be a certain cohesive nature in which the elements of the plot come together.  Of course, in life, events aren’t ordered and neatly structured.  Often, things happen with a chaotic nature, and they come from some complex cause-and-effect pattern that we don’t necessarily understand.  Within stories, the writer has to maintain the façade that we’re watching something with a basis in reality while also putting his/her hand to manipulate events.  It’s a very delicate balance that has to be achieved in order for any show to truly be good, and it’s a balance that can easily be broken. Read more »


Franklin & Bash 4×03 “Love is the Drug”: Potheads and perverts

Usually I can sit and write these right after but last night’s Franklin & Bash was just meh. I didn’t even pay attention to the boys’ case until the end, I had no care for whatever Stan’s drama was and I’m still mad we replaced Carmen and Pindar with Dan, who was back this week.
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Extant 1×09 ‘Care and Feeding’ and 1×10 ‘A Pack of Cards’: Things get weird and the endgame is afoot

Another 2-hour Extant event, another big jump forward in the plot progression. Molly reluctantly agrees to help Yosumoto capture the offspring, and when John and Ethan seek out Yosumoto’s help finding Molly, they become his hostages.

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Young & Hungry 1×10 ‘Young &Thirty (and Getting Married!) : The blanket that ruined a marriage

I have to say that this finale surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much, and I definitely wasn’t blown out of the water, but I was more invested in it than I thought I’d be. By the end, I actually cared a bit about the central relationship in the show, something that hadn’t really happened before this episode. And it was all because of a blanket.

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Taxi Brooklyn 1×10 ‘The Longest Night’: Fort Apache, Brooklyn

I’m not sure how much longer ‘Taxi Brooklyn’ can coast on charm, action, and great Gotham photography. This episode is the least effective mix of genres and moods the show has attempted so far. On the other hand, we seem to be headed for some kind of reckoning with the show’s original mystery, and there are only two episodes left in this run, so who knows? It might all work out.  Read more »

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×04 ‘Week 4 Pt. 1′ & 1×05 ‘Week 4 Pt. 2′: ‘Dropping like flies’

Wow, gang.  Like, wow.  Where do we begin?  Kalon and Lucy came and went, Clare left (voluntarily), Marquel left (involuntarily), Graham almost passed out, and Lacy had a trip to the hospital.  I can’t even imagine what could possibly happen next on summer’s craziest show.

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Witches of East End 2×08 ‘Art of Darkness’: Poisons and paintbrushes

First off, lets begin with…Not everything shown in the preview, was in this episode which just leaves me with more questions. But lets just go with what we got. Eva, Eva, Eva…You are a psychopath. In the preview(which I don’t remember seeing in the episode), she said she needed Killian’s body to make her a baby. Creepy.

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Rizzoli and Isles 5×11 ‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat’: Half-baked doesn’t just apply to ice cream.

A big storage box, some ice, and a body? One of these things is not like the other. Another day, another crime for our favorite detective and medical examiner to solve. But can they do stand the heat? We’ll have to find out.

As a heat wave crashes over Boston, Maura and Jane have been coping with the extreme temperatures by..adding more heat? Apparently sweating helps cool you down, so going for a run and drinking “sweat tea” is what the ladies are trying to stay chilled. Although, Maura is sleeping in the nude, as she tells Jane, so heating up isn’t the only method she’s using to cool down. Read more »

Under the Dome 2×09 ‘The Red Door’ : Can they all just jump off the cliff already?

Oh Dome. Dome, Dome, Dome, why must you torment me so? We’re very close to the finale, and still this show is a hot mess. So much so that this isn’t a review so much as a listing of all the stupid things that went on in this episode which made it almost unwatchable.

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The Awesomes 2×05 ‘The Awesomes Awesome Show’: Evil runs through these veins!

The Awesomes get their own reality TV show!  The rehabilitation of Malochio continues!  And something something Perfectman!

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The Leftovers 1x09 Cover

The Leftovers 1×09 ‘The Garveys at Their Best’: Fractures in the concrete

“Every man rebels against the idea that this is f*cking it. Fights windmills, saves f*cking damsels, all in search of greater purpose. You have no greater purpose. Because it is enough. So cut the s*it, okay?” –Kevin Garvey, Sr. Read more »


Doctor Who 8×01 ‘Deep Breath’: Eyebrows, Robots, and Dinosaurs!

There was a lot of pressure riding on this season’s premiere episode, as it introduced the 12th Doctor – played by Peter Capaldi – and as with every new Doctor, there came the expectations. We were treated to a dinosaur in the middle of Victorian London, a hot-air balloon made of human skin, and a rehashed plot that somehow still worked. Were you cheering as you saw the new credits? Did you gsp when we had a surprise appearance from Eleven? Did you cry, laugh, or do both? Keep reading and let me know what you thought of this first episode! Read more »


The Strain 1×07 ‘For Services Rendered’: Corrupted

The Strain finds itself on solid ground as the strigoi outbreak spreads across Manhattan. Eph, Nora, and Setrakian team up with Jim to find Eichorst while we learn about Setrakian’s past with the Nazi turned vampire. And most importantly…

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The Last Ship 1×10 ‘No Place Like Home’:

Holy crap. For the first time all season, The Last Ship shocked me. I’m now wondering if all those times this show was predictable and cliche was just them playing the long con. What appeared to be a story of hope took a very dark turn.

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True Blood 7×10 ‘Thank You’: No, thank you

For making my heart explode like Vampire Bill did all over his coffin! Sorry for that outburst. I’m still a little tender over all of this, and oh yeah, BILL IS DEAD! I know how I explained last week that it would fit his story-line well (and I still stand by that), but it hurt just the same. The whole episode was a very fitting end for many reasons, and it hurt for many reasons too.  Read more »