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The Vampire Diaries 5×18 ‘Resident Evil’: We can always go kill people!

Almost a few minutes into the episode and I did not even realize how great an option that was if I knew what was to follow. This episode was more weird than it was boring. This season started off with prophecies about why Elena and Stefan are drawn together and in typical Vampire Diaries fashion this useless plot was destroyed in just a few seconds – so why bother then even? This was Paul Wesley’s directorial debut and it is such a shame he had to direct such awful writing. Instead even the characters were very bored with what was happening. Read more »

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Grey’s Anatomy 10×20 ‘Go it Alone’ : “Let me go alone.”

I think this episode was just a little more interesting to me than the last three, but it wasn’t exactly compelling.  I’m not really into what’s happening with the main characters…I guess they’re all doing really groundbreaking stuff, but it doesn’t make for exciting tv.  I’m also completely not into any of the residents.  My mom and I both agree that they are completely forgettable.  However, it looks like Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang is getting all the really good story lines, maybe because she’s exiting this year.  Anyway, on to the review!

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The Crazy Ones 1×21/22 ‘The Monster/ The Lighthouse’: The swing vote

Well that’s a wrap. The last two episodes aired back-to-back to form a mega season (hopefully not series) finale. Thankfully, the show went out with a bang and delivered two amazing episodes along with great performances by all the cast members.  Read more »


Parks and Recreation 6×20 ‘One in 8,000′: More to love

Just like Andy, I have a hard time keeping secrets, so if you’re looking for a spoiler-free review (is that even possible?), this article is NOT for you. Because MAJOR developments just happened, and I for one am excited beyond words.

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Community 5×13 ‘Basic Sandwich’ : This can’t be the end…

This has been a great season for Community: Dan Harmon’s triumphant return, farewells to Donald Glover and Chevy Chase, characters like Dean Pelton getting more screen time, the G.I.JEFF Episode, Meow Meow Beans and so on. Community packs so much in to its previous 12 episodes, it left the season finale feeling a little light. Harmon and Co. must feel really confident in a sixth season, because NOTHING about this episode felt like a series finale. Let’s take one last look at season 5 after the jump… Read more »


Parenthood 5×22 ‘The Pontiac’: Everybody happy happy happy

I blame NBC for this poor, agreeable excuse of an episode. If they would only let the producers know whether they’re going to renew  or cancel Parenthood before the end of the season, we wouldn’t end up with finales like this one every year. I do appreciate the closure they’re trying to give the audience, as this felt a lot like a series finale. Having the family gather for dinner in Zeek and Camille’s new backyard was just perfect, even though we’ve all had to sit through that annoying theme song and watch them carry on with one another at the table about a thousand times. Read more »


Glee 5×16 ‘Tested’: Slut-shaming

On this week Glee it’s all about sex sex sex (and relationships). Artie has to deal with his film school player lifestyle and Samcedes are still working things out. To top things off we have Blaine and his new obsession with food – especially his cronut’s! Read more »

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Surviving Jack 1×04 ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’: That went from zero to crazy real fast

There are many sitcom tropes that when used often lead to shows being criticized for being cliché or unoriginal. What the critics of these conventions don’t understand or appreciate, however, is that when done well these conventions can still lead to a wildly entertaining and funny half hour of television, and that is exactly what Surviving Jack gave us last night. Read more »

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Arrow 2×19 ‘The Man Under the Hood’: Dresden’s stand

The lovely Felicity gets her hands dirty this week as the vigilante team goes all al qaeda on one of Oliver’s former buildings. Krixus aka Slade aka Deathstroke stays suited up for most of it. Gets himself super stunned by the duo of Vibe and Killer Frost Invades the gang’s top-secret hideout, and adds over a dozen juiced up super criminals to this team. As if the Arrow wasn’t having enough trouble with just one of them. Aside from the introductions to two characters from the world of The Flash, the best part of this one was the quick peek under the hood of the Lance family.  Read more »

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Mixology 1×8 ‘Jessica & Ron’: How not to date

Welcome to a world where women have whiny voices and shallow minds, men pick fights like high schoolers, and everyone’s goal is to get laid by the end of the night. You have entered Mixology — which might as well be any bar in LA. Read more »


2 Broke Girls 3×21 ‘And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake’: Lindsay Lohan, the indecisive bride

With possibly the biggest guest star this show has ever had being on this week’s episode, it was definitely an amusing one to watch. Not only that, but the news of Max (Kat Dennings) and Deke (Eric André) breaking up allowed the episode to take another turn throughout. So, with the heartbreak and the humour, did the show manage to pull it out of the bag?

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Bingeworthy: Battlestar Galactica Miniseries: The beginning

As a note, I’ve seen this series many times and will mention small references to this fact, but I won’t spoil anything. Trust me, I hate spoilers. This will, of course, cover the events of the entire miniseries, which takes place before season one begins and is necessary to understand the rest of the show. Thanks!

The Sci-Fi Channel, now rebranded Syfy, is mostly a home to second-class popcorn shows and a slew of intentionally cheesy films like Sharknado and the like. It’s difficult to imagine a classic, prestige drama coming from that channel, not because science-fiction can’t succeed or be worthwhile, but because so much of Syfy’s offerings are average at best and abysmal at worst. Though not all hope is lost; from 2003-2009, SyFy had its to-date greatest show, and personally, one of the greatest shows ever: the re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. Read more »


The 100 1×05 ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’: Character development for everyone!

From the beginning, The 100 has been a show with many themes:  survival, necessity, family, and the things we do to protect not only ourselves but those we love.  I previously praised the show for its shades of gray, but with this episode they kicked things up a notch.  With this episode, it became a show about humanity at its finest, about triumph and tragedy, and it did so with panache. Read more »

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Supernatural 9×18 : Meta Fiction : ‘We’re going on the Kill Metatron Tour.’

Is anyone else annoyed at how The CW seems all lackadaisical about scheduling?  A week on, a couple weeks off, who cares but the viewers, right?  Also, I’m getting real tired of some weeks being about the Winchesters, some weeks about Abaddon, some weeks about Metatron.  Oh, this is a Metatron week, in case you have trouble following.

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Baby Daddy 3×13 ‘Play It Again, Bonnie’: “Brad habit”

Everyone was dealing with their mommies this week. Riley was learning that having her biological mom around wasn’t what she planned and Ben was trying to get his laid. In the middle of everything Danny’s feelings for Riley were more apparent than ever – even Brad noticed.

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Awkward. 4×01 ‘No Woman is an Island’: Senior year

Finally our favorite TV teen show has returned back for their fourth season and is off to a decent start. The season kicked off with Jenna recovering from her meltdown and focusing on college. Thankfully for the entire episode, there were no love triangles nor breakups. However, this is just the beginning. Read more »


Melissa & Joey 3×29 ‘Born To Run’: “Post traumatic sexting disorder”

Mel’s dad was back with a scandal, the happy couple faced yet another dilemma and Ryder tried to bank on his family’s misfortune.

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The Mindy Project 2×19 ‘Think Like a Peter’: Actually, think like a Mindy

When Danny ended his relationship with Mindy, breaking both their hearts, he was convinced it was for the best. He was certain that he would screw up the relationship and drive away the only friend he had. But unfortunately for Dr. Castellano, that theory has now become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mindy’s too heartbroken to want to resume their friendship, and has instead started a tight-knit bond with Peter. This leaves Danny, right where he feared he’d be, all alone.

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About a Boy 1×08 ‘About a Slopmaster’: About a need for realism

This episode, Marcus and Will have no understanding of money or how it affects everyone around them. Marcus is picked Slopmaster in the school’s “Mini Society” the same way Will was picked King in American society: by their parents. Fiona purposely put Marcus as the lowest class citizen because she wanted him to learn a lesson and Will inherits an enormous amount of money from his father’s famous Christmas song every quarter. The episode was cute but ends with a heavy handed morality tale that is hard to take seriously.

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Fargo 1×01 ‘The Crocodile’s Dilemma’: What did I just watch?!?

Have you heard the one about the Bad Santa and the Hobbit who walk into a bar … become best friends, and kill everyone inside?!? I honestly could not tell you for sure whether or not I enjoyed this premiere. Some parts of it where funny in a dark, twisted and sinister kind of way. There was also some really awkward dialog that left me scratching my head.  One thing I can say with certainty is that this 10 episode limited series will definitely have my full undivided attention around 10:00 pm on Tuesday nights. Read more »