Homeland 4×09 ‘There’s Something Else Going On’: Kaboom

The biggest question every fan of Homeland is asking: Will Saul Berenson make it through this season alive? Well, I’m still not sure. He’s been through the ringer before but never quite like this. Carrie’s mission is quickly going down in flames and she’s having to salvage it at every turn while dragging the rest of the embassy down with her. The CIA is working on plugging the leak that they don’t yet know is Dennis Boyd. America is all set to fork over the prisoners and meet Haqqani’s demands much to the dismay of the Deputy Director. Read more »

H50 5x08.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×08 ‘Ka Hana Malu’: Money isn’t everything

After taking a week off, this week’s Hawaii Five-0 revolves around the murder of bankrupt couple who leave behind their children and a hefty life insurance policy. Between the kids, friends, lawyer and former clients everyone has a motive: money. Meanwhile Aunt Deb comes back to the island for the first time since her cancer diagnosis with some rather exciting news that leads Steve on a new investigation. This episode has everything we love from the chases and gunfights to the deeper family moments with all the McDanno banter in between. Five-0 is on the case in “Ka Hana Malu.”

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Elementary 3×04, “Bella”: I think, therefore I am a suspect

What does it mean to be human?  Is consciousness and self-awareness the same thing?  Does an emotionless act make us inhumane?  And most importantly, where’s the beef?  Questions like these are the lofty fodder we find ourselves grappling with this week in what is one of Elementary’s most esoteric and thought-provoking episodes, wherein we dig for the truths behind the very essence of human nature.  Our detectives hunt for a murderer that might be an artificial intelligence who really just wants someone to stimulate its pleasure cortex (and don’t we all?), while Kitty does very little of import to justify her continued existence within the context of this show.  But none of that really matters, because CLYDE RETURNS!!!!! Read more »


Gracepoint 1×08 ’1.8′: More suspects, more problems

With only two more episodes left, it’s not surprising that Gracepoint is really kicking it into high gear.  Det. Carver’s medical issues are getting much worse and it’s starting to affect his job performance. Det. Miller’s son Tom is still missing. The Solano’s are still deeply grieving Danny but there is a little hope on the horizon. More suspicious behaviors are being brought to light for several of the townspeople. We open on a dark and foggy forest. Read more »

Scandal 04x09.1

Scandal 4×09 ‘Where the Sun Dont Shine’: Fall finale fiasco

Damn you Shonda Rhimes.

Between the twists on Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder I need two apples on Thursday to keep the doctor away. So I really don’t know where to start because this episode went all over the place. The Winslow Scandal, the Rowan Scandal and the West Angola Scandal have all merged into a giant kerfuffle of information that had both my heart and head hurting. Be warned that the train of thought will go all over the place and nothing will seem coherent. Enjoy! Let’s get to it, onto “Where the Sun Don’t Shine!”


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Bones 10×08 ‘The Puzzler in the Pit’: Crosswords and crystals and babies

Just when you think Bones has finally started to heal and move on from Sweets’ death, his absence is felt all over the place when Daisy goes into labor with his son. There’s some sort of case about the seedy underbelly of crossword puzzles (what?), but nobody really cares, because it’s all about welcoming the newest member of the Jeffersonian to the fold with open arms and stuffed animals.

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Jane the Virgin 1×06 ‘Chapter Six’: Where do we go from here?

The story of Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodrigeuz) has been a hectic (yet very romantic) one so far, and it’s only getting amplified by the episode… After this week we can be truly stuck on who to back in terms of the love triangle, but the writers seem very adamant on what team they are on. Who are you backing?

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Red Band Society 1×8 ‘Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car’: The doctors

There’s something about a doctor strumming a guitar in a hospital. It doesn’t inspire confidence. It’s more likely to provoke eye-rolling. But don’t give up on the singing doc just yet. He might be onto something. Read more »

POI 4x08.1

Person of Interest 4×08 ‘Point of Origin’: Angler found a match

Despite the cliffhanger of last week’s ‘Honor Among Thieves‘, Person of Interest is all about Reese as he follows the number of a cadet at the police academy. Meanwhile Dominic is setting up his plan to topple Elias, and Samaritan is hot on Shaw’s tail with the help of Martine. This episode takes every storyline from this season and flips them on their heads with two jaw-dropping cliffhangers that are NOT to be missed. No more introduction, let’s jump into “Point of Origin.”


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The Vampire Diaries 6×08 ‘Fade into You’ :

OMG, Bonnie’s dead, no she’s alive, no she’s dead, no she’s alive, no wait… UGH!  Someone has to be tired of almost killing Bonnie, right?  Whatever, I’m just digging her 90s fashion in the time loop.

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Grey’s Anatomy 11×08 ‘Risk’ : “This is not a good idea.”

Ooooh wow, drama!  This episode had me feeling all kinda things and not exactly sure which side to pick.

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The Big Bang Theory 8×10 ‘The Champagne Reflection’: Who framed Roger Abbot?

It felt like this week’s The Big Bang Theory was filler from the start, but then Howard had to drop a bomb and make my heart burst. While he and the guys were figuring out some facet of life, Penny was setting Bernadette straight and Sheldon was saying goodbye to “Fun with Flags.”

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960 (2)

Arrow 3×07 ‘Draw Back Your Bow’: Cupid, stupid

This was not a great episode of Arrow. There’s no way around that. But dang, was it entertaining. Cupid isn’t necessarily a deep character, she’s just obsessed with Green Arrow. Her plan to get his attention with the murders of criminals and posturing them with the same outfit that Oliver is wearing. It was a weird episode.


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Stalker 1×08 ‘Skin’ : A new leaf

This week on Stalker we’re dealing with bigger issues than usual. Yes, there’s a stalker and a victim, but the victim isn’t what you’d call likeable, seeing as he’s a former skinhead. There’s a lot going on here as far as racism and whether or not people are capable of change. Its interesting stuff, but it could’ve been done better.

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The Middle 6×07 ‘Thanksgiving VI’ : The one at the restaurant

So, I love holiday episodes. Partly because I’m a sentimental dope, mostly because they’re a recipe for great fun. Especially Christmas or Thanksgiving shows, where oftentimes the recipe calls for forcing people who shouldn’t be together to sit at the same table and pretend they want to be there. It’s a simple yet awesome formula, as proved by this week’s adventure with the Hecks.

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Chicago PD 2×08 ‘Assignment of the Year’ Black Widow Gold Digger

I knew that woman was bad news! Leila Rosalind proves herself to be a black widow gold digger, only married to Asher for his money. But she has to get a little inventive when the pre-nup is iron clad and Asher’s will excludes her from inheriting anything when he dies. So the next logical step is to kill him and steal 3 million worth of diamonds he had hidden, leaving someone else to take the fall of course.  Read more »

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NCIS 12×08 ‘Semper Fortis’: Always count on Papa Gibbs

More NCIS! What a surprise! We’re still trudging along in this new season, braving each new synopsis that comes our way. The season has hit the point in which they’ll be giving out some heartwarming filler episodes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, let’s just hope the writers add a little pizzazz to the otherwise most likely bland-ish story lines.

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Agents of SHIELD 2×08 ‘Things We Bury’: The race is on

Coulson brings Fitz out into the field again to help Skye and Tripp discover the location of the mysterious city. Bobbi and Hunter work on breaking Bakshi to take down Whitehall. Whitehall and Skye’s father enjoy the fruits of their partnership. The Ward brothers take a stroll down memory lane, and SHIELD discovers the truth about Whitehall.


Danny Diary 1

The Mindy Project 3×08 ‘Diary of a Mad Indian Woman’: A wedding ring for Christmas

The challenge has been laid: Danny Castellano has to propose to Mindy Lahiri by Christmas, or she will break up with him. At least, that’s what she writes in her diary, which Danny reads behind her back in this episode. We can debate on whether or not she really means it – Mindy is obviously deeply in love with Danny and could just be thinking about an ultimatum she really has no intention of following through on. However, the important thing is that Danny thinks it is real, which means that we are due for a heck of Christmas for poor Danny.

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The Goldbergs 2×07 ‘A Goldberg Thanksgiving’: “Just north of my vagingo”

It’s that time of year when all your favorite shows will roll out their Thanksgiving episodes and The Goldbergs is no different. Uncle Marv was back to argue, Erica was a menace Barry was well, Barry was Barry.

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