The Blacklist 2×05 ‘The Front’: “Plague is the new ebola”

As if a real Ebola scare wasn’t enough they had to scare audiences this week with a radical group exposing the D.C. area (and then the world) with a 600 year old strain of the plague.  Read more »

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Forever 1×06 ‘The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths’: Is that they never die

Yay, he died again! I know I shouldn’t be excited about that, but we’ve been waiting since episode 02 for him to bite it again. And you know, I still gasped in shock when he got stabbed because apparently I don’t get the concept of this show.

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The Flash 1×03 ‘Things You Can’t Outrun’: Misty-eyed

The consistent quality of The Flash  only three episodes in is admirable. Each episode we’ve gotten worthy villains for Barry, although they’re underdeveloped. The stories all help Barry grow in some way or another, whether it’s learning his physical limitations, or he’s coming to an understanding of his new responsibilities as a hero. Add all that up with some insightful flash-backs and this might be the best episode yet.

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Faking It 2×05 ‘Present Tense’ Karmy Retrospective

It’s Karma’s sweet 16 and like every year Amy has set up an extravagant scavenger hunt for Karma. This year after everything the girls have went through Amy finds it fitting to construct a scavenger hunt that reminds them of all of the happy times in their life long friendship. While Karmy takes a scavenger hunt down memory. The others are kept busy at a MMA class so that we had a break from the rollercoaster of emotions.  Read more »

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Chicago Fire 3×05 ‘The Nuclear Option’: Totally afraid of getting cut in half

Yesterday I randomly thought of the scene from The Office where Pam and Dwight get stuck in the elevator between floors, and then I saw this episode and prepared to watch as the elevator dropped with someone from House 51 caught in a compromising position. Thankfully, nobody was harmed, though the entire call had me on the edge of my seat.

There’s so much else going on in this episode that I don’t even know where to begin. There are multiple beefs on Truck 81, and I’m not talking about Italian sandwiches from Al’s. Dawson and Herrmann’s squabble isn’t really worth mentioning because it was resolved rather neatly by her agreeing to shadow him instead of Casey. That probably should have been the arrangement all along since he passed the lieutenant test some time ago. It’s understandable that Casey doesn’t want any harm to fall on Dawson, but I think we can say the same for the rest of her family at 51. If something does ever happen to her while on Herrmann’s watch, we can absolutely expect an issue to arise between Herrmann and Casey. Cruz and Otis’ tension is pretty much resolved also, with Boden taking a hit on a future promotion to stand up for Cruz. I don’t really understand the politics involved in the Chicago Fire Department, but that just didn’t seem right. Why should he have to give up a chance to be promoted so that Cruz could have his driving suspension lifted? Either way, Boden did the right thing and went to battle for his house. Read more »

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Gotham 1×05 ‘Viper’: Keeping it in the family

One thing I love in a TV episode is when there is a strong theme to it. Be it obvious, or just a little subtle, a good theme to an episode is a clincher to how awesome it’s going to be. And boy, did Gotham hit it last night.

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I am now and always shall be your friend.

Scorpion 1×05 ‘Plutonium is Forever’: The man with the analog antenna

In this week’s episode we meet Mark Collins, who is literally a super villain… or at least this show’s equivalent. A madman from the teams past, the black sheep of Scorpion as it were. He almost ripped the team apart last time and in this episode he returns to blow the team apart. Read more »

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Castle 7×04 ‘Child’s Play’: Crimes in cuter territory

I honestly don’t know what to write about this week. This episode was pretty funny, definitely adorable, and if you paid close enough attention, finding the answers to the mystery was not extremely difficult. So it was basically like last week.

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The Originals 2×03 ‘Every Mother’s Son’: Birds of a feather…

The CW is known for being a channel watched heavily by the youths and that’s such a good thing right now because any young person watching The Originals – if you think your mom is a pain in the behind, think again. I’m still a little unclear of her master plan…especially after that dinner, the wolves are iffy, Marcel’s just weird and if these flashbacks prove anything it’s that I would’ve hated dating during the Viking age. that hair is not the business.

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Once Upon A Time 4×04 ‘The Apprentice’: Mind games

After a one week break due to a busy schedule consisting of many homecoming activities, I am back to write more reviews.

This week went different than I thought it would, but it was also pretty similar to what I imagined. The Frozen storyline took a backseat to a plot that is sure to affect future episodes. Out of the four episodes so far this season, I think this one confused me the most.

With the title “The Apprentice,” it was obvious to me what the episode would be about. Given that the hat had been in two episodes (it made a brief appearance in Season One), I knew that the sorcerer and his apprentice would soon appear. However, only the apprentice seemed to appear this week. This leads me to believe that the sorcerer has a much larger role in the future episodes. Who knows? Maybe he’ll have something to do with the book. Read more »


Resurrection 2×04 ‘Old Scars’: An unexpected guest

Last week, I was unable to write a review for the third episode due to my senior year homecoming week. But now that is over and I am back to write some more.

I don’t know what is going on with the show. I am beginning to lose interest in it. I don’t really relate to it like I do with other shows. This week did bring up a new idea (DEMONZ), so maybe that will help get me more interested in the show again.

The part of the show that I am most happy with is Tom/Rachael/Jeanine. They have all grown so much since Rachael Returned. Jeanine in particular. She hated Rachael. But in this episode, even though we see her try to continue hating, she is unable to and takes her friend’s advice at staying and helping with the baby. She even makes the decision to let Rachael stay at the house. I just found it really nice and am looking forward to seeing this trio grow and work together. Read more »


The Big Bang Theory 8×06 ‘The Expedition Approximation’: …or something about yoga…

These past couple of weeks haven’t seen a lot from Leonard but he stood out this week on The Big Bang Theory thanks to his conversations with his self. Leonard was back with the laughs and Howard and Bernadette performed wonderful as usual, Sheldon was slacking a bit with Raj.

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Homeland 4×04 ‘Iron In the Fire’: “This is how we begin.”

Alright guys, I know this season of Homeland is well under way, so I’m going to recap a little. I’ll go over the first three episodes briefly and mix in my review of this episode. My first impression of this season is very positive, and I’m excited with the direction the show is taking. With Showtime’s less than stellar track record, it’s surprising to see a show keep its momentum after the first three seasons. Read more »


Boardwalk Empire 5×07 ‘Friendless Child’: Rot gut riots

This is the second to last episode you’ll ever see of Boardwalk, and man is it a doozy. From the very first frame, it feels different this time, almost cinematic. Is it just me or did the cinematography and editing really hit their mark this time? Not that they’re not always fabulous, but it’s particularly sharp. We catch up some old characters that we haven’t seen since the beginning of the season, perhaps for the last time. There’s a war brewing, and everything is about to boil over. Read more »

TWD 5x02 Cover

The Walking Dead 5×02 ‘Strangers’: Walking a fine line

It was inevitable that the follow-up to “No Sanctuary” was going to be a little slow and tedious.  Discussion and character development are things that The Walking Dead has never really been all that good at, and it shows here in “Strangers”, an episode that tries to juggle a lot of new character ideas but never really digs past a surface level on any of them.  Without a focal point, as some of the episodes in latter half of Season 4 had, this show has trouble incorporating all of the characters in a way that is deep and meaningful. Read more »


Revenge 4×04 ‘Meteor’: Will they or won’t they?

There’s so much going on this episode. Emily is finally reunited with her father, David Clarke and it’s not under the most ideal circumstances. Victoria is on the warpath and gathering her resources. Margaux and Daniel are still on a relentless quest to take over the world. Nolan is super worried about good ol’ Ems and is starting to get tired of her crap. Again. Let’s get down to business. Read more »


The Affair 1×02 ‘Episode 2′: So about that murder…

The Affair has left me staggered. It’s like watching a balloon being filled with so much helium it’s bound to pop at any second. I was holding my breath during many of the scenes, and found it all quite intriguing and just a little intense. Yet again the format, although predictable this time, was engaging. This time my focus was entirely on the discrepancies between the character’s stories.

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H50 5x04.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×04 ‘Ka Noeʻau’: A barrel of fun (too soon?)

This week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 revolves around the issues of two families: Danny’s and the Detroit crime family, the Bagosa’s. While the Bagosa issue is new to us, Danny’s story blew right open when in last week’s episode “Kanalu Hope Loa” he found Matt’s stolen money. This show never ceases to amaze me bringing us innovative cases filled with constant twists and turns. Helps keep the unpredictability in an easily predictable genre of TV. Like what brings the Detroit based Bagosa family to Hawaii? No matter the reason Five-0 is on the case in “Ka Noe’au.”

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Scandal 04x04.1

Scandal 4×04 ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’: You get one free pass

A couple reunites (sort of) and a murder is solved. God this really felt like an episode of How To Get Away With Murder. Everything I had to complain about in last week’s “Inside the Bubble” from the slower stories, less intensity and boring politics were not present this week. Instead Scandal brought what we love about the show: drama, conspiracies and of course, juicy scandals! Finally, we have an honest to god scandal on our hands, and this one is definitely a biggie. Who would have thought that this episode, given its title, wasn’t going to be surrounding the relationship of Olivia and her father. Let’s get to it, onto “Like Father, Like Daughter!”

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The Knick 1×10 ‘Crutchfield’: The biggest face palm you will ever give yourself

It’s season finale time, folks. Time to say goodbye to The Knick until we can visit it again in a year’s time. While the finale doesn’t pack the heaviest of punches, it sure delivers several light punches throughout so that by the end of it, it feels like the basic equivalent of a heavy punch. The ending will also make you face palm pretty hard. Well, let’s not waste anymore time.

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