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The Vampire Diaries 6×05 ‘The World Has Turned and Left Me Here’ : “I used to be a decent person.”

So, Damon’s back!  HOORAY!!! (Ish.)  And also, that Bonnie girl is dead set on…well, dying.  Plus, Tyler narrowly avoided re-becoming a werewolf in a very Final Destination style scenario.  Basically, LOTS of drama!!!

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Gracepoint 1×05 ‘1.5’: Gracepoint is burning

Episode five marks the halfway point for this miniseries and I’m curious. Based on the pace the show is going at now, I wonder what they’ll do with two extra episodes. The original series Broadchurch wrapped up after eight episodes with a very satisfying finale. Perhaps this is what FOX means when they say that this ending will be different than the British series. Who knows? We open our episode with a burning boat clinging to the horizon of the sea. Read more »

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Bones 10×05 ‘The Corpse at the Convention’: Like security at a Beyonce concert

We’re used to seeing Brennan as the “superstar” of the Jeffersonian, but this week we get to see Brennan as the superstar of all things crime-solving, when she’s asked to be the keynote speaker at a forensics convention. Naturally, just before she can deliver her extensively rehearsed Schrodinger’s cat joke, a body is found — in a building full of people who would know exactly how to hide the evidence! Add in a visit from her rival Tess Brown (Nora Dunn), and you’ve got a madcap rush to prove why the squints really are the best in the business. Plus, callbacks abound, so grab your non-stick latex gloves, people!

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The Big Bang Theory 8×07 ‘The Misinterpretation Agitation’: Billy Bob Creeper

Let’s just say that I almost missed this week’s The Big Bang Theory because I was unaware CBS had moved it back to Thursday and I was busy writing two other things for a deadline. Anyways, awhile ago I read that Billy Bob Thornton was a huge fan of the show, so it was cute that he got to guest star but what wasn’t cute was how weird he was…

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Arrow 3×04 ‘The Magician’: Ra’s Al Who?

First off, Happy 50th episode to the cast and crew of Arrow. The show has grown into must-watch television with characters I enjoy seeing together. And they learned how to use villains effectively. Every main villain for each season has survived up to this point and now I want to see them all interact at some point. But one thing at a time because we got an introduction to a big one this week…

Spoilers Below

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POI 4x06.1

Person of Interest 4×06 ‘Pretenders’: “How do you do that with your voice?”

In a season already filled with fake identities Person of Interest somehow manages to take it to the next level. With multiple stories following multiple ‘detectives’ it feels like everyone is getting a bit too inquisitive. “You’re like a freaking superhero.” Yes, yes he is. Seems like The Man In The Suit has been rubbing off on more than just Team Machine. Let’s jump into “Pretenders.”

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The Mysteries of Laura 1×07 ‘The Mystery of the Art Ace’: The Debra Messing show. Literally.

There was never any denial that Laura actually had a bit of a kind side to her but in this episode we see her open up to her father. Not only that but the show gives us a comedic yet dramatic set of crime solving that refuses to be anything but dull. I’m not sure what the issue with the writers is but somehow they do not really know what to do with this show after the Pilot finished.

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The Middle 6×05 ‘Halloween V’ : The great Halloween show, Charlie Brown

It’s time once again for the usual round of Halloween themed episodes. For the Hecks, this means a reversal of roles. Case in point. Brick has a date with a real live human girl while Axl spends the night studying. And Sue…well she doesn’t actually have a role reversal. She does her typical thing of planning something awesome, having it backfire, but still being all happy and optimistic after the world has screwed her over.

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Stalker 1×05 ‘The Haunting’ : Scariliy mediocre

I hate to say it, because I really wanted to like a Halloween episode of a show that’s already creepy, but I wasn’t wild about this week’s offering. It was clearly an attempt to play with the usual formula and try something different. I get that. This is a relatively new show, it has to try things, learn through trial and error what it can and can’t do. Unfortunately, the haunted house gimmick fell squarely on the error side.

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The Blacklist 2×06 ‘The Mombasa Cartel’: “Lizzie’s locker mystery”

The Most Dangerous Game is a short story I read in high school and have seen countless of times as parodies on TV from an episode of Archer, American Dad and now The Blacklist with a twist of poachers being staked out and brought to this random piece of land to be hunted, killed and stuffed for fun.  Read more »


Agents of SHIELD 2×06 ‘A Fracrured House’: Morse code

Hydra is now on the offensive after the team’s marginal win last week by attacking the United Nations and planting doubt in the mind of the public. Simmons and Morse get comfortable in the new SHIELD headquarters while Fitz struggles to adapt with Jemma’s return. Ward’s brother, Senator Christian Ward, is on a witch hunt to stop these attacks from continuing.

Spoilers below

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The Goldbergs 2×05 ‘Family Takes Care of Beverly’: Pity Circus Peanuts

This season The Goldbergs decided to ditch a full blown Halloween episode and focus on something else – family. While the holidays were present with Voltron and too much taffy, it was more about life lessons, urban legends and being there for one another.

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Supernatural 10×04 ‘Paper Moon’ : “I need to work.”

Here we are, Dean is no longer a demon and Sam and he are ready to work.  No Crowley, no Castiel, just the Winchesters and some girl named, Kate, who is a werewolf.  It’s almost a classic Monster-of-the-Week episode.  Except this brings back an old character and has a little bit less hunting than most.  But I did love the bit where Sam and Dean were dressed up as…some sort of Wildlife Officers?  I couldn’t tell exactly, but they had fancy shirts!

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The Flash 1×04 ‘Going Rogue’: Cold snaps

The Flash reaches new heights this week with the introduction of Captain Cold and the return of a familiar face from Arrow.

So it looks like the weak villains were the only thing really holding this series back from being genuinely great. Because this episode rocked from top to bottom. What continues to amaze is the character interactions. Felicity is always a welcome presence on any show so it was nice to see her get a guest star spotlight. Her presence also included some notable insight into the life of a superhero support squad. Arrow has only been around a few years but it’s safe to say that Felicity is well educated in the manners of superhero business.

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Faking It 2×06 ‘Ecstasy and the Agony’ Lauren’s on Drugs

Amy and Karma’s relationship still isn’t back to normal. It probably never will be, but they can build up to a better, stronger friendship. I mean if you can over come the unrequited best friend love, you can pretty much get through anything. Or we can hope because you know the Amy/Liam sex secret is going to come busting out.  Read more »

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NCIS 12×06 ‘Parental Guidance Suggested’: “Popcorn and hot chocolate.”

It’s the week of Halloween (Halloweek as it’s been aptly called) and of course in keeping with NCIS tradition, they have given us a Halloween themed episode. Huzzah! As we’ve seen in the past, NCIS tends to go all out for their themed episodes, both with story and with the activities of the team. In this week’s episode, however, the story stands out the most, despite the efforts of the team to celebrate the spooky holiday in style.

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Forever 1×07 ‘New York Kids’: It can’t end now!

Things aren’t looking too good for Henry and the gang. While this show is still absolutely fantastic, the ratings are not showing it, which means the man who can’t die might finally get his wish.

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Chicago Fire - Season 3

Chicago Fire 3×06 ‘Madmen and Fools’: I’m an anaconda man myself

I think this is one of the only episodes, if not the only one, that didn’t involve any fire at all but it’s rife with awesome quotes like the one in the title. I think Nicki Minaj needs to write an extra verse about a firefighter named Kelly. I’m more than a little upset and confused as to why they would leave us with such a strange ending right before the triple crossover with Chicago PD and SVU. I fully expected Sylvie to come to Vegas and surprise Severide while playing craps, but this new love interest could be important to a storyline involving Severide and Erin Lindsay in two weeks. However, that’s only if she turns out to be from Chicago or Kelly decides to bring her back to save her from an abusive pimp or something. Read more »

This guy!

Scorpion 01×06 ‘True Colors’: Brought to you by Lowcountry Chevrolet, just off the 56 connector

It would seem that Scorpion would like to get all of their TV tropes out of the way within the first season. Two weeks ago was the required Las Vegas themed episode, last week was the villain from the forgotten past, and this week it’s the flashback episode, and it was sort of weird. Read more »

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Castle 7×05 ‘Meme Is Murder’: “Hi, I’m Crichard Ratchle”

That last scene was definitely worth the episode, but it didn’t stop there. This episode hits a tough subject hard, and was actually effective.

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