Hannibal 3x05 Cover

Hannibal 3×05 ‘Contorno’: Maintaining equilibrium

“Contorno” seemed to suggest a sort of balance in the world.  If you put negativity into the world, you’ll receive that same negativity back, like a whiplash effect that doesn’t suggest justice, but equilibrium.  It’s not as if this suggestion negatives the randomness of the world, as you can be a wholly optimistic person and still end up with terminal cancer, but the way you view the world does affect the way that the world treats you.  Perspective is a lens that changes the events you move through in your life, and as a result, it affects your quality of life. Read more »

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Under the Dome 3×03 “Redux”: Ding dong the witch is…oh crap

Prepare for world domination, kiddies because there’s a new monarch in town. And while she’s bending everyone to her will, all of my OTPs decided to be awful to each other, so you know what? I give up. Just ruin everything, lady. That’s fine by me. At least this show is finally giving me something to care about, so points to that!

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Baby Daddy 4×17 ‘Wheeler War’: “Yo mama is on the floor…”

Just when you thought the love triangle that seems to be the underlying glue of Baby Daddy was over and done with – it creeps back in. Yup, Ben’s not over Riley, Danny’s not over Riley, Riley’s not over Ril…I mean Danny. So how do we resolve this? Talk like adults? NOPE, have an all out physical challenge.

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Melissa & Joey 4×17 ‘The Parent Trap’: “Amazing Grace”

Melissa & Joey is one of the most underrated raunchy shows out there. Well, as raunchy as one can be on ABC Family. This week was all about hooking up as Mel and Joe’s parents acted like Zander and Lennox – which was weird because both let feelings get the best of them.

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Tyrant 2×03 ‘Faith’ : Take me to church

One of the most interesting moments from last week’s show involved Barry falling to his knees in the desert. I said then that Barry probably hadn’t prayed in years, and that was confirmed in this latest episode. As the title suggests, ‘Faith’ sees our characters wrestling with their spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof.

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Pretty Little Liars 6×05 ‘She’s No Angel’ She’s Leslie Stone

Spencer is having a creepy dream about some little girl dancing in an insane asylum. Nobody knows what this means, but it looks really cool.  Read more »

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Proof 1×03 ‘Showdown’: How to deal with past trauma

There is one thing I love more in this world than Jennifer Beals gorgeous hair, and that is character development. While this show is still trying to gain its traction and set the basis for (God willing) future seasons, it decided to throw a whole bunch character development on us all at once. Needless to say, this was my favorite episode this season.

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Scream 1×01 ‘Pilot’: “You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series”

Skepticism comes naturally these days whenever a film is adapted into a television series. While shows like Fargo and Teen Wolf have fared well, there’s always the pinnacle question that creeps into everyone’s mind when a show based on a movie is announced: why? In this case, the Scream franchise has been around since 1996 and has a total of four movies under its belt. The first one will always be remembered for its unique self-awareness and commentary on the slasher movie genre. The sequels aren’t anything to write home about (the second one is at least worth a watch), but they all still focused on the same characters throughout the whole franchise. And now with this new television series by MTV (and while Wes Craven isn’t involved on the creative side, he’s cool with whatever they do with it), it’s really hard to imagine how this new series is going to contribute in anyway to this franchise. Well, enough exposition. Let’s get into it.

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The Whispers 1×05 ‘What Lies Beneath’: This was way creepier than the Michelle Pfeiffer movie

Someone resurrect H.G. Wells, shif is getting real. Like Wes staring dumbfounded at just about everything, while Claire puts the pieces together for just about everything, and Sean doesn’t remember a darn thing, and Lena is running through those play tube things, which according to Minx is so embarrassing.

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Penny Dreadful 2×09 ‘And Hell Itself My Only Foe’: True evil is above all things seductive

I’ve mentioned this a few times, but my biggest issue with Penny Dreadful is its tendency to constantly build up what’s going to happen next, but the payoff is never there. Has ‘next’ even happened yet? Season 1 felt like it was building up to season 2, and now season 2 is already building up to season 3.

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True Detective 2x02 Cover

True Detective 2×02 ‘Night Finds You’: Strong enough to escape

While in bed, Frank tells his wife about some of the abuse he took from his father as a child.  When his father went on one of his benders, Frank would be locked into the basement, supposedly to keep from being damaged during his father’s alcoholic rage.  In the morning, the next day, Frank would be released from the basement.  But there was one specific time that Frank remembered, a time when he was locked in the basement for days, when it seemed like his father abandoned him.  The second day, Frank ran out of food.  The third, the lights went out.  That third night, the rats nibbled at him while he slept, and he crushed them with his bare hands when they got too close.  On the fifth day, he was released.  But Frank wonders what would have happened if he wasn’t let out of the basement, if he starved to death, if he wasted away. Read more »

Halt and Catch Fire 2x05 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 2×05 ‘Extract and Defend’: Business versus creativity

If there’s one thing that makes Season 2 of Halt and Catch Fire work, it’s the strain between business and creativity.  Things that are void of creativity will never sell, but too much creativity and the product won’t sell either.  There needs to be a happy medium between the status quo and progressive ideas, considering that the status quo is dull and boring while progressive ideas are scary and foreign.  Keep people pacified yet intrigued and you have a selling idea.  But this means that we need to compromise ourselves in order to succeed in the world.  Our passions have to be curbed and our creativity has to be quieted.  We have to be able to subvert and conform at the same time.  But how do we live as a bifurcated person?  How do we split ourselves into two competing persons and expect to come away whole? Read more »

Hannibal 3x04 Cover

Hannibal 3×04 ‘Aperitivo’: Vengeance and forgiveness

Everybody searches for balance and peace in their lives, and a lot of that can be chalked up to the idea of forgiveness.  When we experience any turmoil or pain in our lives, in order to put that behind us, we have to look to forgiveness in order to move forward.  Because there is always somebody to forgive in order to get rid of the pain, whether it be a friend, a parent, or ourselves.  And that’s the hardest part of moving forward, having the strength and the humility to put injustice behind you without any resolution. Read more »

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Under the Dome 3×01&02 ‘Move On/But I’m Not’: Finally interesting

Yes, I have always been a big fan of Under the Dome, and no, I never once complained about repetition, annoying characters, muddled plot-lines, or anything like that. And no I’m not linking you to all of my former blog posts, so you can start following my writing blog, I would NEVER do something like that! So welcome to alternate universe reviewing where I no longer have asthma or have to wear my glasses, and I’m a chain smoking sorority girl…I’m already liking it here!

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Tyrant 2×02 ‘Enter the Fates’ : Aftermath

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Barry is dead. This leaves his wife and children devastated, his brother struggling to keep up appearances, and Rashid’s group ready to use Barry’s death to drum up support for the cause. And Barry, well, he goes through some things.

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Baby Daddy 4×16 ‘Lowering the Bar’: Awkward…

This week Baby Daddy had a little heart, some laughs and some awkward moments for those of us who were old enough to watch Sister, Sister and Smart Guy. Bonnie tried to make the guys get rid of the bar, Riley went to court and Tucker got hit on and it made me TOO uncomfortable. Read more »


Melissa & Joey 4×16 ‘The Early Shift’: “Booty for life…”

Another week, another Melissa & Joey. This time around Joe was working on his career while Lennox was working her magic to make Zander realize his stupid ways. We saw one of these endings coming…

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Pretty Little Liars 6×04 ‘Don’t Look Now’: It’s another grave in Rosewood

Surprise surprise, turns out that Charles is Ali and Jason’s brother. Wow, who could have possibly seen that coming? Charles was a messed up kid. The DiLaurentis’ admitted him to Radley Sanitarium when Allison turned 1 because one time he took his little sister from her crib and put her in the bathtub and watched as scalding hot water filled up the tub around her. Read more »

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Proof 1×02 ‘’Til Death’: Will there ever be solid evidence?

Probably not since our universe doesn’t know the answer itself, and we can only suspend our disbelief for so long. While that can be frustrating, it also makes this show interesting. Maybe one day, the line towing will get tiring, but for right now, I’m enjoying every second of it.

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The Whispers 1×04 ‘Meltdown’: #WhoIsDrill

I don’t know, but that was one dramatic freakin episode, I’ll tell you what. This show has already stopped pulling punches, and it only started four weeks ago. If I wasn’t on The Whispers train before I’m definitely on it now, and I’m not planning on jumping off.

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