Scream Queens 1×10 ‘Thanksgiving’: The holidays are horrifying

It’s Thanksgiving for Scream Queens, and the turkey isn’t the only one that’s dead. Along with mashed potatoes and stuffing, this week’s episode served up a helping of accusations, revelations, and murder.

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Castle 8×08 ‘Mr. & Mrs. Castle’: The king of the LOCKSAT

I am so confused when it comes to the LOCKSAT, but nothing matters because Caskett is together again, and we can all be happy, right? Right?!

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Gotham 2×10 ‘The Son Of Gotham’: The meanest monks in town

Nothing like ritual sacrifice to brighten up your Monday night. Oh, and children getting kidnapped, two serial killer bros arguing over mustard, a karate kicking psychopath, and Alfred getting stabbed…again. There was so much going on in this episode that I’ll probably have to re-watch. Then again, I’m lazy, so that’s not going to happen.

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Fargo 2x07 Cover

Fargo 2×07 ‘”Did You Do This? No, You Did It”‘: The way of the future

It’s the way the world works. The status quo inevitably shifts, and as that shifting happens, the old slowly splits apart, strong bonds torn and withered until the individual pieces that are left get washed away. It’s this inevitability that we hate to look at. We want to believe that we have free will and agency in our own lives, that we can create something on our own, but how much of our existence is dictated by outside forces? How much of our own lives are out of our control, dictated by socioeconomic status, by race, by gender, by how well we fit in or our willingness to evolve? Read more »

Mindy Danny

The Mindy Project 4×11 ‘The Lahiris and the Castellanos’: Family Matters

Well, that broke my heart.

When Danny returned to The Mindy Project, I was expecting a funny, happy episode to welcome him back. Instead, the show daringly chose to jump right back into the problems that had been plaguing Mindy and Danny when he left. It’s a bold choice, since we’ve been separated from the character for four episodes. However, it’s a realistic one. Mindy and Danny stopped fighting only because they faced a problem that demanded immediate attention and a drastic response. Now that Danny has returned, their problems are rearing back up. While it’s unfortunate, it’s an argument that needs to happen. Read more »

The Leftovers 2x08 Cover

The Leftovers 2×08 ‘International Assassin’: More real than real

Sometimes I’m just amazed at what television is capable of. There’s a great deal of television that uses very linear, basic, straightforward storytelling, and that’s fine. But, more and more, television is evolving into a medium of storytelling where wild experimentation bleeds into more traditional narrative. Maybe it’s the lack of time constraints, where, instead of only having the 2 hours of a movie, showrunners have 5 or 10 or 20 hours to tell only one season of a maybe six or seven season story. There’s so much time available to explore that it’s okay to take an hour and explore only one character, or spend an hour in a dream world, exploring a person’s subconscious. Read more »

Phil 2

The Last Man on Earth 2×08 ‘No Bull’: One not so big happy family

The Last Man on Earth has spent the last few weeks proving how unlikeable Phil is: beating up Tandy, wishing that Tandy was dead, attempting to woo Carol away from Malibu, etc. But this week’s episode twisted the tables, offering up the idea that nobody on the Tucson crew was really likable.

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The Walking Dead 6x07 Cover

The Walking Dead 6×07 ‘Heads Up’: The world we’re in…

The more characters you include on a show, the more difficult it is to deeply explore them. If The Walking Dead had, say, five main characters, then it might be easier to do episodes that focus heavily on one point of view because you wouldn’t need an entire season for character development. Only The Walking Dead has something like twenty characters that it focuses on, and while not all of them are “main characters”, they’re all characters that are integrated into the story. That means that single-POV episodes are, if anything, a luxury, and that the rest of the multi-POV episodes play catch-up. And catch-up episodes (or set-up episodes, or whatever you want to call them) really aren’t that interesting. Read more »

BONES:  L-R:  Tamara Taylor and Emily Deschanel in the "High Treason in the Holiday Season" episode of BONES airing Thursday, Nov. 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Bones 11×08 ‘The High Treason in the Holiday Season’: Fauxfurkey Shoot

Season 11 is the year of the callback for Bones. From returning to the banter of yore, to mentions of past cast members, to revisiting old arcs, the show seems determined to put a new spin on its history. Case in point: this week we tackle Thanksgiving! It might just be the only holiday the show hasn’t addressed, and this week definitely leaves us with more than a few things for which to be thankful.

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The Originals 3×07 ‘Out of the Easy’: Latitude and longitude

From week to week it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on with The Originals, so you now I’m not happy about Thankgiving taking a week away from us. There are just so many details going on, sometimes I’m like…what? Like, I didn’t remember why the Stricts wanted Davina, but now that’s dealt with and she’s going to be a weirdo now. Also, the Mikaelsons are out for blood over their sister, and Jackson has officially replaced Cami as my most annoying character on the show.

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The Big Bang Theory 9×09 ‘The Platonic Permutation’: It’s coming…

Huge news on The Big Bang Theory front. It didn’t happen this week, but it was announced that Amy and Sheldon will finally consummate their relationship in a physical way. Can you freaking believe that? I thought they’d leave that moment in their lovies for the finale scene of their one-day series finale, but nope – it’s coming in December. Excitement and what some of you call “feels” aside, I guess we have to talk about this week’s holiday themed episode.

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Chicago PD 3×09 “Never Forget I Love You”

The fall finale leaves a lot of storylines unfinished. Will Burgess and Ruzek ever get married? Are Olinsky and Michelle still crashing at Adam’s place? And what about Linstead? They finally got together and we don’t get any cuddly cuteness. What we do get is a case involving the Mob and one of our own shooting and killing an unarmed man.

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The Middle 7×08 ‘Thanksgiving VII’ : “Read the packet!”

It’s Thanksgiving. A time for all families to gather round, pig out, and generally drive each other crazy. All families except the Hecks, who vote to have Thanksgiving next May, since everyone’s busy. Frankie’s got a holiday job that requires her to wear a bonnet, Sue’s working crazy hours at her old job, hoping to see her old boyfriend working his, and Axl wants to hit up a bar with his friends. Too bad he’s a sad drunk. A really, really sad drunk.

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Day In Court

NCIS 13×09 ‘Day in Court’: “Make him talk to you.”

Another episode that strays a little from the typical formula, and a resolution to an ongoing subplot that is only a little bit satisfactory. At least there’s some improvement. While this week’s NCIS really just provides more questions than answers, it sure gives a lot to talk about, mostly in regards to a main character’s involvement in the rest of the season.

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The Goldbergs 3×08 ‘In Conclusion, Thanksgiving’: “Family’s important and stuff…”

One may’ve thought this Thanksgiving episode of The Goldbergs was their Halloween one thanks to the tricks heading Murray’s way. Even though he was fooled, there were some treats like Beverly’s cooking and Barry’s insane, yet touching toast.

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Scream Queens ‘Ghost Stories’: Let’s catch a killer! (Finally!)

I enjoyed this week’s episode of Scream Queens, mainly because the show threw us a twist: people started (mostly) using their common sense. Dean Munsch finally realized that she needed to help catch the Red Devil killers, Grace refused to go anywhere near the incredibly creepy Wes or Gigi, and everyone was about to leave the Kappa house. Of course, this is Scream Queens, so it was still full of stupidly fun moments: Denise decided to tell ghost stories instead of flee Kappa, Chad and Chanel #3 genuinely thought Boone was a ghost, and Hester faked a pregnancy to force Chad to love her. Still, considering the previous episodes had everyone squabbling and unable to make any decisions whatsoever, this is progress for Kappa. Very, very slow progress.

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Fresh Off the Boat 2×08 ‘Huangsgiving’: “Cranberry, stingy berry”

Because the only thing to watch on Thanksgiving is football and parades, everyone is rolling out their holiday episodes this week – Fresh Off the Boat included. Jessica’s sister has always hosted Thanksgiving, but this year their mom has decided Florida will be the place for the big dinner. Huangsgiving is a go, but of course it couldn’t go as planned or else what would be the point and it wouldn’t have been funny if things had worked out.

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Screenshot (1044)

Castle 8×07 ‘The Last Seduction’: Buffing out some problems

Oh, this was better. Much better. And you actually got me there for a second with Ryan taking that bullet. So yeah, I liked it, or I’m just used to the madness, either or works.

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Screenshot (1039)

Gotham 2×09 ‘A Bitter Pill To Swallow’: Everybody, kill Jim Gordon!

So we upped the darkness level by adding in a nice case of cannibalism…Yeah I got nothing else to add to that.

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Happy Mindy

The Mindy Project 4×10 ‘The Departed’: The Returned

Danny Castelllano has returned to The Mindy Project, much to the excitement of the title character. While we haven’t seen him yet, it was wonderful seeing Mindy’s delighted smile as she heard “Fat Bottomed Girls” outside her apartment, knowing that Danny was right outside. It was a surprise for the character and the audience, although we really should have seen it coming – this entire episode was a send-off to the Danny-free arc the show has been doing.

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