The Big Bang Theory 7×21 ‘The Anything Can Happen Recurrence’: Malarkey

This episode was a perfect birthday present tonight. I finally got that Leonard/Amy interaction I’ve been craving and yes, it was as weird as she pointed out. Also, a jar was opened on her end with some jealousy, Raj got himself a kinky girl and once again I was fooled into thinking that coitus was on the horizon for Sheldon – or maybe it still is…

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Bad Teacher 1×01 ‘Pilot’: Cameron Diaz who?

In spite of being based on the 2011 film starring Cameron Diaz, Bad Teacher manage to retain its own spin as a half-hour comedy. The start of the show is very reminiscent of the film, as we follow Meredith Davis (Ari Graynor), a recent divorcee who schemes herself into a teaching position at the local high school in order to get acquainted with a rich, single dad. Read more »
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Modern Family 5×20 ‘Australia’: Introducing, Crocodile Dunphy.

With a brief hiatus and large build up, my hopes were high for the Modern Family’s trip to Australia. My own personal philosophy to TV comedies is if you do not laugh with in the first ten minutes of the show, it’s going to be a clunker. Thankfully, my laughter began as soon as Gloria pronounced “Vegemite.” This does mean though, that the episode was not a bumpy ride. Sure, the Dunphy/Pritchett clan have already conquered Disneyland, Las Vegas and Hawaii but, thanks to Phil’s mother leaving a travel stipend, Australia was next on their list of conquests. Like every episode of Modern Family, the Australian episode catered to an unconventional family bonding experience. Read more »

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Arrow 2×20 ‘Seeing Red’: That ending though!

Now this was a quality episode. The Arrow’s season two sense of righteousness ends up costing him a leg during his battle with Roy. The candyland romance between Oliver and Sarah finally seems to be winding down. We got a refreshing break from the island flashbacks, which was cool even if they did replace them with Oliver’s baby mama drama. I guess at some point we may see a little Connor Hawke, aka the second Green Arrow, running around.  The writers even took a leap of faith, let them hang a little and killed off one of the main characters.

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His Sister’s Keeper

The 100 1×06 ‘His Sister’s Keeper’: I am not afraid

After last week’s bittersweet finale, I was curious to see where The 100 would go.  After all, even though the gound-side cast failed to alert the Ark in time to prevent the culling, they had made their survival known.  What would those aboard the Ark do with that knowledge?  Would they send a third drop ship, or begin plans for a mass evacuation to Earth?  It turns out, these are questions for another day. Read more »

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Mixology 1×09 ‘Dominic & Kacey’: ‘I always thought relationships were for old people, or lesbians’

Alright, let’s recap: Jessica and Ron are starting over, Liv is engaged but still likes Ron, and Kacey is torn between Dominic and Cal.  Bruce is still weird and Tom is still shy, while Maya and Fab are still, um, there.  I also just found out that this show is supposed to take place at a bar in Manhattan, but a couple episodes ago we saw an outdoor shot of a palm tree-lined street.  Way to ruin the magic, guys.

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2 Broke Girls 3×22 ‘And the New Lease on Life’: With good jokes, come bad storylines

After almost three complete seasons of forging somebody else’s apartment, the two very broke girls finally had to deal with the biggest consequence of them all; the true owner of their home. It was a tough ride for the girls to do it, but they did, and they produced a pretty hilarious episode with it!

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Supernatural 9×19 ‘Alex Annie Alexis Ann’ : “If you two are FBI, then I’m Taylor Swift”

I mean, on one hand, I really liked this episode.  We have a monster-of-the-week with a recurring tertiary character, which generally adds up to fun.  I like seeing the Winchesters around someone with whom they are comfortable, because I think it shows some of their soft insides.  On the other hand, I really want to get to the bottom of the Abaddon-Metatron-Cas-Crowley-Angels-Heaven-Mark of Cain-Whatever story arc that has played over this season.  I feel like this season is super annoying to me because it feels really inconsistent.

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Baby Daddy 3×14 ‘Livin’ on a Prom’: Fangirls never die…

What do you do when your mom goes on strike, your crush wants to go to prom and you’re thrown in Bon Jovi jail? Well this week on Baby Daddy answered all those this week.

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Melissa & Joey 3×30 ‘More Than Roommates’: Nona’s last seat

This was the first time in a long time that three stories got to actually play out without anyone really getting the short end of the stick. Mel and Joe had their chair situation, feelings were brewing between Lennox and Zander, and Ryder got more action and a song.

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The Middle 5×19 ‘The Wind Chimes’: It’s not sexy like air pollution or water pollution

This week we get the return of Brooke Shields as Rita Glossner. In her attempts to beautify the neighborhood, Rita buys a set of wind chimes. Frankie actually appreciates this. Until she realizes that they live on a street where the wind never, ever stops.
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Awkward. 4×02 ‘Listen to This’: Silent adoption

Another solid episode. This season is a tremendous improvement from last season. The writers are not being lazy and are actually creating somewhat better story-lines. I like that the show is starting to focus more on school than relationships. The reasons why I loved the show was because it was easy to relate to Jenna’s problems. But when she was doing drugs, caught in a endless love triangle, and getting suspended, the connection was lost. Read more »

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Fargo 1×02 ‘The Rooster Prince’: Bird watching?

This show is getting a lot of love from a lot of people ratings wise. I am not one of them. I mean … it’s OK, but nowhere near as good as people are making it out to be. Sitting pretty at 9.3 on IMDB, seriously? You’re telling me it’s somewhere between Walking Dead and Game of Thrones?!? Dafuq outta here. Anyway, as far as I am concerned the second installment was just a bland continuation of the premiere. Sure there were a couple good bits sprinkled throughout, but other than the cowardly cop doing a little window shopping, not much exciting happened.

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Mindy Charlie Card

The Mindy Project 2×20 ‘An Officer and a Gynecologist’: Charlie vs. Danny

Whenever Mindy’s gotten her heart broken, she constantly tries to get back on the horse and start dating again. She’s never stopped looking for her perfect match, even though she’s been let down time and time again. But that was before Danny broke her heart, causing her to resolve to stop dating guys. Losing Danny hurt her so severely that Mindy did the unthinkable and stopped looking for love. However, the universe (or the show writers) have other plans… Batten down the hatches and get ready for a hard time, Mindy/Danny shippers, because it looks like Mindy’s got a new love interest in the form of Charlie (Tim Daly).

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Agents of SHIELD 1×19 ‘The Only Light in the Darkness’: Dark matters

Agents of SHIELD takes a step back to rearrange some characters and their motivations as the team is introduced to the Cellist. Read more »


Archer 5×13 ‘Arrivals / Departures’: Vice No More

As a CIA-ordered airstrike of San Marcos looms, Lana prepares to deliver her baby, and all is revealed regarding the father of little Aubergine (Spelling? “Abbiejean”? “Abigene”? It’s not made clear.) and the origin of the metric ton of cocaine. It’s last call on this brave but unusual season of Archer, after the jump. Read more »

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About A Boy 1×09 ‘About a Kiss’: About a successful game night

Yay! Finally. An episode I throughly enjoyed! This episode parallels a lot of the happens of the 7th episode, “About a Poker Night.” Instead of Fiona crashing Will’s poker night, Will crashes Fiona’s date at a mutual friend’s game night. Either way, it means Marcus needs a babysitter AKA Marcus has the B story/shorter scenes and the plot focuses on Will. Works for me.

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The Blacklist 1×19 ‘The Pavlovich Brothers’: Is Tom or Reddington the real monster

I find myself at the end of every episode having more questions then answers and I’m starting to get frustrated, especially over Tom.

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The Originals 1×19 ‘An Unblinking Death’: Terrorism in the bayou

Do you know how many times I cheered at the thought that this week would be the end of Cami? Oh one too many times, but alas she’s still kicking, Klaus and Marcel confused my emotions and Hayley leaped onto my girl crush list in one single bound – although she’s been steadily climbing it since she started to kick ass.

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Claudia Artie School

Warehouse 13 5×02 ‘Secret Services’: Family Reunion

I was extremely excited for this episode of Warehouse 13: we’d get to find out about Claudia’s past, how dangerous her sister was, and what part Artie had in keeping the truth from Claudia. All my questions were answered, but an odd subplot kept this from being a fantastic episode of Warehouse 13.

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