Revenge 4×04 ‘Meteor’: Will they or won’t they?

There’s so much going on this episode. Emily is finally reunited with her father, David Clarke and it’s not under the most ideal circumstances. Victoria is on the warpath and gathering her resources. Margaux and Daniel are still on a relentless quest to take over the world. Nolan is super worried about good ol’ Ems and is starting to get tired of her crap. Again. Let’s get down to business. Read more »


The Affair 1×02 ‘Episode 2′: So about that murder…

The Affair has left me staggered. It’s like watching a balloon being filled with so much helium it’s bound to pop at any second. I was holding my breath during many of the scenes, and found it all quite intriguing and just a little intense. Yet again the format, although predictable this time, was engaging. This time my focus was entirely on the discrepancies between the character’s stories.

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H50 5x04.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×04 ‘Ka Noeʻau’: A barrel of fun (too soon?)

This week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 revolves around the issues of two families: Danny’s and the Detroit crime family, the Bagosa’s. While the Bagosa issue is new to us, Danny’s story blew right open when in last week’s episode “Kanalu Hope Loa” he found Matt’s stolen money. This show never ceases to amaze me bringing us innovative cases filled with constant twists and turns. Helps keep the unpredictability in an easily predictable genre of TV. Like what brings the Detroit based Bagosa family to Hawaii? No matter the reason Five-0 is on the case in “Ka Noe’au.”

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Scandal 04x04.1

Scandal 4×04 ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’: You get one free pass

A couple reunites (sort of) and a murder is solved. God this really felt like an episode of How To Get Away With Murder. Everything I had to complain about in last week’s “Inside the Bubble” from the slower stories, less intensity and boring politics were not present this week. Instead Scandal brought what we love about the show: drama, conspiracies and of course, juicy scandals! Finally, we have an honest to god scandal on our hands, and this one is definitely a biggie. Who would have thought that this episode, given its title, wasn’t going to be surrounding the relationship of Olivia and her father. Let’s get to it, onto “Like Father, Like Daughter!”

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The Knick 1×10 ‘Crutchfield’: The biggest face palm you will ever give yourself

It’s season finale time, folks. Time to say goodbye to The Knick until we can visit it again in a year’s time. While the finale doesn’t pack the heaviest of punches, it sure delivers several light punches throughout so that by the end of it, it feels like the basic equivalent of a heavy punch. The ending will also make you face palm pretty hard. Well, let’s not waste anymore time.

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Bones 10×04 ‘The Geek in the Guck’: ‘Never ever underestimate a Squint’

Bones is back in the swing of things, after two season-opening episodes that left the characters and the audience distraught, and last week’s offering that ushered us into the new normal for all our favorite squints. This week, we’ve got another zany case — killer gamers! — and the heaviest drama is where Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are going to send (a very rapidly aging) Christine to kindergarten. It’s a respite from the angst of the past couple of episodes, but it’s also a bit of a jarring change given the emotional turmoil of late.

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Gracepoint 1×03 ‘1.3’: “I hate the endless sky.”

Each installment of Gracepoint gets better and better, and you end up throwing your hands up in the air when the episode ends desperate to know more. There were some serious developments this time around that were quite shocking. The suspicions are growing in this small town, and Detective Emmett Carver is a jerk who hates everything and everyone. Detective Ellie Miller is sad that her hometown is falling apart and Mark Solano is hiding a dark secret. Read more »

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Manhattan Love Story 1×03 ‘Gay or British?’: This seems to be an issue of and, not or.

In the third installment of ABC’s new rom-com, a situation in which would usually bring a couple together looks like it’s going to break one apart. When Amy and David throw a party, and both Dana and Peter plan to bring dates other than each other, will it separate them even further than they already are? Read more »

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The Vampire Diaries 6×03 ‘Welcome to Paradise’ : “There’s no reason to be Peter Pessimist.”

This episode seems to be divided into two : Bonnie and Damon in some sort of Pergatory; and everything else.  The everything else is sort of discombobulated and annoying.  The Bonnie and Damon is a little dark and twisty with mystery-ish.  By the end of this episode, we have another new character!

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Grey’s Anatomy 11×04 ‘Only Mama Knows’ : “The carousel never stops.”

We’re going hard down the storyline of Maggie Pierce, Meredith Grey, and Richard Weber.  This episode is ALL about figuring out that Maggie isn’t a liar, that Meredith does remember the pregnancy, and the Weber…I don’t know, feels bad for needing a week to process the information that he has a grown up daughter?  Whatever.  DRAMA!

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Arrow 3×02 ‘Sara’: Komodo

In the aftermath of *REDACTED*’s death, Team Arrow takes some time to look back on what’s important in their lives. When Oliver begins his search for Thea, Roy intervenes and tells the truth. Meanwhile back 5 years ago, Oliver runs across an old friend in Hong Kong.

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Stalker 1×03 ‘Manhunt’ : Wedding day blues

Three weeks in, Stalker remains solid. This time around, we see a bride shot on her wedding day, and the usual red herring suspect. The twists were still there, the show still worked, but I can’t help thinking that this episode could’ve been a little better.

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Awkward. 4×14 ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’: #St.Louis

Much improvement over last week. The week’s featured great performances from the whole cast and had an interesting concept. The episode was about Tamara and Jenna discovering a book that rates girls. Outraged, Tamara and Jenna plan to get back at them. I was actually really impressed by the acting. Each character brought something unique to the episode. Read more »

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Red Band Society 1×5 ‘So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want’: Filling in the blanks

Heading into the World Series break, ‘Red Band Society’ is on a bit of a winning streak. This is the second excellent episode in a row. More specifically, this week’s episode finally filled in the last of the gaping character and story gaps that have weakened the show since its premiere. Read more »

POI 4x04.1

Person of Interest 4×04 ‘Brotherhood’: They call him Mini cuz he’s big

Person Of Interest avoids the Samaritan storyline for the second straight week to focus on the emerging secondary antagonist of season four. In past seasons Team Machine has had to deal with their fair share of villains. Between HR and the ISA or Vigilance and Decima Team Machine has always had two adversaries at both the localized and global levels. However, with the fall of Vigilance at the end of season three the only threat left standing was that of Decima’s Samaritan, leaving a gaping hole in the local villain department so sooner or later that hole was going to be filled. That is just what this episode does re-introducing us to the gang from this season’s premiere “Panopticon.” Let’s jump into “Brotherhood.”

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Chicago PD 2×04 ‘Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw’ Homicide, Baby, Divorce

Who else loves these episode titles? They are so random and unique it always takes me a while to figure out where they come from. This week’s title comes from one of Burgess’ lines. Basically it’s her childhood version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I don’t know if they have any significance to the plot because this week Burgess’ escapades were the least important, to me at least. Considering Voight’s going to be a grandpa, and Antonio is getting a divorce, and maybe some cement shoes. Read more »


Agents of SHIELD 2×04 ‘Face My Enemy’: May vs May

Sorry this review is going up so late everyone! I got pretty sick last night and barely managed to turn in my review of The Flash (Which you can check out here). Thankfully I’m feeling much better today and my review of tonight’s Arrow will be up by the morning. Let’s hop to it because this was a really fun episode of SHIELD.

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Franklin & Bash 4×09 ‘Spirits in the Material World’: Boo!

Just this afternoon I learned someone watches Franklin & Bash. I then wondered if they were seriously liking this season or if like me, they were watching it as a task and because it’s been years – so why not keep up with it? So what even went on this week…let’s see the guys got into the supernatural and Anita and Karp faced one of her old frenemies. Oh, and Franklin may’ve moved on from Swatello – sadly.

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The Blacklist 2×04 ‘Dr. Linus Creel’: “Warrior Gene”

Interesting subplot but we are left with more questions about Lizzie’s past then answers yet again.

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Niecy Mindy

The Mindy Project ‘The Devil Wears Lands’ End’: Lying solves everything (kind of)

Mindy Lahiri has always had a problem with telling the truth. It’s apparent in some of the stories she tells on the show – I constantly wonder if she’s exaggerating, or if she is really being honest. It’s one of the best parts of the show, so it makes sense that an episode devoted entirely to her lies would be a fantastic one. The fact that the episode includes Niecy Nash and Shonda Rhimes only makes it even better.

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