H50 5x21.1

Hawaii Five-0 5×21 ‘Ua helele’i ka hoku’: Blue Hawaii

It was a sad day for rock n roll when the king died and Hawaii Five-0 makes us relive that tragic moment in history as the king dies… again? The poisoning death of an Elvis impersonator leads to a mystery involving smuggled diamonds from a previous case. Meanwhile the team is dealing with repercussions in their own lives. There’s trouble in paradise in ”Ua helele’i ka hoku.”


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Schitt’s Creek 1×11 ‘Little Sister’: ‘Movies aren’t always right’

Jealousy, sympathy and pride are the name of the game, and it seems like everyone’s got their own beef this week.

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The Blacklist "Leonard Caul"

The Blacklist 2×19 ‘Leonard Caul’: It’s not gonna devour you

This week’s episode was amazing, but not for the reason that I normally judge the show by. There was so much action in “Leonard Caul” as well as some of the Red and Liz mystery being solved. “Solved” isn’t really the right word, but it’s moving along well. Read more »

Louie 5x03 Cover

Louie 5×03 ‘Cop Story’: Who are you?

We would like to think that we aren’t judgmental.  We would like to think that we understand the world around us, the people around us, and ourselves.  But we are all very judgmental.  We use assumptions and judgments as a way to craft the world around us, and not only that, but also to reinforce that our identity and place in the world is worth something.  Baby boomers like to think that millenials are lazy and entitled while millenials like to think that baby boomers are selfish fools who trashed the economy and the environment for their personal gain.  It’s part of the story, but not even close to the whole.  Because we’ll never know the whole story.  It’s far too complicated to even begin to fathom.  People are enigmas even to themselves, so our own judgments are too absurd to even begin to be called “reality”.  So what is real? Read more »

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Bones 10×15 ‘The Eye in the Sky’: Hey big spender

Tonight, two stories collide that are sure to send the fans into a tizzy (this one included). Thought Bones was done pulling the rug out from under you and delving into the angst this season? Guess again.

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The Big Bang Theory 8×22 ‘The Graduation Transmission’: So many toggles…

Leonard tried to get deep, Raj schemed and tech support had to be called on this week’s The Big Bang Theory. Usually at the end of an episode of this show I’m either riddled with emotion, or just bored. This week I was left a bit annoyed.

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The Middle 6×21 ‘Two of a Kind’ : Do before they’re dead

So, Frankie’s uncle comes to town, and it’s uncanny how much he looks like Tag, Frankie’s dad. I spent half the episode marveling at this before looking it up and realizing that yes, Tag is played by Jerry Van Dyke, uncle Dutch played by Dick Van Dyke. Brothers in real life. My grandmother would be ashamed at how long it took me to figure that out.

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The Goldbergs 2×21 ‘As You Wish’: 237 times…

It’s always something with The Goldbergs. This week they took on The Princess Bride and the reality of Adam’s gossiping or rather “yenta-ing.” Along the way he and his dad bonded over a classic and Erica realized she’s more like her mother than she’d like to admit.

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Forever 1×21 ‘The Night In Question’: Henry needs a hug, Abe needs a hug, and I need a hug

And Adam needs 2,000 swift kicks to his you-know-whats.

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Castle 7×20 ‘Sleeper’: Not as painful as I thought

I mean it would have been beating the dead horse that beat the dead horse if Rick was kidnapped again, but I never complain when we get to see Beckett kick some butt to get the answers she wants. So yeah, someone kidnap Castle again!

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Gotham 1×20 ‘Under The Knife’: The Riddleman’s reckoning

I thought when Ed was stabbing those watermelons it was just a part of his normal odd but endearing shtick, so when it turned out to foreshadow Dougherty’s murder it kind of stopped being endearing.

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The Originals 2×19 ‘When The Levee Breaks’: Freaking Freya…

Dahlia is no joke as her presence has driven the Mikaelsons apart, left a wolf dead and a dagger in the wrong person. The Originals has its ups and down this season, with some episodes being a task to get through, but this week was jam packed so let’s not waste any more time and get to it.

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Sympathy for the De Vil

Once Upon A Time 4×18 ‘Sympathy for the De Vil’: The author dances

Okay so “Sympathy for the De Vil” was one of the most intense episodes of the season, maybe even of the series. I do not have much sympathy for Cruella before Storybrooke, but she still does get some compassion from me. Read more »

Mad Men 7x10 Cover

Mad Men 7×10 ‘The Forecast’: Somewhere to go

When we look at our lives, we see ourselves along a path.  Every facet of that path may not be absolutely clear to us, but we can see ourselves in a year, in five, in ten, or at least vague notions of what those versions of ourselves look like.  Being on a path is comforting; it assures us that, down the line, we’re going to be okay.  We’re going to accomplish what we set out to accomplish because we’re on that path.  We’re in control of our lives.  But the truth is that the path we create just doesn’t exist.  We might think that life is going to end up a certain way, but it never does.  Things happen to us, things outside of our control, and our lives move in trajectories we don’t imagine.  And, eventually, where we’re at is so far outside of the path we’ve created for ourselves that we don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing or where we’re supposed to be going.  Life doesn’t offer us a meaning or a singular path to take.  We’re always wanting, always searching, always trying to find the thing or the path that will make us happy and fulfilled. Read more »

American Crime 1×07 ‘Episode 7′ : No end in sight

Here’s the thing. This show is incredibly difficult to watch. Some episodes are easier than others, but even those are hard to get through. Sometimes it’s more of a chore than anything else, wading through all the angst, the sea of people who keep making mistakes. I almost wish the show would be off the air for a week or two, just to give me a breather.

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Louie 5x02-4

Louie 5×02 ‘A La Carte’: The choices we make…

People are always trying to direct each other’s lives.  We think that we have some intimate knowledge of the world, and when we find an opening, we like to impart that knowledge onto those around us.  Sure, we might be trying to help those around us, but in reality, we’re also trying to validate our own deluded minds.  We’re so insecure that we need that validation in order to adequately function, in order to make choices of our own that we can call informed or decent.  And maybe our advice will be worth something and we’ll be helping somebody.  Or maybe it’s worthless and we’re just hurting those around us. Read more »

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Bones 10×14 ‘The Putter in the Rough’: Did someone say Daddy Issues?

We all know Brennan and her father have a contentious relationship, but it comes to a head this week when Max disappears yet again and won’t fess up where. Meanwhile, Wendell’s got some ‘splainin’ to do of his own about his girlfriend’s family heirloom, and everyone else in this episode says “mini-golf” so many times that I never want to see another putter ever again.

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The Big Bang Theory 8×21 ‘The Communication Deterioration’: Alpha, beta, omega

Penny’s dreams are realized, Raj and Leonard prove they can possibly do things on their own and Sheldon wants to make his way to Beyonce on this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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Schitt’s Creek 1×10 ‘Honeymoon’: Red red wine

After the big shocker last week, we pick up right where we left off. David and Stevie reconsider their feelings towards one another, Alexis throws an ill-advised dinner party, and Johnny and Moira decide to mingle with the locals.

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The Middle 6×20 ‘Food Courting; : Parents just don’t understand

Lots going on with the Hecks this week. Frankie battles it out with Brick, who’s suddenly become a typical bratty teenager. Sue agonizes over her career decisions when the owner of a Chinese restaurant in the mall tries to entice her away from her longtime job at Spudsy’s. And Mike struggles to get Axl to come home for the weekend. Ironic, because he seems to be home every other day of the year, but suddenly wants nothing to do with the place.

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