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Under the Dome 3×07 ‘Ejecta’: The last place on earth

…Where you’d want a group of people to keep the human species alive. Did you see the drones toss themselves out a window because Christine got a boo-boo? You really want them to be the only people left on earth? Hell, even before the infection a citizen would die like every week. Humanity is definitely not going to last too long in those hands.

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Scream 1×05 ‘Exposed’: The worst is yet to come

Ah yes, the halfway point. The point of no return. When half a season ends and another begins. And isn’t it a shame when that halfway point doesn’t deliver as much as it should? Sure, it provides viewers with more information, new clues, and an annoying amount of kissing. But it doesn’t even have the oomph that previous episodes have had (yes, even last week’s). It also might be teetering on the edge of taking on way too many story lines then it can handle. Yes, this review will get a bit ranty.

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Baby Daddy 4×21 ‘What Happens in Vegas’: Silky Dobbs…

It’s time to party on Baby Daddy as the wedding nears. Bonnie wants Bad to having a boring bachelor party, but we all know was never going to happen as the whole gang winds up in Vegas. Plus, Danny drops the ultimate bomb on his brother.

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Melissa & Joey 4×21 ‘Be The Bigger Person’: The final countdown!

Next week we say adios to Melissa & Joey and after all these years, it feels like we’re not ending too well. I mean – as far as wrapping things up. Lennox and Zander try living together, while Mel and Joe get the news they’ve sort of been waiting for but forgot about.

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Pretty Little Liars 6×08 ‘FrAmed’ The return of Red Coat

The cat is out of the bag, the News stations are reporting the new suspect Charles DiLaurentis. With his name in the news and the girls hot on his heels Charles must be sweating. Hannah and Spencer may have finally tracked him down. Have we seen the face of Charles? Read more »

Tyrant 2×07 ‘The Awful Grace of God’ : You were my favorite

Tons of character stuff going on this time around. Sammy’s quest to free Abdul leads to a reunion with his dad’s killer, and Barry’s attempt to rescue Daliyah leads to a confrontation he’s not ready for, Tragedy within the family has Jamal wondering again if killing his bro wasn’t the best idea ever, and things just continue to go all sorts of wrong.

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Proof 1×06 ‘St. Luke’s’: And no ghosts were involved

Maybe. Does the Priest count as a ghost because I’m like 90% sure he wasn’t there with present Cat, especially when he looked exactly as he did when little girl Cat was dragged in for confession. That was mildly confusing, but the exorcising priest with his hooch wasn’t even the oddest part of this episode.

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Halt and Catch Fire 2x09 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 2×09 ‘Kali’: Destroyer of worlds

Halt and Catch Fire has been getting better and better with every episode this season.  There were a couple in the middle of the season that sagged a little bit, but these last three have been fantastic, better than anything AMC has put out since Breaking Bad and Mad Men.  And it’s not just that it’s getting better; it’s getting more complex as well.  The theme that held up the first season in its weakest moments is running full force here, as we see the existential drive for purpose pervading and defeating every character here.  Even Cameron, after taking down all of her enemies, only really has herself at the end of it all.  The quest for relevance mutes all else, burning away relationships and other important facets of life in its wake.  Read more »

True Detective 2x06 Cover

True Detective 2×06 ‘Church in Ruins’: “The interior’s poisoned”

This season of True Detective seems to be more frustrating the closer we get to the finale, and it’s more a result of the character drama than anything else.  The ideas permeating the characters are strong, that’s for sure.  There’s a lot to be said for a man who has his family taken from him, or a man who cannot come to terms with his identity, or a woman whose family was supposed to protect her and didn’t.  It makes the main characters interesting to see the internal struggle within them.  The issue is that the struggle just sits there, unmoving, with the characters wallowing within them instead of moving in any direction. Read more »

Hannibal 3x08 Cover

Hannibal 3×08 ‘The Great Red Dragon’: The beast awakens

This may be the most excited I have ever been for Hannibal.

It’s not to say that “The Great Red Dragon” is the show’s finest hour (even though it is one fantastic episode of television), but the episode really does function as a pilot of sorts.  It’s as if the series completely rebooted after “Digestivo”, which took all of the series’ disparate storylines and congealed them into a satisfying conclusion.  And instead of manufacturing more story based off of the show’s content to date, this episode kicks off what is essentially a six-episode miniseries about Francis Dolarhyde, or the Tooth Fairy, a new killer that breaks the uneasy peace among the characters and brings Will back out into the field. Read more »

BoJack Horseman Poster Season 2

BoJack Horseman 2×07-2×12: Some (kind of) bright new beginnings

In both its seasons, BoJack Horseman has shined when it reaches its second half of the season. The first half of the season sets up the building blocks for each character and the second half lets the entire show knock them down. This is where the show pulls out its more emotionally painful moments. Each character in the last half of the season reaches a turning point in their life, and not always for the better.

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Under the Dome 3×06 ‘Caged’: Back to your cocoon!

Awh, we were so close to getting rid of Christine. And I’d like to think that everything would get better if she was gone for good, but even when she was locked up for 90% percent of the episode things went downhill quickly. Like Junior hitting Julia while punishing Joe with manual labor while Eva almost euthanized a paralyzed Hunter because he’s a “burden” quickly. Also, I want more conversations between her and Jim because their scenes were the bomb tonight.

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Baby Daddy 4×20 ‘Till Dress Do Us Part’: Another Wheeler war…

For the past month or so Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy have been one in the same in terms of structure, and this week was no different. They both had clip shows and both looked at the two main relationships the series are based upon. Only when it came to Baby Daddy, the two couples only had three people total. We all know what that means, the Wheeler/Riley triangle.

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Melissa & Joey 4×20 ‘Game Night’: Who knows more?

There are only two more episodes of Melissa & Joey left in the series and they decided that it was a fine time to have a look back at things with a clip show. However, the focus was on the history of the two core couples; Mel and Joe, and Lennox and Zander.

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Scream 1×04 ‘Aftermath’: “The truth lies where the mask was made”

Scream may not have started off as strong as it could of, but it surely is gaining a fair amount of momentum as the season goes on. With the last episode having a major death, the stakes have increased. There may be no death in this episode, but there’s plenty of set up for more death and more clues as to who the killer (or killers) may be.

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Pretty Little Liars 6×07 ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Though’ Did you remove your


The girls preform amateur surgery to remove their trackers, Toby gets stoned before he ambushes Charles, and Ali gets kidnapped.  Read more »

Tyrant 2×06 ‘The Other Brother’ : Family matters

Ma’an and it’s oil fields have been taken, Jamal doesn’t know what to do about it, so he cries for help to the Chinese. Sammy’s back in Abbudin to throw his dad under the bus and search for an old flame. And Barry takes on the role of resistance leader against the Caliphate. Also, Jamal steps aboard the bus to Crazytown in his attempt to retake control.

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Proof 1×06 ‘Private Matters’: The Ballad of Ivan Turing

Wow, this episode was just…wow. I’ve wanted to see more of Turing since the beginning of the series, especially since he seemed like he was about to fall into the path of the stereotypical eccentric billionaire character. Last night he showed us all that lies beneath his well veneered surface and it’s a lot more interesting than you’d think.

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The Whispers 1×08 ‘A Hollow Man’: How not to kill Drill

Step 1: Shoot the person who knows how to kill Drill.
Step 2: Let your child sleep in a room with an easily opened window and about a thousand electric lights surrounding her bed.
Step 3: Forget about logic and common sense.
Step 4: ?????
Step 5: Profit.

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Halt and Catch Fire 2x08 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 2×08 ‘Limbo’: Crushing the new

There’s a reason that, as people grow older, they become increasingly frustrated with younger generations.  As people get into their 40s, 50s, they see young people that have new perceptions of the world around them, new ways of navigating it.  And that threatens the older generation’s life choices, their values and beliefs, their way of navigating the world around them.  New ideas are scary because they not only have an element of validity, but also because that validity challenges and outdates older ideas.  The older generations have trouble understanding how to challenge their ideas, and subsequently, attempt to put down new ideas in order to retain their comfort. Read more »