Scandal 4x20.1

Scandal 4×20 ‘First Lady Sings the Blues’: Is Jake alive?

This will be a short introduction because we need to get right into the cliffhanger from last week: Is Jake alive? Regardless the remaining members of Team Takedown have to go underground because Rowan’s gun is loaded and firing at anything that moves. Meanwhile Mellie’s campaign hits a snag when Sally Langston turns the nation against her and Olivia helps out a legendary KGB agent turned housewife. Let’s get to it, onto “First Lady Sings the Blues.”


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Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×23 ‘Born Into Bad News’ Say Goodbye to Lindsay

Guess who has quit the Intelligence team…again? I wonder how long she’ll be gone this time. Read more »

Stalker 1×20 ‘Love Kills’ : Curse you, cliffhangers!

Beth’s last words in the finale were “I don’t know where this is going, but I’d like it to continue.” Sorry Beth, we can’t always get what we want. Even if the show did leave us with a permanent cliffhanger that some of us would’ve liked to see resolved.

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Mad Men 7x14

Mad Men 7×14 ‘Person to Person’: Something new

A silhouetted man stares at his office, a life that he’s created for himself, but an empty one.  He sets down his briefcase, watches that life fall apart, slowly sliding to the ground.  He jumps (or falls) off of the building, soaring in free fall, flanked by advertisements on buildings, delusions, promises of ways to take away the pain.  It appears to be the death of a man, save for one final image that everyone forgets when they see the opening credits.  It ends with that same man, sitting, staring off into the unknown. Read more »


Penny Dreadful 2×03 ‘The Nightcomers’: I will meet them on my feet

Back in the season premiere, Vanessa asked Sembene if the past can return. He replied that instead of returning, it never leaves us. ‘It is who we are.’ What, then, can we make of Vanessa when we find out more about her past in this flashback episode? Read more »


The Blacklist 2×22 ‘Masha Rostova’: I remember everything

Best episode ever, am I right? We got intense moments. We got major reveals. We got a sex scene. What more could we ask for? (Well, we could ask for more answers on Liz’s mom, but I am confident that we will get some this fall.)

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Louie 5x06 Cover

Louie 5×06 ‘Sleepover’: Slowly learning

This season of Louie has commented again and again on how people don’t really understand the way that millenials live in the world, and, more than that, they’re afraid of what millenials and their knowledge means for themselves.  Every generation experiences the world differently, and the older generations look at the younger and demonize the way they experience the world, not because they legitimately think the youth are wrong, but because they need to justify their own relevance.  Because, as we get older, we lose our relevance in society, and the young continue to gain more relevance. Read more »

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Bones 10×19 ‘Murder in the Middle East’: Iranian Roulette

Murder! Generic foreign accents! Obviously-Southern-Californian-Locations doubling as the Middle East! No, it’s not NCIS: it is in fact this week’s episode of Bones. As if Arastoo getting embroiled in a murder investigation in Iran isn’t crazy enough, Brennan finally finds out about Booth’s secret, and I think we collectively need a drink right now.

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American Crime 1×11 ‘Episode Eleven’ : The butler did it

So, the season’s finally over, after a lot, and I do mean a lot, of misery. Was it satisfying? Did it provide closure? Was it worth the anti-depressants some viewers probably had to take just to get through each episode? The answer is…sort of?

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Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×22 ‘Push the Pain Away’ Or Drown it in Whiskey

Erin has gone to the dark side. Just what Voight was afraid of. As a means to ‘push the pain away’ Erin has turned to alcohol to try and cope with the pain she feels at the lose of Nadia and the guilt she feels at what she thinks is her part in it. It couldn’t have come at a worse time either, because some baddies are shooting up the city and Erin’s got her head shoved in a trash can puking up last night’s whiskey. Read more »

The Middle 6×24 ‘The Graduate’ : A proper send-off

Several things come to a close in this episode. The infamous Year of Sue, Sue’s high school career as a whole, and the show’s sixth season. I’ve been expecting the usual quirky hijinks for weeks now. What I didn’t anticipate? Being so genuinely touched by the proceedings.

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The Goldbergs 2×24 ‘Goldbergs Feel Hard’: The L-word

The three words that we only say when we really, really mean it were the focus of The Goldbergs’ second season finale. Barry was mad he did, Adam was scared of it, and Murray didn’t see the point until the phrase escaped his lips and were met with a lackluster response. While the men of the family were dealing with their emotions, I was crying my eyes out. Hey Modern Family, you’re no longer the best show on Wednesday night…just saying…

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NCIS 12×24 ‘Neverland’: Did that really just happen?

It’s season finale time, friends. This twelfth season has been a roller-coaster ride, up and down and everything in between. Assumed to be the last episode of an intense three parter, NCIS has always been good at two, three, and four part episodes. With that being said, these continuous episodes tend be sad and have upsetting character deaths. And this episode, while not being completely finite, takes a leap in terms of a potential character death. And if true…we fans will be upset forever.

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Penny Dreadful 2×02 ‘Verbis Diablo’: We have no fear of God, so we are accountable to no one but each other

This week’s episode of Penny Dreadful has got to be one of its best. Equal parts engaging, terrifying, and intriguing. This show constantly leaves me hungry for more. Read more »

Screenshot (2685)

Castle 7×23 ‘Hollander’s Woods’: Finally! A nice finale!

Remember when I was so upset at the beginning of the season? Yeah, it was because of the finale last year that didn’t let our favorite crime fighting couple get married, but decided to go full soap opera on us instead. While all of the drama and thrills were still intact for this one, it had to be one of the nicest endings this show ever had. And that is thanks to it not being an awful cliffhanger.

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Stalker 1×19 ‘Love Hurts’ : Beginning of the End

Well guys, the axe has come down, and Stalker is officially cancelled. Not exactly a surprise, given the two month hiatus and move to another timeslot. Is anyone upset? Me, not particularly.

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Mad Men 7x13 Cover

Mad Men 7×13 ‘The Milk and Honey Route’: Moving on

Does a desire to change mean that change will happen to you?  Yes and no.  Sure, in wanting to change, there’s an incremental change that will happen.  Maybe it’ll be something as miniscule as eating less red meat or spending more time with the kids, but there is a small behavior change that will certainly happen if you spend your energy on desiring to change.  But as for long-term change, the kind of big life changes that we all dream of, those are harder to accomplish.  And it’s not because we don’t have the willpower to accomplish them.  It’s that our past is a giant weight, one that we can’t entirely get rid of, and he have to hope that its weight isn’t enough to bring us down.  Because we can only hold up so much before we cave under the pressure. Read more »


The Originals 2×22 ‘Ashes to Ashes’: “…officially orphans…”

The last few weeks on The Originals have been amazing. There were as many twists and turns as a contortionist in a box, but then we got to tonight’s finale and I felt it was a little lackluster. The big bad witch was taken on, but then this battle that should’ve been epic was just kind of meh, and to be honest – I’m not sure where next season is going. I feel like it’s going to be a repeat of things we’ve already seen.

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Operation Mongoose Emma Dagger

Once Upon A Time 4×21 ‘Operation Mongoose’: Heroes and Villains

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the Season 4 finale of Once Upon A Time. Where do I even start? So much happened and, though I do have complaints, I think this episode was probably the most epic Season Finale of the show.  Read more »

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Schitt’s Creek 1×13 ‘Town For Sale’: So long, farewell…

The day the Roses have all been waiting for finally arrives: there’s a buyer for Schitt’s Creek, which means they can move back to the big city! But when push comes to shove, are they really ready to leave the town behind? (More to the point: will they ever learn not to put all their eggs in one basket?)

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