FtWD 2x08 Cover

Fear the Walking Dead 2×08 ‘Grotesque’: A sense of community

Welcome back! Fear the Walking Dead has been off to kind of a bumpy start. The first season was relatively interesting, but the second season has been horribly boring with only small bursts of energy punctuating through the tedium. None of the characters really came into their own; Chris at least had a story arc, even if it didn’t entirely sell, and Nick felt more at ease on his own (or along the dead) than among his family. Travis, Daniel, and Madison, all of which had such interesting characterization in the first season, meandered in the second season, never really becoming anything other than they were at the end of the first season. Read more »

MrR 2x07 Cover

Mr. Robot 2×07 ‘eps2.5h4ndshake.sme’: All an illusion

Oh, plot twists. Sometimes they’re a great way to inject some excitement into a storyline, to say something new and interesting about the thematic ideas at play. Other times they’re a sad attempt to keep the story interesting, a gimmick more than anything else. Good twists usually elicit some sort of “whoa” reaction; they go for an emotional response at first, drawing out thought later on. So, what kind of plot twist did we see here, a twist almost on par (in terms of scale) with the Mr. Robot reveal in Season 1’s penultimate episode? Read more »

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Pretty Little Liars 7×08 ‘Exes and OMG’s’ look who’s back in town

All the girls said goodbye to their boys, minus Emily who said hello to her girl. Paige is back in town to compete with her ex for a swim coach job at the high school. But Spencer bid adieu to Toby who is taking his injured fiancée off to Maine, Aria sent Ezra off to Colombia to welcome his kidnapped ex back into freedom, and Hanna takes off to parts unknown but not before saying goodbye to Caleb who thinks she is just headed to New York for the week. It’s getting hard to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts.

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Mr. Robot 2×06 ‘eps2.4m4ster-s1ave.aes’: Necessary compromise

Mr. Robot had such a concise first season, not only because it just had ten average-sized episodes (minus an extended pilot), but because it had enough plot to fill all of those episodes. The more I watch this second season, which has now reached the halfway point, the more I’m realizing that it’s not just the extended episodes that have been bringing the season down, as this one is really only a few minutes longer than your average episode of television (this was 50 minutes while your average episode of Mad Men is 48 minutes). It’s that there really isn’t that much plot to move through. Read more »

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Mr. Robot 2×05 ‘eps2.3logic-b0mb.hc’: Ceding control

This has really been the first point this season that I’ve felt the jitters I had when I watched the first season of Mr. Robot. There was something particularly exciting about watching Elliot try to navigate some sort of high-tension situation, about watching him deal with a moral issue like those he dealt with in season one. There’s also something exciting about watching the gang slowly come back together, watching Angela get backed into a corner and team up with Darlene, watching Dom come up against the Dark Army and barely live through the encounter. It felt like Mr. Robot once more, and it’s easily the best episode this season. Read more »

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Mr. Robot 2×04 ‘eps2.2init1.asec’: Hopes of a dreamer

I really don’t want to spend the entire review griping about the runtime of this season’s episodes of Mr. Robot, but since last episode wasn’t an isolated incident (this episode was VERY long, clocking in at 65 minutes without commercials), I have to talk a little more about it. Television is a medium that thrives on conciseness. With shows like Breaking Bad offering a breakneck pace to their plotting and shows like Mad Men plotting out character storylines with laser-precision, shows that have fluff or excess really stand out. Which is why this particular episode of Mr. Robot may just be the nadir of the series so far. It is so bloated with excess, with scenes that go on much longer than necessary, that parts of it drag to the point of feeling unnecessary. Read more »


Baby Daddy 5×20 ‘My Fair Emma’: Baby on Board

Now that I’ve stopped crying, let’s talk about the summer finale of Baby Daddy and why this is a very underappreciated show. Shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory get all the buzz because they are on the big channels. I mean, yes – they are greatly written shows that stand the test of time and will go on to live in syndication forever, but that’s not to say Baby Daddy is not. While it may not have the ratings as shows on NBC or CBS, this show does what those do in terms of storytelling and character growth – and that should be celebrated. Here we are at the end of season five of a show where we’ve watched bachelors struggle to take care of a baby left on their doorstep, a girl next door battle her heart and mind when it came to brothers, and a bit of an insane mom with a passion for the bedroom settle her ways. Tonight we entered a whole new chapter as we finally seen them all hit that pinnacle moment of growth that makes you feel like you’re watching your kid’s first step or hearing their first word.

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Pretty Little Liars 7×06 ‘Dead or Alive’ Nope…He’s dead

The truth comes out! Although the liar’s were unaware of Rollins’ true identity there were a few people that knew all about Archer Dunhill.

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Baby Daddy 5×19 ‘Condom Conundrum’: Close call?

Celebrating my future baby daddy’s birthday last night, I missed my OG Baby Daddy. So I got up this morning totally having forgotten the whole poked condoms thing and was surprised as hell to see that no one was pregnant – or so we think? Of course the guys didn’t come clean, the girls found out and then messed with them. All the while Bonnie had a new thing to deal with – Riley’s horrendous assistant who is in love with her.

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BONES: L-R: David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel and Tamara Taylor in the "The Nightmare Within The Nightmare" season finale episode of BONES airing Thursday, July 21 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Bones 11×22 ‘The Nightmare Within the Nightmare’: Return of the Squintern

Season 11 finally comes to a close, revisiting the “Puppeteer” who thoroughly creeped us all out earlier this year. Yet we’re all in for a heck of a whammy when the team finally cracks the case about who their foe really is. And Bones proves that over a decade later, it’s still able to bring the goods with the best of them.

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Mr. Robot 2×03 ‘eps2.1k3rnel-pan1c.ksd’: The fallacy of control

Do you guys remember Sons of Anarchy?  That biker show that was pretty good for a few seasons, but went insane when it hit Season 6 because Kurt Sutter’s scripts were so obnoxiously self-indulgent?  Well, this episode of Mr. Robot kind of reminded me of Sons of Anarchy, not because of any of the content, but because Sam Esmail has such a singular command over the show AND because we’re treated to an extended 60 minute (without commercials) episode.  Kurt Sutter was notorious for creating absurdly long episodes where not much happened, dragging the show down every time we got an extended episode.  And here, in this episode of Mr. Robot, we get a taste of Sam Esmail indulging himself, extending things a little longer than necessary, including scenes that probably could have been cut.

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Baby Daddy 5×18 ‘She Said, Ben Said’: Oops!

Can we just get to next week to see what will come of Emma playing “Poke the Condom?” I don’t know how I feel about Baby Daddy other than, feeling antsy about fast forwarding a week in time. Riley and Danny are back together and now think they are the super couple of all couples with the most insight on how to make things work – huh…they wound up almost costing Ben his new found relationship with Sam. Meanwhile we finally saw Tucker and Bonnie take their relationship to the next level, only in a comical way.

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Pretty Little Liars 7×05 ‘Along Comes Mary’ and Jenna and Sarah and Noel

There are too many suspects! Mary Drake, Jenna Marshall, Sarah Harvey, Noel Kahn! The writer’s are throwing everyone we’ve ever suspected at us all at once. I am so overwhelmed! They have to be up to something. How else would these three sneaks have come together?

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Bones 11×21 ‘The Jewel in the Crown’: J’accuse

There’s nothing like an old-fashioned whodunnit to get everyone buzzing, and this week’s episode of Bones definitely pays tribute to classic film capers. With a little help from French Inspector Clouseau Rousseau, it’s all hands on deck to figure out whose sticky fingers are making off with the family jewels.

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Baby Daddy 5×17 ‘The Love Seat’: Chair-reem Abdul Jabbar

FINALLY! Our favorite ship has docked, and another ship that I’m sure will be sinkin’ soon on Baby Daddy. Riley realized she didn’t have to always be right thanks to a Toddlers and Tiaras meltdown, and Ben finally got the girl of his 16-year-old dreams. There are only a few episodes left in this season though. With that, will the Wheelers brothers be able to hold onto the so called women of their dreams as we head into a season finale?

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Mr. Robot 2×01 – 2×02 ‘eps2.0_unm4sk-pt1.tc / eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc”: The impossibility of revolution

If there’s one concern I’ve always had about Mr. Robot, it’s that it sometimes keeps its head in the clouds without coming down for a reality check.  There’s something true about its criticism of the way that technology infects our lives.  We’re dependent on it to keep us deluded, we look at news that reinforces our beliefs, we descent into catatonic states playing hours and hours of video games, we worry about Instagram likes and Facebook comments.  Technology changes our reality in ways we don’t entirely understand.  Not to mention how technology is used to reinforce power structures, from NSA tracking to drone strikes. But that’s a little cynical, isn’t it?  Technology keeps people alive, connects people in ways previously unimaginable, allows us to see the face of a loved one 3,000 miles away.  It’s not all good, but it’s certainly not all bad.

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Pretty Little Liars 7×04 ‘Hit and Run, Run, Run’ straight to the bar

Guess who just came ‘tapping through town’? That’s right, Jenna’s back. And of course along with her comes a whole new set of unanswered questions. Could she be the mysterious person behind the tinted car windows during Charlotte’s funeral? How is she connected to Elliott? And what is she really doing back in Rosewood?

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Mindy Danny 2

The Mindy Project 4×26 ‘Homewrecker’: What happens now?

If there’s one thing The Mindy Project knows how to do, it’s make a good finale. “Homewrecker” was no exception. The finale brought back all of season 4’s themes: Mindy and Danny’s relationship, Jody’s love for Mindy, and Mindy’s desire to be a good doctor and mother.

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Baby Daddy 5×16 ‘Double Date Double Down’: Boiling bunnies

Just last week Riley was all about going all in with Ross on Baby Daddy. This week? Yeah, she’s over that just as much as Ben is over his fantasy fling with his former biology teacher Ms. Gilcrest. The two band together to get rid of their older lovers but in the grand scheme of thing wound up proving why they do not belong with mature partners. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Tucker decided to bet against Danny when it came to hockey. They may have a problem on their hands…

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Pretty Little Liars 7×03 “The Talented Mr. Rollins” is no more.

So, are we just not going to talk about Alison getting supposedly kidnapped at the end of last episode? That didn’t get explained at all! One minute she is being pushed out a door filled with heavenly light and the next she is attacking her husband with her IV tube wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist. You think they would have thrown in an explanation, even if it was a dream cop out. I guess there was some bigger fish to fry, or to be hit by a car, a red herring perhaps.

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