Young & Hungry 1×09 ‘Young & Getting Played’ : Oh my damn!

This week is all about lies. Lies coming from every direction and every character, culminating in a pretty entertaining episode. Yolanda’s son comes to town fresh off of a breakup, he gets set up with Sophia, then he starts fake-dating Gaby…it’s a whole thing.

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Taxi Brooklyn 1×09 ‘Double Identity’: It’s all about those faces

Who needs a comprehensible mystery when it’s so much fun just hanging out with these people?

The real pleasure of this week’s ‘Taxi Brooklyn’ is when our main characters banter and squabble, pulling authentically pained expressions at each other. We now have several parings that reliably deliver what to me are the best parts of every episode, this one especially. Today’s puzzle was more consistently exciting and a bit more believable than last week’s, but I was far more entertained by Cat, Leo, the Captain, and Cat’s mother, Frankie’s weird, endearing interrelationships.  Read more »


Franklin & Bash 4×02 ‘Kershaw vs. Linecum’: “I’m on top tonight”

Remember that one time in reality that someone kept trading things on Craigslist and went from like a paperclip to a car or house? Something like that went on this week on Franklin & Bash. All the guys seemed to do was trade one thing for another while in the middle of a well constructed marriage that fell apart.

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×03 ‘Week 3′: Elise finds her rainbow

Can I just say that some of these people are WAY too clingy?  I mean, just because you went on one date with someone doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to date anyone else.  The whole point of the show is to find love, and normally it’s not at first sight.  You need to shop around!

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The Fosters 2×10 “Someone’s little sister”: Heart and Soul.

Here we have it – the summer finale! The Fosters threw all it could at this finale tying up some stories whilst continuing and/or creating others. The finale showcases Callie’s attempts in helping Rita get ‘Girls United’ back and track whilst the remaining  ‘Fosters’ are dealing with missions of their own. Read more »

Source: TNT, Rizzoli and Isles

Rizzoli and Isles 5×10 ‘Phoenix Rising’: Sparks are flying, and not just between Maura and Jane this time around.

With only two episodes left until the end of Season 5, our favorite crime show came around once more this week with a thrilling continuation of the story we all love so much. Arguing, tension, frustration – all sparks to ignite the literal fire that erupted during this episode. Will it all go up in flames, or will someone be able to extinguish the burning embers? It’s all up to the famous detective and fabulous medical examiner, I suppose.  Read more »

Perception 3x10.1

Perception 3×10 ‘Dirty’: It’s an outrage! It’s a scandal!

That certainly was unexpected. The summer finale of Perception has come and gone leaving us with more questions than answers. All the unexpected twists and turns we love to hate and hate to love in a finale made us furious to wait until 2015 to learn the fates of our beloved crazy crime-solving family. At least the writers stuck with continuity rather than drama for the sake of drama. Onto “Dirty!” Read more »

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Switched at Birth 3×21 ‘And Life Begins Right Away’: What will their futures hold?

Ah now we come to the end of the very exciting and dramatic season of Switched at Birth. Everything is tied up, with a big surprise as Bay and Daphne get ready to graduate.

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Under the Dome 2×08 ‘Awakening’ : Don’t jump

Instead of being trapped together under the dome, most of our cast is scattered this week, desperate to communicate with each other. The big question is, is it actually safer inside of the dome then out?

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The Leftovers 1x08 Cover

The Leftovers 1×08 ‘Cairo’: What to believe in

When it comes to the belief systems that we have, what does it take in order for us to wholeheartedly commit to our beliefs?  We can’t know everything about the world around us, so committing to those beliefs would be committing without having all of the information.  But if we never commit to something, then how do we know what to believe?  We all have to believe in something, otherwise our lives lose meaning and purpose.  And without meaning and purpose, everything else begins to fall apart. Read more »


The Strain 1×06 ‘Occultation’: Run, you idiots.

As the eclipse failed to deliver on the chaotic front, our core characters scatter across New York to contain the outbreak and warn their loved ones. The Strain has never been a show for maximizing character development within episodes (it still isn’t) but it’s getting better. By the end of this episode, I feel a much clearer understanding of where everyone is coming from.

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Witches of East End 2×06 ‘When A Mandragora Loves A Woman’: Penetrated by an avatar

So this weeks episode was all about defeating the Mandragora, which is pretty much a rogue Avatar, that is really horny and feeds on sex. I can’t think of a better way to put it. Last week, we learned that Joanna used to be in a relationship with the woman who is helping them defeat the creature, Alex. I call her Pretend River Song(Doctor Who). They dived deeper into that, this episode, and apparently, they were super serious and loved each other hardcore. Wendy ended up overhearing one of their conversations; needless to say, I am excited to see what she is going to tell Joanna next week. I think we can all agree, that Wendy is hilarious. But I am digressing, as usual. Let’s break down this week’s episode, shall we? Read more »


The Last Ship 1×09 ‘Trials’: The Six

Whoa, we’ve somehow already come to the penultimate episode of The Last Ship. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I pointed out how this show has yet to make an emotional impact on viewers – yet there I was, blubbering away. This has been, by far, the most intense episode all season.

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The Awesomes 2×04 ‘Tim Goes to School’: Rise of the villains

The gang takes on middle school when Tim is forced to resume his education.  Meanwhile, an evil force begins to stir.  Also, what’s up with Prock’s lady troubles?

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True Blood 7×09 ‘Love Is To Die’: Welcoming a new day

You know when you’ve done something so long it becomes a habit? I think it takes about 28 days for something to be fully ingrained into your conscience, something you just do naturally. I’ve watched this show for seven years as faithfully as I could, and if I had to miss it the first time, I made absolutely certain that I watched it before Sunday was over. I graduated both high school and college while Sookie fell in love with Bill, vampire gods ran amok, Eric cried over the death of his maker and sister, and a witch with my name possessed Lafayette. This show wasn’t the focal point of my summer, but it was always there. And next week, I have to shake the habit for good. Read more »

The Sopranos 2x06-1

Bingeworthy: The Sopranos 2×05-2×06: Orbiting a black hole

The Sopranos 2×05: “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

We’re all lured towards evil.  Like Dr. Melfi says, we’re attracted to scary movies because we get to experience the sensation of terror without the consequences of what comes after.  David Chase wants us to look at Tony in the same way; we’re attracted to him because of his power and his capacity to alter the world in the way that he does, but we’re repulsed and terrified because we understand that this kind of evil really does exist.  The darkness that the world contains is already in our minds, and the terror of looking at evil like Tony comes from the knowledge that we have some of that evil within ourselves. Read more »

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The Knick 1×02 ‘Mr. Paris Shoes’: Faulty electrical wiring seems to be the main symptom

An electrical malfunction may not be the most gripping subplot to a brand new television series, but it is when it’s the early 1900s and it causes a patient to be set aflame and a nurse to be electrocuted. Again, a gleeful reminder that living in the modern age isn’t a totally bad thing. I prefer not to have to worry about being set on fire during a surgical procedure.

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Graceland 2x09 Cover

Graceland 2×09 ‘Gratis’: Above water

When you’re engaging with any sort of story, you have to look at the people involved as more than just pieces on a chessboard.  They have to feel human, like they have aspirations, fears, failures, successes, and relationships.  They have to feel like we feel about ourselves, as we acknowledge our own complexity and are able to empathize with those that seem like us.  It’s why we distance ourselves from people by isolating one thing about them and fixating on it.  It’s why intimacy with a person is such an affecting experience. Read more »


Extant 1×06 ‘Nightmares’: Do humanics dream of electric sheep?

Molly confirms that Sam is being blackmailed by the ISEA, and she must meet with Harmon Kryger to uncover more of the agency’s secrets. Meanwhile, Ethan has a bad dream. Read more »

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Taxi Brooklyn 1×08 ‘Deadline Brooklyn’: What about the zombies?

I get what they were trying to do here, and it almost worked.

In Brooklyn, while something epic is happening, there are millions of smaller dramas going on a the same time that a cop can’t avoid running into. They can lead you to an unexpected solution. Or, they can distract and delay you. That seems to be one of this episode’s main themes, and I really enjoy it. It works here, but not well enough to keep the story fully inflated. Read more »